What is happening to local TV news?


Looking at the Victoria, BC Market…

Here is some info on CHEK/CTV News for all of BC.

CHEK A18+ – 39,100 viewers per minute of which just 1,900 are under 50
CTV Two A18+ – 15,000 viewers per minute of which 4,000 are under 50

These numbers are about 1/2 of what they were 5 years ago.

What has happened to Local TV News!!!

Source: Numeris



  1. It has become a repeater for the web that’s whats happened. “Whats trending” a ghastly segment on CTV Calgary that feels like that it’s three geezers who put on peaked hats sideways, don gold chains, and stand on skateboards and show clips from the internet. The segment isn’t bad but put in a youthful host why dont’cha?
    Generally TV has turned into radio – way too much talking and short shrift to moving images.
    If moving images are used they show the same scene multiple times.
    Geezers please retire before you kill the medium.

  2. Sorry rasterman but the blame lies with the greedy bloodsuckers (where have I seen that line) that own the news media in Canada. They spend next to zilch and are reaping exactly what they deserve.
    Im surprised that they have any ad revenue at all. More often that not the ads on msm are just promos for the next lackluster poorly produced cheaply made serving of goop that is trying to appeal to a twitter type crowd that has less attention span than a hummingbird.

  3. It is sad but Local TV News is the same as reading the morning news paper 10 hours later. I think the audience loss is because the stories are old and they have lost touch with their community. CHEK airs the same news 3 times a day. Pretty bad coverage for a large market TV station.

  4. Another reason may be that they air the same Trump-bashing fake news garbage coming from CNN and the rest of the American liberal media, as well as the same Trudeau-trumpeting fake news from this side of the border (of which CBC is particularly guilty).

  5. No kidding, Vancouver TV Guy; the actual “local news” only takes 3 or 4 minutes to deliver, then its on to the same old garbage,

  6. Local Vancouver tv news is for idiots who love to see house fires, car crashes and endless cop stories, and then….all-U.S. This is lazy tv, programmed by lazy people and presented by even lazier people. Low-hanging fruit designed for how lazy consultants view us: lazy dummies. No wonder viewership is declining. With thousands of great News apps providing real-time events, why would anyone watch a supper hour newscast. And if they think their so-called ‘journalists’ and phoney ‘talking heads’ attract anyone….duh.

  7. Sadly Jill Kropp who I respected as good reporter now as News Director has taken the easy route and joined the Ambulance, Fire and Police Chasing Brigade for poor Tabloid “Journalism” Small local interesting stories seldom appear
    She fired Mike MaCardell who CTV were very to Happy to rectify to their great benefit
    I am sure the able News Preseenters roll their eyes in frustration at the constant nightly rubbish they have to present to a sagging viewership

  8. Can’t trust the local news which is ante Trump fake news.
    Feeds are taken from NBC ABC CNN or MSNBC none of which are trustworthy giving Canadians a slanted view.

  9. time for bt to step up and explain why kyle donaldson has vanished, they continue to show poor communication, example jody vance.

  10. I stopped watching local TV news years ago because, as a journalist, it was more than frustrating to watch amateurs just being lead to pasture every day by the beancounters. The readers (presenters) DO have input into story selection and development, but rarely have a final say. So they just read what’s put in front of them. The Cops, Ambulances and House Fire formula has worked for decades, until the last few years, hence the declining viewership across the board. Social media is way ahead of them. As for foreign content, I guess a couple of the writers here would prefer to have local stations get ‘real news’ by taking feeds from Info Wars, Fox News and Breitbart. Now THAT would be demonstrably FAKE.

  11. To all that care about this topic (AND A HEADS UP TO LARRY GIFFORD AT NW) scroll to the top of the PSR page and click on Eastons Spectator. Look for Conrad Blacks essay on Donald Trump and his treatment by Canadian News outlets. Like him or hate him Mr Black makes a compelling
    case about the fake news in Canada

  12. Unfortunately there are far too many reasons to explain the almost collapse of Local News Broadcasts and they have/do ALL contribute to the collapse of Local News Ratings.

    One of the biggest reasons that Local News are losing Viewership is the fact that far too many Millennials especially Males (can we still say Males?) do not care about News. That group is more interested in Video Games than they are interested in Earthquakes, ISIS, Yemen, the collapse of the EU, or anything else being reported during the Local News Hour.


    Always make an effort to read Conrad Black. Black is a bit of an Elite and a Snob but he really does understand what is taking place in Media, Politics, and Culture.

    I probably would not enjoy sitting down to Dinner with him but he knows what is going on and he is one hell of a writer.

    I suggest that Mensa Member, Selfie King, and Facebook PM Justin take the time to read Conrad, he might learn something.

  13. Harvey Oberfeld has long chronicled the defanging of investigative reportage, especially at his former stomping grounds BCTV/Global. Once a ratings juggernaut, Global’s Newshour viewer supremacy is at risk.

    Canada-wide the situation is largely the same. The election of Donald Trump to the US Presidency only exacerbates this trend . Canadian news programmers have collectively realized that most Canuck shenanigans don’t amount to a hill of beans compared to the momentous events south of the border.

    That explains how PM Trudeau can still be mobbed by shopping mall admirers. No one’s paying attention to the incompetent verging on corrupt governance by the Liberals. Morneau, the TPP screwup, Phoenix pay system (the Tories also to blame) and now a very arguably biased Supreme Court nominee are all being covered. But on tv, those stories are often second or third tier behind the nearly daily eruptions by Trump or his discombobulated detractors.

    Without that distraction, Canadians would likely be storming Ottawa’s gates and taking the mick to Justin. Bizarre that Trump is Trudeau’s rabbit ‘s foot.

  14. I believe Canadian Media along with ALL International Media for some reason “Worship at the Feet “ of PM Justin. Sad but True! I just do not get it!

    Canadian Media are quite in honestly in a Sick kind of a supporting Partnership with PM Justin.

    Then of course there is the Fact that so many Educators especially at University Support and Lobby for PM Justin and the Federal Liberals with Students JT and the Libs may win again in 2020! I shudder at the thought.

    Then to top it off we will more than likely witness a “Race to the Bottom of the Barrel” by Justin and the “Shiny New” Federal NDP Leader both attempting to get support by Promising the “GratbUnwashed” Legalization of ALL Drugs!

    Hey, perhaps they might split the Facebook and Twitter Vote and the Conservatives could come of the middle and Win that upcoming Election and restore Order and Fiscal Responsibility!

    I find it very sad and disappointing that the recently appointed Federal Conservative Leader is buried deep within “The Witness Protection Program”!

    Canadian Media Support PM Justin, they ignore his mistakes and will even give him a pass as perhaps up to 1 Million Undocumented Migrants (not immigrants) many of them Convicted Felons not waiting for Deportation from the U.S. to their Home Countries come across the Canadian Border which will threaten and challenge our Health Care And Education System along with our Economy and even then they Will Not require DJT to be a distraction.

    Perhaps after that Catastrophe takes place it will then be time that PM Justin can then Apologize to ALL Hard Working Canadian Tax Payers for Destroying Canada all within the very short time of one single Generation!

    Maybe then Canadian Media will recognize PM Justin for who he really is, “An Empty Suit”!

    Unfortunately by then it will be far too late!


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