CNN’s ‘Woman Problem:’ Network Lags Behind in On-Air Talent


CNN has half as many solo female hosts as its competitors — and none in primetime


CNN has significantly fewer women serving in visible on-air roles than either Fox News or MSNBC, according to an analysis of weekday programming by TheWrap.

In fact, the Time Warner-owned network has half as many female solo anchors on weekdays as its cable news competitors — three compared to six each for Fox News and MSNBC — and none during the highly visible primetime hours from 8 p.m to 11 p.m.

This contrasts sharply with MSNBC, which boasts primetime powerhouse Rachel Maddow, and Fox News, where conservative fire-breather Laura Ingraham basically replaced Megyn Kelly in Fox News’ lineup last fall.

In total weekday hours for women, Fox News emerged as the cable news leader with 15 hours of coverage featuring women as either anchors or co-anchors. CNN and MSNBC each broadcast 11 hours with at least one female co-host.

A look at weekday coverage between 4 a.m. and midnight on all three channels revealed that CNN has just three women serving in solo anchoring roles: Kate Bolduan, Brooke Baldwin and Erin Burnett. (For the purposes of the analysis, TheWrap ignored the first four hours of the broadcast day, from midnight to 4 a.m., since all three networks typically air reruns of earlier broadcasts at that time.)



  1. I just have never understood why a persons Gender would or should be a factor in appointing a person to any position, why would Skill Nd Talent not be the most important consideration regardless of the position.

    To suggest anything else smacks of quota and that should not be acceptable in any Democratic Society.

    It sort of reminds me of Canadian PM and Selfie King Justin appointing an equal number of Men and Women to his Cabinet of 20. What if the 17 best qualified were Women, does that mean he would set aside seven better qualified Women and appoint an equal number of less qualified Men to achieve Gender Balance?

    How Juvenile! Well that is exactly what your “Empty Suit” of a PM did!

    Quota’s have no place in a Society, we are better than that.

    I believe CNN is a horrible excuse for a News Network but that is because of their dishonesty, biased, and manipulation of News Reporting to Suit their agenda and narrative not because of the Gender Content of ON Air Personalities.

  2. MERIT, MERIT, MERIT!!! What part of merit and the idea of it confounds social justice warriors and all the bleeding heart hacks that ally to them.

    There is systemic racism, there is systemic sexism, there is systemic bigotry today… All of it is circa 2018 directed towards men, notably white men and especially as a sub set heterosexual white men… ALL OF IT IS TRULY UNETHICAL and in VIOLATION OF RIGHTS AND LIBERTY!

    All other ‘muh victimhood’ is a fabrication of the design and ideals of wrank liberalism.

    BUT! that’s ok! Men, notably men of the western developed world, the greatest society ever to grace this planet, BUILT IT ALL AROUND US. Said men maintain it and improve it, men will keep on going forward and any persons who cry against the false narrative of ‘muh victimhood’ will ride along with them and move society forward. For reality gives no f**ks about your false victimhood and your tears of ‘muh feelings’ and the pixi dust false reality all you slag heaps and sloths bring with you.

    Men, again notably of the western developed world WILL no matter how hard you phonys try to beat them down and steal from their worth, labor and ideals, MOVE IT ALL FORWARD, NO F**KS GIVEN!

  3. BMCQ.

    Justin’s party caucus is about 30% female, therefore his silly gender quota should only be about 30% women for Cabinet, not 50%. Women are over represented in his Cabinet. But as you said it’s all basically BULL SH*T!

    His Cabinet should be made up of what he feels are the best elected members of his governing party. It could 100% men or 100% women, or any mix in between as long as it was 100% on merit. Our nation deserves only such.

  4. Les H

    I find it incredibly stupid that virtually no one on Media of any type ask the tough questions of Politcal Masters, “Why would Gender really matter”?

    Would any Wartime Army pick Snipers based on their Gender or might they choose their Candidates on their ability to “Hit a Target at 1500 yards”?

    If I happened to be a Woman MP chosen to be a Cabinet Minister by Mensa Member PM Justin I would question the criteria Justin used to choose me. Was it the fact that I was best qualified for that position or was I chosen simply by the fact I was Female?

    How might that make Male Members of the Liberal Caucus feel that might know they are better qualified than a few Woman PM Justin chose ahead of them?

    How stupid does PM Justin think the “Great Unwashed “ are?
    Does he really think he is fooling anyone other than Media, SJW, Most Canadian Educators, and a selection of other Special Interest Groups that Fuss over the Silly Stuff?

    Yes, I believe PM Photo Op actually does believe he is fooling ALL Canadians with much of what he does, after all, it is very seldom he is challenged on anything.

    I for one happen to differ in my thoughts of PM Justin and in my humble opinion The PM is only a Legend in the Basement at 24 Sussex Drive.

  5. Every time I read or worse happen to see a news story that has anything to do with quotas I get angry. The BC NDP have IDIOTIC quotas that make no sense. The Federal Liberals have an IDIOT that believes in quotas and makes no sense. Ah um.

  6. I remember an old broadcaster telling me the mantra of the early years… “Let’s keep the BROADS out of BROADCASTING!”
    I personally don’t agree. I believe that the best person should be hired, despite their Gender.
    I worked for a company that found themselves very thin on women in management, so they fast tracked a number of young women to positions they were not experienced enough to handle. Needless to say, it was a trainwreck.

  7. Hair


    Every person in Leadership/Management of any of our now very Fluid Gender Pool in any kind of Business should have a “Two Way” Sign/Plaque On their Desk thst has only one word engraved on each side, “MERIT”!

    Nothing else should really matter.

  8. I think that a company that consults on political correctness could be very successful
    First you would need a sales force of sexually ambiguous sales people. All with gender neutral names like Chris, Adrian, Lesley, Sandy, Pat etc. Cars would be rainbow colored mini vans. .25% would have to be physically impaired.
    Perhaps a couple would need to be drug addicted.
    At the end of the day we would have all your employees in the parking lot. 40 workers where 30 are female and 10 males. Its not gonna be pretty when 10 women get canned and 10 new inexperienced and totally unqualified males are hired.


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