Treena Wood Leaving News 1130 for CBC Vancouver


It’s been announced via Twitter that News1130 CKWX Vancouver National Format News Director Treena Wood is leaving to join CBC Vancouver in January. 

She has been News Director since 2010 and was appointed to her current position in 2016. 

She signed on to News 1130 when it was created in 1996 and has also worked as an anchor, editor, reporter, business editor, writer and managing editor.


  1. Congratulations to Treena on the coming change, it was a pleasure working with her and the other great people at CKWX-News1130 for almost 20 years. All the best at the CBC Treena.


  2. Maybe now you can start reporting the news. Good luck and congratulations….. J.


    A MUST READ! 5G technology explained in depth with info I’ve never seen before. Arthur Firstenberg explains how the beams will be directed, resulting in extremely high power that will be capable of penetrating deeply into our bodies. Recall recently there was an article where a telecom said that the millliwave technology was proving to go farther and penetrate better than first thought. This is why. It is urgent that this info reach our politicians at all levels. This must be stopped before it gets started, which is slated to hit big time within the next year or so.


    “Another important fact about radiation from phased array antennas is this: it penetrates much deeper into the human body and the assumptions that the FCC’s exposure limits are based on do not apply. This was brought to everyone’s attention by Dr. Richard Albanese of Brooks Air Force Base in connection with PAVE PAWS and was reported on in Microwave News in 2002. When an ordinary electromagnetic field enters the body, it causes charges to move and currents to flow. But when extremely short electromagnetic pulses enter the body, something else happens: the moving charges themselves become little antennas that re-radiate the electromagnetic field and send it deeper into the body. These re-radiated waves are called Brillouin precursors. They become significant when either the power or the phase of the waves changes rapidly enough. 5G will probably satisfy both requirements. This means that the reassurance we are being given—that these millimeter waves are too short to penetrate far into the body—is not true.”

    2) Dr. Hardell, and others such as Dr. Don Maisch, for many years have been warning about the conflicts of interest within WHO and IARC as well as ICNIRP.

    It’s one thing for ICNIRP, which has always been driven by the industry and the military, to be totally biased, but for the WHO and IARC to be controlled by the same people is unconscionable. The EMF Project was headed by Repacholi and then handed to his “student” van Deventer, who is still in charge. The EMF panel that is reviewing the “current status” of the science is filled with ICNIRP people so we know what the outcome will be. Similar to the reviews of SC 6, the studies are cherry picked, and any additional comments by non panel researchers are ignored.

    The system is so rigged from beginning to end. WHO quotes ICNIRP. Health Canada quotes WHO. Provincial authorities like Kendall quote HC. No one does anything to protect us because ICNIRP establishes the guidelines, makes the decisions. We have to begin to organize to support Hardell and others to change this system. This from a member:

    “Stunning conflicts if interests at ICNIRP! Not only Emily VanDeventer, but most of the scientists.

    You find the English text and pdf document, near the bottom.”

    3) A member recommends everyone get a copy of The Epoch Times, edition Jan. 18-24. There is an article of great interest — one that should garner attention. Word really is getting around. I have tried to get the article online, found reference to it in the Vancouver edition, but haven’t been able to read it or to give you a link to it. Here is what was sent to me:

    “The January 18-24th edition of The Epoch Times had a huge, full-page-spread article titled, “The dark side of wireless technology” about wireless technology of course and about a “new film that explores the hidden health problems linked to constant connectivity.” (And when I say a huge, full-page spread, this paper still uses the old, huge, broad sheets!)

    Under the photo of some city somewhere there is the caption, “Our bodies are subjected to one quintillion [ a one with 18 zeros!] times more electromagnetic radiation compared to just one decade ago, according to Olle Johansson, associate professor in neuroscience at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden.”

    While I know that this won’t be news to you, I was impressed to find this long, indepth article in a serious newspaper available freely around Victoria.

    As someone who used to work in media, I know for a fact that all newsrooms are crammed with reporters and journalists first thing every morning scouring all other media outlets to see who is writing on what. This article, I can assure you, will be noticed. Of course what the other media outlets will do with this information, that’s impossible to guess. I just hope that enough people will see and read this one article to begin with. That would be good a start.

    I highly recommend you look it up and let people on your updates know about it, also, so that they can pick up a copy and spread it among their quite-possibly-reluctant family members and friends. (Reluctant in the sense that many people either don’t have a clue, or don’t want to know should anything interfere with their ‘enjoyment’ of electronics. Just look at Perry Kendall! I rest my case.)”


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