Bell/CTV Initiates Another Round of Layoffs


Not sure of any details, but Global BC anchor Colleen Christie, herself a target of CTV budget cutting earlier this year, has posted today about a new round of local CTV bloodletting she’s privy to.

Stay tuned.




  1. I have heard it’s a round of cuts that will impact both TV and radio. Potential format changes in radio also. I’ll keep updating as I hear from the Toronto area and eastern Canada

  2. So nobody has confirmed even a single layoff, all we’ve got here is Colleen’s Facebook post? Seems like in these cases Bell usually issues a release earlier in the day, so if layoffs are actually happening, they’re probably not happening today.

  3. I am working on getting a list of names of people let go and the changes happening. Should have more details today and I will further update the post at that time

  4. I just tuned in to CFAX to listen to Pamela McCall and she’s been replaced with a Toronto Evan Solomon segment. Clicking on her name on CFAX’s website for her podcasts, brings a blank page. What the heck! CFAX just keeps putting on more and more Toronto-based shows and I am guessing Pamela may be one of these 5 people mentioned above. Grrrrr…. Bell/CTV is just making radio a total mess! I listen less and less and Pamela was one I still tuned in for when I could.

  5. It’s unfortunate to hear this news in regards to the staff at CTV. Meanwhile Jill Krop somehow has still a job, despite conducting herself in a very unprofessional manner at Global. What a shame.


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