Toronto radio station Q107’s Psychedelic Sunday signs off, and it’s a bummer for loyal listeners, man

Andy Frost started Psychedelic Sunday in 1985 at the age of 29, shortly after moving to Toronto. He’s hosted it for most of the 33 years since then. (PETER HOWELL / TORONTO STAR)



May 27, 2018

Rock ’n’ roll will never die — but as far as generations of Toronto radio listeners are concerned, it’s suddenly become a whole lot less psychedelic.

That’s because Psychedelic Sunday, the popular Q107 classic rock program hosted by Andy Frost, has abruptly signed off after 33 years of exciting ears and expanding minds with Sunday-long servings of album tracks by Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, The Doors, Supertramp, Yes, Neil Young and other artists from rock’s headiest era, 1965-75.

The show lasted three times longer than the decade it celebrates.

Sunday’s show was the genial Frost’s last, as Q107 pursues a corporate plan to expand from its Baby Boomer base towards a more youthful audience. But judging from the reaction of shocked and dismayed listeners, Toronto Mayor John Tory among them, the news was a colossal bummer, man.

They took to Twitter en masse, using the hashtag #ThankYouAndy, to express their dismay over the shuttering of Psychedelic Sunday and the imminent departure of Frost, 62, who is also known to hockey fans as a former public address announcer for the Maple Leafs.

Many people used similar phrases to describe the loss they’re about to feel:

“Sundays will never be the same … Sunday drives won’t be the same … It’s going to be hard to get things done around the house without Psychedelic Sunday.”

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  1. Yeah, I was hoping it was just a temporary aberration when I turned on Q107 at 2pm on a Sunday and heard “five long years” by Colin James (he’s great and all but that’s not one of his greater moments). Then the next week I think I heard girls girls girls by Motley Crue and realized that Q107 is just JackFM with different call letters now.
    I promptly deleted it from my pre-sets.
    FM radio is truly dead.


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