Mary Did You Know? Susan Jacks



One of our PSR members, Rocker Rich suggested we feature long time Vancouver recording artist Susan Jacks, who revives what has now become a traditional Christmas song called, “Mary Did You Know”(written by Bill and Gloria Gaither)…

Susan’s version is a fireside recording of her, backup vocalist Mary Saxton and guitarist David Sinclair. It has some post-taping strings arranged by ex-Spring musician Bob Buckley. Someone named Sean Soucy helped,too. Susan posted the YouTube video on her Facebook page and website




  1. In the 26 years since its first release (by Mark English) this song has easily had 20-plus cover versions. Lots were by country artists like Kenny Rogers and Wynnona Judd, also the late Glen Campbell. Heck even separate recordings by Cee Lo Green and Mary J Blige gave it cred among hip hop fans.

    A lot of these covers were lush production with equally slick videos. This Susan Jacks rendition is much more basic, yet absolutely floors with its calm, measured intensity. It’s no secret that Susan is again facing health challenges (check out her candid updates on Facebook). So, apparently Is guitarist David Sinclair. He and harmonist Mary Saxton round out the fireside trio. Bob Buckley, who trod the boards with David in Straight Lines and Body Electric, arranged the strings.

    The power of this take on Mary, Did You Know? comes from three veteran performers, digging deep to spread a musically universal message. As a fan of all three, I can’t ask for more. Merry Christmas.

  2. The author of the original article should check the facts before publishing the article. The song was not written by Bill & Gloria Gaither, rather the words were written by Mark Lowry and the music by Buddy Greene. Yes they are both associated with the Gaithers, but it was them, not Bill & Gloria that wrote the song and it was Mark that performed it the first time.


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