Retired Victoria/Montreal Broadcaster Len Rowcliffe Dies at 88


Very sorry to have to report that a splendid radio man Len Rowcliffe, with whom I worked for a big chunk of the 1980’s at CFMS Victoria (predecessor to The Ocean) has passed away in Vancouver.  He was suffering from Alzheimer’s as well as prostate cancer.  He was aged 88.

The Montreal native left CFMS and worked for several years in the 1990’s at C-FAX AM 1070, hosting the nostalgia music program Sentimental Journey weeknights and a call-in garden show on Sunday mornings.

Before coming west Rowcliffe was one of the first helicopter traffic reporters at CJAD AM 800 Montreal during the 1960s and early 1970s. (pictured, below)


  1. I remember him too; he got himself in trouble because he was watching a traffic jam on the “Elevated Metropolitan” while the police, whom he referred to as “Musical Comedy Gendarms” were sitting underneath the roadway on a coffee break. The police, as you can well imagine, complained. There is an NFB movie where the film crew did a ride-a-long one morning that you can find on you-tube or the NFB channel.

  2. Also had the pleasure of working with Len at CJAD in Montreal, always had a smile on his face and enjoyed doing what he did for a living. Had a chance to see him when he came west, while I was at CHQM and later News1130. Be at peace Len.

  3. Listened to Len Rowcliffe every day for years. He did a great job. I left Montreal in 1977 so I didn’t know he’d gone elsewhere. He won’t be forgotten.


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