Morgan Freeman Apologizes Amid Sex Harassment Accusations from 8



“Anyone who knows me or has worked with me knows I am not someone who would intentionally offend or knowingly make anyone feel uneasy,” Freeman said in a statement obtained by Variety. “I apologize to anyone who felt uncomfortable or disrespected — that was never my intent.”
CNN reported that two women alleged Freeman, 80, touched them inappropriately. One of them, a production assistant, said the actor repeatedly tried to lift her skirt.
In total, 16 people spoke to CNN about Freeman. Eight claimed to be the subjects of of either sexual harassment or inappropriate behavior and eight said they witnessed Freeman’s alleged misconduct.
The months-long investigation was sparked by comments made by Freeman to one of the CNN journalists who co-wrote the report over a year ago. During a press junket for “Going in Style,” CNN entertainment reporter Chloe Melas said Freeman shook her hand, not letting go while he looked her up and down and said, “You are ripe.”
It was after this experience that Melas began inquiring whether other women had experienced similar treatment.  CNN also spoke to other entertainment reporters who said Freeman had similarly made suggestive remarks during interview promoting his films. Chicago’s WGN-TV Tyra Martin said she grew accustomed to Freeman’s remarks and recalled one instance where a comment by the veteran actor gave her pause.
The women who shared about their experiences with Freeman have worked with the Oscar-winning actor on movie sets and at his production company, Revelations Entertainment. Over time, the women said they dressed conservatively when they knew Freeman would be around in hopes it would prevent inappropriate comments about their bodies or outfits. The women told CNN that they didn’t report him out of fear for their jobs and taking on a powerful and towering figure in Hollywood.


  1. And it didn’t take Translink more than a few minutes to remove Freeman’ s voice from their system. Just yesterday the use of his PA voicetracks on Skytrain etc. made TV news.

  2. Ron Robinson, Morgan Freeman was the voice of Skytrain of the future, fast forward a whole 18 hours later, they want nothing to do with him. What is Translink management afraid of! I will tell you, their own high paying jobs.

  3. Before the cancer of 3rd wave feminism and the current ill-symptoms of #MeToo, women of the day, back in the day had more strength, more ability to put sexist jerks in their place without having to go all #MeToo or to in business/jobs crying like terrified children to upper management .

    My mother for one was no feminist, she was a traditional western world mother and wife. She had a stubborn streak mile long, but she knew what she brought to the family was the benefits of a mother and wife and my father brought the benefits of a father and husband.

    Normal women like my mother, not psychos from Hell feminists, knew to either ignore cat calls and whistles, or maybe enjoy it if they were dolled up looking for it, or turn it back on any guy who did not stop from being a jerk.

    Yes, jerk men in power at times took advantage of women employees and such but jerk men in power took advantage of other men below them at times too but differently. Real sexual harassment was always uncalled for, but male and female cajoling and candor even if sex, sex appeal driven was not and is not always sexual harassment.

    Freeman may have done these things, and maybe not, people who feel as victims may not remember such victimization as accurately as we like to think. Sexy, sexual talk may not be the wisest thing in a workplace but not does it always mean sexual harassment.

    Freeman is an 80 y.o. man and from a different time where candor between the two sexes was NOT SEEN AS SO TOXIC, maybe crude at times but often just sexy, sexual heat candor. Women were at one time strong enough to deal with it and handle it including pushing back if need be. Feminists and their toxic #MeToo makes women weak and child like. It will ALL BLOW UP IN 21ST. CENTURY WESTERN WOMENS’ FACES!!!

    Real sexual abusers actually now get masked by the never ending witch hunts of guys being guys and just having the natural sexual candor, cajoling and heat of male/female society.

    But the hypocrisy of feminists, beta, white night, weak males and #MeToo is it’s called sexual harassment by many women if the guy saying or doing it is just a Joe Sunday, a meh regular guy on the job. BUT! If the guy looks say like George Clooney or such, there is no real #MeToo as women under the spell of such good looking and powerful guys fall all over in sexual heat to be so looked at, talked too by said men.

    Remember folks, President Trump actually said on the Action Hollywood secret tape. “When you are a celebrity, women “””””LET””””” you grab them by the p***y.” In other words THEY WANT IT!!!!

    The truth on Morgan Freeman is probably in somewhere in the middle but #MeToo, seems to pick out certain men of importance every now and then to just FRY and destroy to make an example and to keep the cancer of 3rd. wave feminism and its toxic symptoms of #MeToo alive.

    CONGRATULATIONS WOMEN and WEAK, BETA MALE, WHITE KNIGHTS! You weak, child like women who haven’t 10% of the character, feminine ideals and womanly strength my traditional mother had, and also these weak white knight males who will likely NEVER find a true love or woman who truly WANTS THEM but will find cancerous feminists who will use them and eat them up to spit them out, to you women you will be ALONE WITH NO REAL CHANCE FOR A HUSBAND, NO KIDS, ONLY A HOUSE FULL OF CATS AS YOU REACH YOUR 40’s and 50’s. That or you will turn Lesbian and likely have a or many real crappy relationships with another/other lesbians. BTW statistically on per capita basis lesbian relationships are the most mentally and physically abusive relationships on record… HAVE FUN WITH YOUR FEMINIST B. S. LADIES… er no you are not ladies, my late and wonderful mother was lady, you are all miserable wretches with axes to grind. As to the weak white knight males, you are not men, but weak males, you all are jokes to manhood too. A dominant alpha male I am not, but I am no pansy white knight either, just a regular Joe Sixpack trying to make my way through life as best I can celebrating my strengths and accepting my faults with my responsibilities.

  4. A few comments…


    Doesn’t surprise me Translink in the “idealist” lower mainland pulled the voice at first sniff of trouble. No choice as the guilt ridden “privileged” would take Translink to task in all forms of media the minute his voice came out of the static filled SkyTrain speaker.

    Morgan Freeman… you sure your not mixing him up with Samuel L. Jackson?

    It didn’t take me too long to have a change of heart and realize Cosby wasn’t that idealistic dad of his TV series of the 80’s. I always got that small c “creep” feeling in the gut about him anyway.

    Somehow I can’t get my head around Morgan Freeman being a creep. I thought he could pretty much get away with anything he said with that voice. Who could be offended by that? Oh and that handshake that lasted a little longer than your snowflake comfort zone… SERIOUSLY?

    I am all about taking the creep out of men and outing the offenders like Harvey Weinstein. However, outing an 80 year old man for possibly 8 questionable offenses in an era that had no social justice warrior rules like today is bull. Sure, if this was his normal behavior over the past decade… totally inexcusable. So would it to have Cosby like activities such as drugging women 40 or 50 years ago. Why? It was immoral and illegal to drug and rape anybody at anytime since before any of our living time. However, the 2018 rules of engagement were not in play 20, 30 or 40 years ago. Sure an unwanted eyeing up and down on first meeting or making a sexual comment is the standard of NO in the 2000’s. It was not necessarily the rule of thumb back in the day. Not that it ever should have been accepted, but there were few people to call you on the carpet for it. However, if someone was offended, they certainly would in no uncertainty let you know. They would do it in your face, no as an “anonymous source” or under a fake “username”. So this is my issue with the modern ways. Judging things in the past with no knowledge of what the thermometer of the past was. Lets just pretend the same societal standards of 2018 existed in 1985. Add in that everyone should be able to have the right to do anything, say anything without circumstance and make up any riule on the fly and you should have known better. You better be a damn mind reader because if you get caught by the modern day idealist with a blog or podcast, you are going to pay. Yes, today we have a technological tool that is more powerful and damaging than any weapon ever known. The unfiltered, unvetted internet. Don’t like something or someone, you can just type your bitter vitriol on a keyboard and broadcast it world wide forever in a nanosecond.

    Sure hope Morgan isn’t some sort of creep. Admired the man for his craft and his voice most of my life. However, if it’s just a off the cuff comment, a long handshake, an wondering eye from 30 or 40 years ago, lets cut the man a break as long as it isn’t something he did last week.

  5. Behavior that was once tolerated has become unacceptable. On the other hand behavior that was once illegal has become acceptable (about July 2018). Times they are a changing.

  6. Morgan Freeman. An integral part of the very Hollywood-Liberal machine that threw (and throws) men like me an you under the bus for having traditional values is now hoisted up onto the petard of his own making.

    I am enjoying a very nice fishbowl of cognac and am stuffing my pipe with some fine tobacco for a good puff over all this.

    The best part of this is that with Harvey, Semitics did not get in the way, and now with Freeman, race is no longer a barrier. They are eating their own now folks.



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