CKNW AM 980 Changes Branding, Logo


The change in logo and imaging to Global News Radio falls in line with sister stations in Calgary and Winnipeg, as well as joining Corus Ontario news/talk stations.


  1. Another foul ball from Corporate Headquarters in Toronto?
    What does this ‘official call-sign’ do to inform listeners wanting local coverage?
    Bad enough you can’t see the Global pictures on radio but now they get top billing in the call sign. How to drive listeners to a visual medium!
    Just pointing another finger at the CRTC for allowing this to happen over the years. Centralized ownership is not good for the citizens of Canada! Fix it now before it’s too late.

  2. CKNW and KGO used virtually identical branding logos. Wonder if that Bay Area talker, which has tumbled way more precipitously ratings wise than NW (no mean feat) will follow suit? If so, there’s likely an American logo-graphics consultant in the mix.

  3. Sad to see what they have done to Radio! So an iconic talk station in Winnipeg like CJOB now takes a backseat to a Global TV station that has the #3 newscast in the City! And sadly its nothing but kids reporting who can’t pronounce the major thoroughfare streets in Winnipeg!

  4. Too incoherent in logo and branding. This along with the new quite simpleton top and at 1/2 hour news jingle announcing Global News is just like throwing spaghetti at a wall to see what sticks.

    The MSM in Canada is way too concentrated and will KILL itself in time, if CRTC does not put a stop to such concentration.

  5. Rocker Rich,

    Went to KGO810 page and BOY OH BOY WHAT A SAD CASE! As bad as CKNW has gotten in recent years, KGO is a shell of its once great self. Once said to be the most listened to AM station on the est. coast of N/A and especially at night via skip signals. Back in the day Soviet spy ships were said to tune into it to get a pulse on the USA and its public opinion. I have not tuned into KGO 810 since the great purge (Stalinesque in radio terms) Dec. 2010. From the mid 80’s to 2010 KGO and CKNW where the two main news talk radio stations I listened too. Today CKNW other than Coast to Coast ( which is going bye bye on CKNW) for late night radio entertainment. I only drift in and out of CKNW programing through out the day. KGO? Again I want to weep as I learned much about US politics, policy and news/events from listening to KGO 810 for near 30 years.

  6. “TALK” has been removed from the logo. Much like sports was erased from their banner when they axed the sports department. News Talk? News Buzzline? Fake News no talk and no conservative ideas. Replace top 5 with the top 20 . Discuss with Charmain and Nicky and Timmy every 1/2 hour.
    All night radio selling dental implants , hair implants, vitamins, back remedy.
    Ads , funerals, divorce lawyers,

    Logo should be either a coffin with NW 980 on the side or a pluto type dog having been run over by a Shaw cable truck.
    Vote for your favorite.

  7. Does a radio station have to pay its on air employees if it reruns a program? Like residuals? If they dont then may I suggest that they replace C2C with reruns of any NW shows from the days before Shaw took control. Might find that listening to big Al and Mcrea duke it out or Frosty kibitzing with the weather department get better ratings than the current live programming

  8. Used to listen to ‘NW 4-5 hrs/day in home office…now 10-15 mins to catch Bruce Allen/Mike Campbell.
    Who was the moron @ Corus who felt we would fall for a simulcasting of the Global 6pm news on ‘NW?
    This is 2017 Corus/Rogers…you’re not listening to your radio/TV audiences, and they are going elsewhere…

  9. Why is it people from the west coast have nothing better to do then whine and complain? Anything ever posted about a west coast station, you can guarantee it will have a bunch of negative and nasty comments posted below. Get a life already, it’s not about YOU.

  10. Shane,

    Those people are LISTENERS or they where. Sponsors want solid and credible listener numbers in order to benefit from their paid advertising. The brainiacs in the ivory towers and in CKNW’s case the black tower, BELIEVE THEY KNOW BETTER THAN THEIR TRADITIONAL LISTENERS!

    Based on comments about CKNW over the last few years Management may not know better.

  11. Maybe CKNW can adopt the motto: “At least we’re not KGO.”

    A mere decade ago, both NW980 and KGO810 were still titans of Pacific Coast talk and authoritative news. Our Top Dog lacked the howitzer nighttime signal of KGO, but US callers—listening on the Internet, could call in on 1-877-399-9898. Both had issues: NW toadying to BC Liberals; KGO too predictably progressive (except for weekday host Ronn Owens and weekend personality Bill Wattenberg).

    Warts and all, the two stations remained destination listening. NWs fumbles have been well chronicled on PSR. But the overall product, though continually fraying, still keeps NW in the ratings mix.

    Not so KGO. From when Cumulus Media acquired the station along with other ABC radio assets, cost cuts began to help Cumulus service the huge debt it took on to fund the acquisition. But neither staff nor listeners were ready for the Thursday Morning Massacre on December 1/2011.
    In one fell swoop, Cumulus execs fired all but one weekday host. Gone were Gil Gross, Gene Burns, John Rothmann and Ray Taliaferro…plus weekender Wattenberg. Only Owens stayed thanks to his loophole-free hefty contract.

    KGO cited declining ratings for the firings. Yet the subsequent All-News format bombed as the Bay Area was already well-served by such stations. Another massacre, this time of news staff, eventually occurred. Believe it or not, KGO hired a youngish yakker called Drex about the same time NW hired our “Are you a MILF?” Drex.

    Things briefly improved about 15 months ago. Weekender Pat Thurston popped up in the 7-10 pm slot, often sharing the mic with John Rothmann. A political animal and Middle East expert, Rothmann was the perfect foil for cheerily liberal Thurston in the weeks leading up to Donald Trump’s election.

    Not long after, Thurston was back to weekends. As for the prime 7-10 slot, it was filled with a repeat of a banal afternoon host, Ethan Bearman. The only night program worth tuning in is a delayed airing of quirky conservative John Batchelor. Then KGO airs a delayed repeat of Coast to Coast. Sheer idiocy since Bay Area listeners cannot phone in real time to two syndicated shows!

    To repeat: At least NW hasn’t sunk as low as KGO…yet. Oh yeah, KGO also updated its branding logo, but this time not the same as NW.

  12. Anybody that has listened for NW over the years know it is mere she’ll of what it used to be, re-runs, info commercials, american propaganda and on and on it goes. The demographics on the west coast are completely different than the east, but the “pinheads in the east” as Frosty used to call them don’t seem to understand that. Absentee owners making decisions without listening to the listeners deserve everything they get. Hence what we have at NW today. Like the above comment Bruce Allen is a must listen too, along with Jon McComb, after that it’s all downhill.

  13. Shane I dont understand your need to defend corus shaw cknw or whatever you want to brand it. If you are working for any entity that “people on the west coast” feel the need to whine and complain about I can understand your defending your employer. If you think complaining is a west coast phenomenon then you are just naive. Also the get a life…… comment is of its own a negative and nasty comment. Over to you Bud, your turn to defend

  14. At Tim Murphy. How condescending of you to point out to the majority of posters on this thread that the world revolves around them. So being the sun in this universe I graciously await your thesis on why the posters that think NW is not as good as it could be. Not as good as it should be. And definitely not as good as it once was are self centered enough to be the center of your universe.

  15. Tim Murphy.

    Unlike all too many ‘snowflake’s today and their SJW “muh feelings” attitudes in life, trust me, I know the world does not revolve around me and my life nor my feelings. I must try to comport my life to my daily realities, be they good, bad or indifferent, BUT! Tim, Shane and any other defenders of what looks to be corporate mismanagement, the world also does not revolve around CKNW, KGO, or any mainstream news/media businesses either.

    The media, t.v., radio, online, in print depends on capturing enough people to buy their products/services and/or to turn on, tune in and/or see read their shtick in order to charge enough $$$$ for sponsors to advertise on their platforms.

    Unless you are a govt. spoon fed welfare case as in the CBC, BBC or any other govt. funded shill corp, who can beg and whine for a near never ending supply of misappropriated tax dollars your media/news business MUST gain and keep eyes, ears and minds in order to try to profit.

    I use to when I was rather a virtue signalling libtard (never was I a full blown libtard though thank God) be a pretty big defender of the CBC. Today it’s such a propagandist/leftist shill service/entity and waste in a world where people, can find many alternatives in media. entertainment, news/info/talk and general thought provoking, that I would happily support any Canadian govt. that sells it off, lock stock and barrel to a lawful private entity. If not then break it up and kill it.

  16. Shane – Tim

    I concur with other commentary on this Thread, if it is not about Listeners and building those numbers what is it about. It is about Listeners!

    I suggest both of you sit down for a few minutes and read some of the great constructive criticism of CKNDP (NW) from the others here. Educate yourselves on the NW situation.

    I would also again like to ask the question of just how long will it take for NW Advertisers to realize that the Station is seeking to attract Millennials, a group that one does not listen to radio, two, gets their News from Facebook and Twitter, and three will more than likely ever purchase Sidewalks, Roofs, carpets, Mercedes, BMW, Other Autos, Fireplaces, Funerals, Windows, and so many more.

    Hell NW do not even to bother to Advertise and List their Advertisers On their Web Site. Would you not think that might make just a little sense?

    As to the Logo? I don’t care any more, for all I care they could get the advice for that from Shane and Tim!

    About the only comment I disagree with on this thread is someone suggesting that CKNDP were/are supporters of the B.C. Liberals.

    Both McComb and Simi are literally the NDP From Team and if you cannot see that you are really kidding yourself.

    Bruce, Smyth, Palmer, Campbell, JILL Bennet, perhaps Lynda Steele, and the recent addition of Roy Green are all important contributors but the rest just do not cut it.

    One day another Station will hire a few of the just mentioned away from NW and that Station will within a very few weeks become a Ratings Leader.

  17. This isn’t a CKNW thing folks. It is happening to all the Corus talk stations across the land. And radio is no longer the focus of those in the Shaw/Corus ivory towers. And hopefully we have heard the last of all former radio people turned consultants who continue to spew for radio to win it has to be local. No one in the towers is listening! That is why you are a consultant now! That local ship has sailed and now its about economies of scale, Get rid of the “real radio dinasour people” and hire 20/30 somethings to replace them. Lets focus on pushing everything to social media! And then you wonder why young people don’t listen to radio. Its all vanilla!

  18. Hi Teddy. Your absolutely right . Might as well take a hammer and destroy my good old solid state 9 volt transistor radio. Id hire you in a split second to market my Polaroid instant camera .
    Maybe if corus/shaw doesnt want to focus on talk radio they should do right by their shareholders/owners and sell off the dinosaur radio stations that do nothing for their bottom lines. Teddy Shane tim etal if you dont care about radio and you believe that the marketing geniuses that want to attract a younger listener to a stone age technology are on the right track by airing pure pablum 24/7 please stop wasting your time visiting a web site titled Puget Sound RADIO. As the poster known as BMCQ has stated sooner or later someone with an ear for radio and the knowledge and cash might just buy a station and simply duplicate what NW was before shaw/corus took over. Chances are he/she will be pleased as the advertisers that still pour money down the drain at the current version of dead dog radio come running to a new version of a time tested and successful tradition. Talk radio.

  19. Hey 13 I am pretty new to this website and realize that there is going to be opinions that don’t necessarily align with mine. Now I am not sure what in my post hit a wrong nerve with you. But let me remind you that radio is still alive and well in Canada. It reaches about 87-88% of all listeners. And when you look at 40+ the percentage is over 90. Again I am not sure what nerve I hit but talk stations is NOT for the most part a younger listener’s domain. What I am hearing is here is comments of what has happened to CKNW. I simply commented that the change with Corus stations is uniform across the board. Because the way I look at it 13 is that it doesn’t if you fix HOW radio is delivered to attract young listeners. Lets assume you have the right technology, it won’t matter. Because the point I didn’t do a good job of conveying is that programming is all vanilla it doesn’t matter what latest slick technology you have to reach young people , they won’t listen. They don’t like vanilla.

  20. oh Lord, may I win next Friday’s Lotto Max so I can buy CKNW, and invest lots of doe, returning to the good ole’s days of news broadcast journalists, editors, solid on air presenters, UNBIASED in news reporting, as Joe Friday said, ‘Just the Facts, Ma’am!…. Conservative talk show hosts who will outnumber any liberal on deck. What do each of the most successful talk show hosts have in common with each other, from Burns to Webster, Bannerman, Rafe Mair, and to a slight degree, Bill Good. They were all conservatives!!! I thought at one time the dude from Winnipeg, now doing NW evenings. forgive me, how soon we forget…. Chuck Adler, just came to me. he has a tinge of conservatism in him, but has come out as a liberal, no doubt influenced by the likes of his boss Larry. One would think that radio station in railtown would get their act together and become the conservative talk show radio station in Vancouver to challenge them. Someone open up the eyes of Don Shafer, please. Get off this anti-Trump bs for starters, and take an investigative role in what is really happening in government, not just south of the border, but the horror story going on in Ottawa under our prime minister, who is taking this once proud nation, to hell in a hand basket. But with the recent hiring of Jody Vance, a Trump Hater, that shows me where Don’s head is at. By the way, I love Don, and only want the best for him. Other than that, WTF is wrong with the media in this country, they’ve all become sheeple… so sad…. Its time to Wake Up

  21. As much as bashing NW is fun the reality is the station is doing quite nicely as part of the Corus cluster. If you understand anything about how radio is actually sold you’d realize they are holding up quite well in today’s media environment.

  22. Wilma

    Great point about Adler!

    Going back a few years ago I quite often tuned into Adler when out in the car in the evening, Ifound him fair, balanced, and willing to see both sides of any argument, discussion, debate.. A while back since his return I tuned again and I could not believe my ears, it was almost like he had gone through some sort of “Political Reassignment Surgery”!

    I agree with you, 13, and others that the Mensa Member Genius that is now the PD at CKNDP is more intent on fighting the last 2016 U.S. Federal Election and supporting HRC while at the same time doing everything to get his Minions like McComb, Simi, and the rest do their best to make PM Justin look like he actually is not really just a half empty suit.

    All most Adult Listeners to Radio in this market ask for is Fair Balanced Radio with honest objective reporting and at the same time some thoughtful critique that creates a healthy debate representing both sides of an argument so we have a chance to arrive at an informed opinion on any topic.

    Opinion Radio left, right or somewhere in between is great but we cannot tolerate the underhanded attempt by the PD and most On Air Types at NW that think they can manipulate and convince the listener to go under that same “Political Reassignment” Surgery and become Uber Liberal Social Justice Warriors and Snowflakes.

    The Term “Fake News” comes to mind!

  23. While I agree that the quality of NW’s programming has dropped to the point of my being unwilling to listen to it for the most part, there are still an awful lot of people who do, the latest numbers showing it being in a pretty healthy third place overall. I get that it used to live more or less continuously atop the ratings, no. 3 doesn’t seem to be an indicator that all the listeners are fleeing in droves.

    For me it isn’t the political slant, it’s the dearth of overall meaningful content and the constant repetition that makes it not worth listening to. Apparently though, the ratings tell us there are still an awful lot of people who do.

  24. You’re all missing the point of the rebrand and consolidation of Global TV and their radio properties. Online traffic. Online revenue. They will have one of the largest “cumes” of any online news source in the country. Individual radio sites can’t deliver the impressions agencies require.

  25. Me walking up to the open mic, podium…

    (tap, tap, tap) “Um, [cough] ladies and gentlemen if I may?”

    I stand here before you admitting that I too for many number of years as an adult living in one of the most privileged nations on Earth was often but mostly unwittingly a virtue seeker…a libtard. I drank gallons of liberal Koolaid. So how did I get there?

    As a kid growing into a young teen, living a rather normal blue collar family life I saw the then Reagan revolution. I was very much PRO USA, PRO RONALD REAGAN! I was smart enough to know the Western World led by the USA was not perfect, but it was the best alternative, with the best recourse to fix, repair or solve many issues and problems. The Western World of the mid/late 20th. Century was proving itself by its greatness, warts and all.

    But as I grew into my late teens and adult years I was beginning to follow liberalism. News and talk radio played much its role. When I first discovered KGO810 it was late night with a bout of insomnia and I rolled through my clock radio dial picking up AM skip signals. I stopped at a station and it was playing a Jewish bakery bagal commercial, and it was so odd for me to hear such. Coming out from the commercial I heard the KGO810 jingle and a man’s voice emanating from my radio speaker. Again at this time I was still very PRO USA, PRO REAGAN! The rhetoric coming out from radio BLEW MY still mid teen mind! I thought to myself what kind of gibberish and sh*t was this? Totally leftist, totally hate on Reagan, totally pro Democrats and pro liberalism. Many long time KGO listeners may know who I may be talking about… ONE Mr. Ray Taliafero. I’d then nightly begin tuning into his late night show for a long while to hear his in my mind anti-USA blather and lunacy. My blood would often boil and my ears burn at this talk radio host.

    Time passed by, I began to also listen to CKNW and CJOR. Their hosts ranged from conservative to MOR to leftist (Dave Barret for one was on CJOR for a while back then). I did not notice that a lot of liberal ideals and virtue signalling was being trolled on talk radio and cable new t.v. networks. It began to have me desire to virtue signal, too bleed for a never ending, growing line up of victims being pushed by the liberal left. OF COURSE I UNDERSTAND THERE WERE AND ARE REAL VICTIMS! But the weight of growing liberalism in media from the mid 80’s on ward to today unwittingly led me to virtue signal and “I HEART [put name of victim group here].” By 1988 I grew to actually hate President Reagan and Prime Minister Thatcher of G.B. I began to dump on the USA and champion liberal leftism and aggrandizing Canada and our “I HEART, WE ARE SORRY” ideology that was on turbo boost by the late 80’s. I NEVER SAW IT COMING TO MY MIND THOUGH!

    Hell, by 1992 I was ALL ABOARD THE BILL CLINTON TRAIN!!! I figured that my virtue signaling would in part help fix what I felt were ALL OF OUR HORRIBLE WESTERN WORLD, GREEDY CREATED PROBLEMS! I felt good to SAY I CARE! But like MOST liberals, socialists and growing new tribe of early SJW/Feminists, myself and most of these people world rarely PUT MONEY WHERE MY/THEIR MOUTH WAS AND IS! But boy oh boy I could pat myself on my own back with the best of them. I could call out the non-caring, greedy, selfish, non-liberals, non-virtue signaling types, toss in Christians while we are at it, who I thought were a$$holes and I FELT GOOD IN DOING SO AFTERWARDS!

    The years passed and I walked the line so close at times to being FULL LIBTARD, FULL TOTALLY IN LOVE OF SOCIALISM and its utopian dream. Thankfully I always seemed to pull myself back from the brink but I still virtue signaled the activists, leftist shills and groups. I still bled for what I see now are FAUX VICTIMS!

    So my guests here, listening at me from my virtual podium, what changed?

    It did not happen over night, it began slowly about 3 odd years ago maybe. In media, KGO’s decline to near oblivion IMO and CKNW’s slow decline to full libtardism, CNN being full on Commie/Clinton News Network, Rachel Madcow on leftist MSNBC, CBC pro liberal/socialist 24/7, all began to have my mind slowly begin to thaw and some critical thinking began to happen. I was no beginning to question things I once virtue signaled over. Seeing the train wreak of Obama’s 8 years, HRC’s evilness, the electing of our Obama, in libtard, virtue signaling Justin Trudeau, along with the rise of DONALD TRUMP ( FLAWED AS HE IS, BUT OUR LAST HOPE FOR THE WESTERN WORLD I GREW UP IN AND SAW AS THE GREATEST SOCIETY EVER!) I began to ‘be woke’

    One day watching CNN after one of the US Republican primaries 2016 where Jeffery Lord was going at it with Commie Van Jones as Lord said, “This is the problem with the left… it always goes to IDENTITY POLITICS!” It was as if he punched some realty into my head. I then really began to watch, hear, read the liberal left and not 10%, not 30%, not 50% not 75% but 100% of the time on any issue or debate with a liberal, socialist, SJW, Feminist and any leftist ally, THEY GO TO IDENTITY POLITICS! Just watch, listen and read and you will, see I am 100% correct.

    They have no plausible answers or solutions. They want entitlements, want to be forever victims, want to virtue signal to even self-loath to feel better (odd as that must be) notably in most of near lost Europe and the liberal/left want productive people TO PAY FOR IT ALL BY IMPOSING GUILT (cough cough, B.S. of white privilege and more disgusting B.S. of white supremacy). The liberal left PROJECTS their own racism, sexism, bigotry and insecurities onto others and I am NOW WOKE enough to see it and call out their B.S.

    I also realized in my many years of libtardism and virtue signaling I saw that NOBODY EVER WENT OUT OF THEIR WAY TO HELP ME OR GIVE/SHOW ME MY WHITE FREAKING PRIVILEGE!

    But I do not cry, I accept my own mistakes and celebrate my own victories. I actually CARE more for people today as I no longer do it to virtue signal and no longer see all this FAUX victimization. I try to do my part to care enough to help people get up and on to their own lives and not forever suck at the tit of government as they cry I’m a victim, give me, give me.

    “Thank you all for letting me stand at this virtual podium and speak my mind.” I walk off the stage and go to my seat.

  26. My God people, the small article is about a logo! Nothing more nothing less. Grow some thicker skin will ya. Mr 13? Merry Christmas.

  27. Hi Teddy. I guess your assertion to hire 20/30 to push towards social media to attract a younger audience got my attention.
    Conservative talk radio has never appealed to a younger audience. Most of the people I know including friends and my own kids have aged into an interest in conservative talk radio. The programmers that want to attract the coveted 18 to 30 audience to listen to a radio might as well try turning water into wine. Its been done and it would take another miracle to get younger people interested in am/conservative/talk radio. The audience is older with disposable income. Those that say that audience is dying off forget that the younger bunch get older and they lose their liberal save the planet focus and they put down the I phone pad device and turn on a radio. I can still remember a time when if I turned on a radio and heard someone talking I turned the dial till I heard music. That ended as I reached an age where I realized that 3 levels of government were having far more influence on my life than Led Zepplin were.

  28. Be honest. Stop with “your” so called fake news or perhaps fake outrage. If ‘NW had hosts that held your political views, slammed Trudeau everyday and loved Trump everything would be “right” with the station. The preception that ‘NW is some sort of Liberal mouthpiece is interesting. Before the NDP came along there were cries from many that ‘NW sided with Christie Clark’s Liberals. Now they’ve done a complete political turn and now back the NDP?
    Don’t get me wrong, like many I find there is plenty not to like about’NW. I find myself tuning in a fraction of the time compared to years ago. First off stop with the listener line bs and let’s hear callers on the air. Micheal Smythe should have a full time slot on air and taking calls. Don’t always agree with Micheal but he is interesting to listen to and tends to get opinions from all sides.
    But again, I find this “fair and balanced” argument from some here laughable. You don’t want to hear that at all. You want to listen to someone who holds your political views. Be honest.

  29. Barry t
    For the past 8 years NW has slammed the BC Liberals endlessly. From the 2013 election that every last radio host at NW and every pundit Palmer Baldrey Smyth predicted a Dix victory till today. Then when they screwed up all over again from Trump had no chance to win nomination and no chance to win all the same hosts and pundits had to eat crow again. The pundits got it. The NW radio hosts under the leadership of Larry Gifford are still convinced that somehow HRC won and Trump lost.
    SO in all honesty I disagree with your claim that “we” just want NW to cheer for DJT. Thats an absurd claim as you cant find ANY msm that cheers for DJT.
    When listeners say they want balance that is a valid concern .

  30. I am a President Trump supporter, that said I do not want media of any and all stripes to just march lock stock to his words and ideals. But MSM is on a 24/7 Trump bash fest and has been since before the 2016 Primaries.

    If Trump messes up, then he should be called out for it. But if he governs well he should not have to fight the media, liberal left, RINO’s, along with demented minds of blind globalists.

    IMO his first year has been a revelation as he has and is trying to do all he said he would do during the campaign. I have in all my years never seen a President or any notable leader govern like that and try to carry his political ideals through.

    America spoke Nov. 2016, America wants change and real change. Americans are in general nationalists and patriots. No other nation of note I have seen has that level of general love and pride of the nation and what it stands for. No other notable nation has been founded like the USA has and none have had such visionary founding fathers.

    The liberals, leftists and socialist allies in the Democrat Party, MSM, in public education and in college education have for 40+ years worked to weaken and try to destroy the grand US ideology.

    For the left and all socialists to win with blind globalism, THE USA MUST FAIL! DJT is a knight on a bright white charger trying to prevent this. Will he succeed ? I hope so, for the western developed world hangs in the balance. Most of the western world leaders including PM J. Trudeau are hateful of pride in their nations and in the general ideals of western world, market based society built on general meritocracy and liberty. The USA has always been since the 20th century, THE leader of said ideals.

    So again if and when DJT messes up, he needs to be called out, but I predicted back in Dec. 2015 that he’d be the next President. He has groomed himself for said role for almost 40 years. I felt through every bone in my body and fibre of my mind tab IT WAS HIS DESTINY TO BE POTUS! I’m really not such a froo froo spiritual deliverance in life person. But I believe Divinity spoke to DJT to tell him it was his time to shine and from such he rallied Americans to vote him to POTUS, Nov. 2016.

    After 8 years his record will prove he to be one of the greatest Presidents and will be a POTUS society and historians of tomorrow will discus and talk about for generations.

    If the great experiment of The Western Developed World is to deserve to survive, President Trump and his administration will be very much a part of and impetus for it, as he will represent the beginning of change. 40-50+ years of liberal-leftist, socialist nonsense and lies, with SJW/Feminist/Beta’white knights as stooges for the evil and hateful modern globalists will sadly take more than 8 years of Trump as POTUS to change and right the ship.


    DJT/Pence 2020.

  31. Barry T – tim Murphy – Shane

    Sure the question was about the Logo change but the discussion has developed /evolved into something very interesting and if our Hosts are not upset with the evolution of the Topic then let’s enjoy!

    I can’t speak for all of those having difficulty with the “Political Reassignment Surgery” of the PD and 90% of the On Air Staff and other support people including the News Department that always slants their programming and reporting against anything Federal Conservative, B.C. Liberal, or U.S. Republican/Trump but they DO INDEED have an Agenda and they believe they are getting away with it!

    Those that have spoken up on this Blog simply want more balance from a Station that once offered opinions and criticism from both Left and Right.

    As I previously stated Opinion Radio is find and I do not care what it is. I travel a lot and when in the U.S. I listen to Rush, Levin, Dave Ramsey, Medved, and a few other Conservative Talk Show/Opinion People.

    I also listen to some from the Democratic side so I can keep informed on what is going on with them. Quite often I will watch some CNN or MSNBC when in a Hotel in the Morning.

    Over the past few weeks I was travelling in the U.S and several Cities in the EU and Listened/Watched BBC, CNN, Russian TV, Euro, Bloomberg, and a few others, a;ways keeping in mind when remembering the source.

    Due to circumstances the only English Broadcasts I received while in Prokopi Greece for 4 days was Russian TV, CBC, and Euro, RT are very slick and in my opinion they have hired some very good professionals to run their Broadcasts, On Air and Off Air seem very good to my untrained eye.

    I do not believe any of us being critical want Conservative Radio all the time on
    CKNDP (NW) but we want honest open arguments, discussions, opinions, and debates where we can call in and challenge opinions and or ask questions of Hosts or guests.

    Is that too much to ask? I can guarantee you if we had an alternatrive Radio Station that say had Michael Smyth in the Morning with say Roy Green in the afternoon and Jill Bennett on the Drive Time Show and they all took calls as they tend to do we would be happy.

    I would even be happy to have Jon McComb on if there was some balance to a station. McCom for sure has gone through the “Political Reassignment Surgery”! The NDP should cut him a Big Cheque!

    Of course we must never forget that Christie Clark deserves the most credit for the NDP Win!
    Clark Won the 2013 Election all on her own but she also managed to lose the May 2017 Election all on her own.

    Clark somehow managed to “Grasp Defeat from the Jaws of Victory”!! NO ONE was more surprised than John Horgan and his Minions! Now the Hard Working People of B.C. Pay!

    Today too many in Media want to make and create the news, and that is a dangerous thing.
    Are you not tired of the endless never ending ridiculous Russia Investigation in the U.S.? Surely even the biggest HRC Supporter must understand by now the whole thing is indeed a Witch Hunt!

    Trump and the Republicans are getting blamed for everything and I would not be surprised that CKNDP, CNN, MSNBC, NBC, and the rest will blame Trump and Christy Clark for the upcoming Pregnancy of Kim Kardashian!!!!

    “Sources say, it has been reported, unnamed informants say, Senior Officials tell us, White House Insiders tell us on the insistence of anonymity, and the rest! How many times do you need to hear that?

    And then when it is proven the Stories/Reports were untrue and unfounded and indeed untruths there is barely a mention, the correction is reported at 2:00 AM on a Saturday!

    I am not a fan of Glenn Greenwald but I read him, I want to be informed and I read what he has to say and I filter his commentary and I educate myself.

    You might find the attached very interesting. Keep in mind that Greenwald Hates Trump!!

    You also might want to give some throught to Lindsay Graham another person who is not Trumps best friend.

    Then you regular contributors here might find it interesting to review a Thread on this very Puget Sound Radio. Sometimes it is interesting to look back.

    I believe the PSR Thread attached was discussed back in October 2016, OVER a Year Ago.

    I find it quite interesting, I hope you do as well!

    CKNW NEW LOGO and all manipulate their News Reporting, their On Air and Support Staff go along with the changes and they will eventually Kill their Station. They will lose Listenership and they will lose Advertisers.

    If another Outlet like CKWX or any other figures it out and puts Michael Smyth, Jill Bennett, give Palmer and Baldrey a Bigger Part, then bring on another person that actually takes calls regardles of their political Leanings they would have a Ratings Winner and they would attract many of the CKNDP (NW) Advertises!

    My thanks to PSR for their Patience with all of us, especially me on this, the conversation has evolved into something quite interesting. It has been a great excercise

    I for one would like to hear from some Media Types on this.
    Retired or Working today your opinions on this would be highly valued and I am quite sure very interesting.

  32. Les H

    Seeing as we are all still here.

    Trump has his Warts and he too often plants one or both feet in his mouth but he will still have a successful Presidency for the reasons you and others have pointed out. Please read the PSR piece from over a year ago I have attached, you have contributed to that Thread.

    IMHO Trump will do exceedingly well and he will accomplish a lot.
    He will however announce at the end of his Third Year he will NOT Stand for Re-Election.

    He will by then be Fed Up, 75 years old, and out of Patience.

    Trump will retire after 4 years and go back to NY NY.

    Pence will then take the Nominatuion along with marco Rubio or hopefully Condoleeza Rice and the Republican Ticket will Win “Bigly in a Landslide”!!

    Rice would get a lot of the Womans Vote and she would also score well with Minorities against a Booker/Warren Ticket. Same with Rubio, he would attract much of the minority Vote and many Younger Types.

    Then of course it would be their turn and Rubio or Condoleezza would be Great Reputlican Presidents!!

    Please do not hold me to this.

    AS to the Re-Branded CKNW, CBC, MSNBC, CNN, NBC, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, and the rest?

    I have one Statement for them

    “One Should Never Allow Themselves to Be Bound By a Straight Jacket of ideology”!!

    And Oh yes, in the case of NW, Please get back to taking CALLS from Your Listeners!!

    My Apologies if I ran on here.

  33. Angry listeners this evening, as per this tweet:

    @CKNW are you kidding me?! No Coast to Coast AM? Nothing like sticking it to the night shift! and for what!? Story time!! CKNW needs a program director!

  34. Coast to Coast gets thrashed by some ‘uppity types’ who feel it’s programming can be kooky at times, but in reality it’s an entertaining show and has had many quality guests who talk of interesting and provocative issues in modern life too.

    This so called “Made In Canada” as NW advertises show to come soon will probably be either a general rehash of all the shows earlier in the day and as such will be BORING or will be some more froo froo, leftist stuff run by a low buck hired host. I could be wrong but I doubt I will be and I do not hold much hope… Coast to Coast should have just been kept on as again it’s a long running late night/overnight show that was at least entertaining.

  35. Well said, Les. Whatever the program, if it’s produced anywhere east of here, don’t expect live calls, at least from British Columbia.

  36. I thought it was just me who thought NW had tanked, but reading these comments here confirms I’m not alone. I can’t stomach Simi or Drex, and Steele really doesn’t have a radio voice not to mention any opinions worth listening to. Charles Adler, in my opinion, is starting to give credidibility to that dreaded phrase “fake news”. The news readers honestly sound like 12 yr olds learning to read, I’m guessing they’re all interns. I can’t believe what’s happened to the mighty Big Dog – sad & pathetic.

  37. Hello Sam. The surprise that your not alone re NW in the tank makes me laugh. Not at you but at the fact that the 2 or 3 people that stick up for the dead dog will now accuse you of being a fired disgruntled exe employee. Seem reading any thread that has anything to do with NW would indicate that 100s of comments on the PSG site come from 100s of terminations. Truly I think that the employees that no longer work at NW post using their real names. News people like Mr Bell and Mr Mark.

  38. KGO has better programming after JM goes off, unless Mike is sitting in for Silly Sara. They really have to get Nathan Bearman some psychiatric help though…and his giggly sidekick. After Bearman, much better listening than Gasper and the Wunder Frum Down Under. Nikki has done a good job though. In fact the best 4 days broadcasting ‘NW has had this year have been the last 4 with Mike and Nikki in those otherwise boring slots. But KGO is clearly also on the slick slide to oblivion with the same few commercials and promos repeated time and again. Have they never heard of listener fatigue?

  39. Bud your quite correct. Mike Smyth would be a top draw in any NW time slot and he would fit the 10 to 2 slot better than OJs glove. Im afraid that Niki has tarnished herself by joining JMs side show of junior achievers.

  40. It is a sad commentary on how far ‘NW has slid that the best radio guy they have is a Newspaper guy. Smyth is no Jack Webster, has pronunciation and grammar problems, but he is a bit of a bulldog and I enjoy listening to him. We’ll have to disagree on Nikki 13. 😉

  41. 13

    If the Nicki you mention is the McComb Show Newsy Person that along with Mensa Member Tim manage to squeal and smirk each and every time the Trump Name or any Conservative names come up I agree with you. Both TIM and Nikki, along with Newsy Charmaine have been deeply into the Kool Aid given them by the CKNDP PD and they make fun of and very weakly attempt to Discredit any Politician or Idea that is NOT Progressive Left.

    Sadly Nikki and Tim are ONLY Legends in their own Basements! Talk about a Leftist Progressive Agenda. For some reason the NW PD seems to be attempting Nikki as an Essay Investigateive Specialist and I do not think it will work in anyone’s eyes but his own. The efforts of Nikki are not very convincing but I am sure Tim and her Parents are impressed.

    Poor McComb, now a spent force if there ever was one who along with Adler has gone through the Federal/NDP and Provincial NDP “Political Reassignment” Surgery often to Fact Check TIM, Charmaine, and Nicky but he often just shrugs his shoulders and lets them embarrass him, the Station, and themselves. Perhaps he now believes that the Listeners to NW are such Morons they will not figure it out so there is no need to confuse anyone in Studio or Listening that Facts do Matter!

    Unfortunately Bud is mistaken about Nikki. Nikki is pandering to the PD at NW, her fellow Leftist Activists at the Station and youngish Millennials that the PD seeks out, People that DO NOT even listen to Radio. Someone should explain that fact to all of them at NW, it might save their jobs.

    Now if Bud was to point out that JILL Bennett, Roy Green, Michael Campbell, Bruce, Michael Smyth, and Vaughn Palmer were god Listening I could support him in his opinion but no, I do not believe Nikki quite cuts it.

  42. Adler has three things he needs to know. Everyone does the top 5 every hour. Simi does the winner and loser. Drex and Steel approve. GIMICKS GALORE!!!!!!!!!!!!! All designed to fill air waves at zero production costs. REpeat Rehash. RErun. It would be fun to rerun a day of programming from a Frosty am to a Till/McComb pm vs a current days offerings.


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