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Dave Wheeler is the morning host at 92 CITI-FM in Winnipeg. Along with Rena Jae and recent addition Dave Turnbull, they continue to be one of Winnipeg’s top morning shows. I had the opportunity to work with Dave from 2006 to 2012 and really loved how he would create without a safety net: Not stopping the creative process to water down or negate an idea. Great ideas are refined and shared with the end game of making the listener laugh.

I was invited out to Dave’s newly built Safety Net Studios to catch up on life and talk about his accomplishments to date. We didn’t hold back discussing the parts of his career that wound up making news. Notably his departure from Power 97, his former co-host Phil Aubrey’s recent departure back to Power 97, and the online video incident from April 2016 – which led to the creation of Safety Net Studios.

Yes this is a long podcast but there was a lot of catching up to do.

This episode is made possible from NLogic. bit.ly/2oLHQmQ.

Special thanks to Drew Dalby for permission on sharing the clip of how Rena Jae came to Winnipeg. That podcast is called the “Off Mic Podcast” and is now in the capable hands of the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology who use it for teaching purposes. offmicpodcast.podbean.com/


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  1. So Wheeler is hurt that Phil walked and still to this day doesn’t know why nor have they spoken? Here is a novel idea Wheeler. Why not pick up the phone ,call him and ask? And its bush league that you would air those feelings on a podcast if you REALLY cared about the guy!


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