Ratings Crisis: CNN Suffers Viewership Collapse of Nearly 30 Percent


Before we get to the numbers, I should add that CNN is an outlier; meaning its stunning ratings collapse is unique in cable news

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Ratings Crisis: CNN Suffers Viewership Collapse of Nearly 30 Percent



  1. If the numbers provided in this report, originally penned by Brietbart News, it comes as no surprise. Lightweight anchors Anderson, Lemon and various others, coupled with endless panels of ‘experts’, need a total lesson in back-to-basics. Not everything’s ‘Breaking News’. The aforementioned undermines credibility big-time.

  2. Is anyone really surprised? This has been coming for quite some time now and it appears the “Free Fall” will continue for some time yet. Just how far down can they go?

    Jake, Cuomo, Lemon, Stelter, Acosta, Keilar, Sciutto, other regulars, their Panels of Navarro, Jones, Clapper, Habermas, and others have lost ALL credibility and the viewers are simply turning them off.

    They have a very nasty habit of slanting the reports against anything not in support of the Democratic Party, Obama, or HRC, and the Great Unwashed have had enough.

    It was only a few days ago while playing golf in the California Desert that a friend of mine stated that “The Alphabet Networks will soon get theirs for their 24 hour Anti DJT and Republican Fake News Reporting”, it appears he may soon be proven to be correct.

    I suppose the Dems, WaPo, NYT, Krugman, Kristoff, Hollywood, Silicon Valley,and other Liberal Elites will ever get over the HRC Defeat.

    It looks good on them.

  3. Maybe it’s the Trump factor. That’s all they talk about and cover. Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump. Tune in right now , they will be talking about Trump. Absolutely nauseating. It’s TNN, The Trump News Network.

  4. It had to eventually come back to bite them. What I like are their panels that sometimes number 8 people giving their opinions to the host which makes it 9. Looks totally out of lunch. Not to mention the 24/7 Trump talk. There could be a massive earthquake and they would probably continue with the Trump talk. They used to do good ambulance chasing news but even that has gone so no one trusts them, it will take years to grow out of this.

  5. Cutting one’s nose off to spite your face, that is CNN today, in fact pretty well all mainstream media in the western world.

    They all have Whored themselves out to the globalist, anti-west, anti-USA, anti-President Trump, anti-commonsense western values, elites. All are proverbial prostitutes to these, liberal/leftist, cultural-Marxist and evil, Luciferian global elites, as such only gives them all proverbial STD’s

  6. Apparently there is more to life than being anti trump every minute of every day. The media backlash against the democratically elected DJT should end up costing a lot of msm jobs and dollars.

  7. People, people, consider the source.! It’s Breitbart News….they INVENTED fake news. Of all people, we in the media should know better. I didn’t see one source for these numbers mentioned, not 1! I didn’t see any substantial demo breakdowns. They could be hyping male squirrels, age 6-16? I’m suffering CNN/Fox Trump fatigue as much as the rest, but it (CNN) surely is more credible than Breitbart News!

    Ed Note:

  8. According to Alex Jones, CNN is about to change formats. Interesting that as CNN collapses, Jones’s organization is expanding … he’s now broadcasting 24/7 on both TV and Radio. He’s even talking about satellite uplinks. His new motto is “Tomorrow’s news Today!” But, according to CNN, he broadcasts fake news and is a conspiracy theorist. As a long time listener, I can assure anybody who cares that there is more “real” news coming out of Jones than the CBC or the National “Midnight” Post.

  9. I don’t know about some of you younger folks, but back in the Monashees many years ago when we fired up a big 12-foot dish to catch all the good ‘rogue american’ channels, I only watched CNN for Bobbie Batista.

  10. @oh brother The fact that the CBC is now branding itself as a trusted source of news telegraphs that it is anything but.

    I remember watching an ep a few years ago on CBC Vancouver and Johanna Wagstaff was interviewing some Global Warming guru and she was positively week-kneed and deer-in-the-headlighted by his Global Warming Awesomeness. Sure, she can do math, but her buried-in-groupthink is beyond belief.

  11. Jerry pointed out the unreliability of and tendency toward fake news of Breitbart. The “editor” then linked to The Daily Caller. As much as or even more biased than Breitbart. It’s especially useless for this story, as Daily Caller was started by Tucker Carlson, someone who actually works for Fox news, essentially “reporting” on his competition. Not sure the “editor” will print this comment, as it doesn’t align with the right wing.

    Ed Note: Why do you use a FAKE email, Frank???


  12. Not being in the “biz” please explain to me how the right wing has managed to produce “fake” ratings numbers.
    If anyone cant remember election night try to find a you tube of the evening Trump defeated HRC .Watch the shock and awe on the faces of John King et al at CNN. It was priceless.

  13. CNN lies and lies and fabricates news. I can’t figure out the mentality of people like Jerry and Frank. Open your eyes guys. As for Breitbart, I’ll take them any day over cnn and msnbc. You obviously don’t know the history of founder Andrew Breitbart who paid the ultimate price with his life because of the truth and facts he was presenting. He was hated for his conservative values. These corporate television companies all have an agenda, and that is to get Trump out of the White House, at ANY cost. Just to note, there are now half a dozen corporates which own over 90% of all radio, tv, newspapers and magazines here on earth. The fact is, Donald J Trump is the man who has undertaken a massive job of cleaning the swamp. From Hollywood to Washington DC and the global connections with the Clinton Foundation. They all Love Hillary, and still can’t get over the fact she didn’t win. Oh, by the way, the Daily Caller was founded and run by Ben Shapiro.

  14. Now if only CK-FAKE NEWS and Glob-FAKE NEWS would collapse and start FIRING mouth pieces like Gord NEW WORLD ORDER MacDonald and Simi VACCINE Sara…….

  15. I am not nor have I ever been a Radio/TV/News Person at any time in my life but there is plenty evidence out there that CNN, CKNDP, MSNBC, CBC, BBC, and the highest number of other Broadcasters slant things favorably toward Canadian Federal Liberal, NDP Provincial, Activist Progressive, and other Left Leaning Politicians at the Civic Level and really any Party, Group or Individual that is Anti Conservative or say Free Enterprise. Why?

    The latest example is the manipulation and false reporting the DJT comments when he called MS13 “Animals” which is factually true, there is really no better way to describe the Gang.

    Most in Media attempted to twist it into DJT calling ALL Immigrants “Animals” Which was not even close to the truth. Yes for the most part they walked the commentary back when confronted with the Lie but they did it very quietly under the cover of darkness.

    Why do they think “The Great Unwashed are so Stupid”?

    Yes Trump quite often puts either one or both feet in his mouth but he is also improving things for many people not just in the U.S. but World Wide and People are beginning to figure out that the Eight Years of the Disengaged, Impotent, and PC POTUS Obama was literally a Disaster!

    Cannot seem to Cut and Paste here but please take a time to watch and listen to Kelly ANN Conway Shred CNN BRIAN Stetler On his Reliable Sources Show this/Sunday AM Show it shows us a lot about what Liberal Media are up to these days. He must regret having Conway on, she cut him up pretty good!

    Commentary is great and debate is even better but if CNN do not soon show some Balance in their Programming the only People watching Fareed, Cuomo, Lemon, Tapper, Cooper, and the rest at CNN will be their Parents, a few other Family Members and the Odd Dog, Cat, or a Good Fish!

  16. albie, chances are that people like jerry and frank are simply working for one of the aforementioned news orgs that are providers of left wing, globalist fake anti trump hillary was the real winner news.

  17. It amazes me that there is not one radio station in the Lower Mainland that does not want to add Alex Jones during the 9-12 morning slot……Guaranteed to be #1 in time slot within 3 months….Alex Jones is growing so fast the Globalists are throwing everything at him to try and slow him down…no matter how much they smear him, sue him, etc he just keeps growing because people want the truth…..Many people who post here have been told to hate him and mock him but once you listen to him you realize why they are so scared as there lies are being exposed.

  18. Coming from the right wing Brietbart News? I would like to know how the ratings are for Fox News and the other right wing television networks. Does anyone know of these figures? What about the BBC ratings, could it be a world wide drop in ratings. Are people watching as much tv in general as they were five or ten years ago?

  19. Robert,

    Speaking solely from experience, I watch less TV by far. I read more, some of it online. I’m busier in general.

    Most of what I watch is sports or streaming. The odd show that intake an interest in. News is about the last thing that grabs me. It’s all very dumbed down, on all sides. Some good investigative reporting on Frontline or Fifth Estate may pique my interest.

    When you see that Roseanne had 10 million viewers, that is strong number nowadays. 25 years ago it wasn’t. The entertainment/information pie is constantly being sliced into more and more pieces, and the pie itself is getting smaller.

  20. For all you “Radial Lefties” out there……..the ratings agencies/youtube DOWN votes/hatred of the Clinton News Network speak for themselves…..

    But please feel free to push your Globalist/Marxist BS and FAKE NEWS like Simi VACCINE Sara and Gord NEW WORLD ORDER MacDonald do. I am sure they will be getting the axe soon as the ratings of CKNW continue to drop……

    MAGA !! Donald Trump is the greatest president in decades putting the USA first…..not Globalist BANKERS.

  21. Richard if you dont like NW dont listen.

    I do agree that the outside of a couple of hosts most are not tolerable for more than 5-10 minutes and hearing Simi Sara talk about meatballs attracts the lowest common denominator but nowadays there are so many more options available to you that NW will be a rumour within a few days.

  22. Mark/Richard,

    I only tune into NW for the Global news at the top of each hour so I can hear the Democrat talking points being repeated on the latest Trump events…I am sure today they will put a negative spin on the North Korea June meeting being back on.

    Can’t wait for the IG report to see how they are going to spin the fact that the Obama admin actively tried to frame Trump on the Russia storyline. I guess it will be just more informants reporting back to the White House…not spies…….at least that’s what CNN will say and all Globalist/Democrat/NeverTrumper Republicans will say. I laugh at how the media went 24/7 for weeks on how Trump was nuts for saying he was spied on…..Do these Democrats/Liberals ever think he might have access to all the classified information?

  23. Mark

    I only listen to the news and a few business points. That being said……in order to put down the Radical Left….you need to know what they are doing. Hence you need to listen once in a while.


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