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Tavis Smiley Files Racially Charged Suit Against PBS


Lawsuit was Triggered by His Firing After Sexual Misconduct Investigation


It’s been more than two months since PBS fired Tavis Smiley after an investigation into “multiple, credible allegations” allegations of sexual misconduct made against him. Today, the veteran talk-show host hit back.

Smiley filed a lawsuit against the pubcaster today, claiming that the axing breached his contract and damaged his company — and that PBS executives used the case as “a pretext to finally rid themselves of Mr. Smiley, who was not the ‘team player’ type of African American personality PBS preferred to have hosting a nightly national news and public affairs program.”

A PBS spokesperson dismissed his suit as “meritless” and “yet another example of Tavis Smiley’s attempts to distract the public from his pattern of sexual misconduct in the workplace.” (Read the full statement below.)

PBS said in December that its inquiry into Smiley, who had fronted the L.A.-produced late-night talker Tavis Smiley for nearly 14 years, “uncovered multiple, credible allegations of conduct that is inconsistent with the values and standards of PBS.”

Smiley disagrees, and had been pleading his case in the media. Now the suit filed in D.C. District Court offers his take on why he was let go: racial “tension” involving “the only nightly television show featuring a person of color as the host.”



  1. I am quite sure I will not agree with Tavis about many things but if he is not guilty of any allegations I hope he is successful with his Legal Action.

    Again, where is “Due Process and the Rule of Law”?

    And please I do not want any SJW coming back at me with the Technical Definition of “Due Process”. Yes, Yes, Yes, we ALL know the true definition, it is simply a phrase used to make a point.

    Good Luck Tavis!!

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