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Sometime around 2007, it became about websites and monetizing them. The company I was working for started to remove the digital parts our station was using. The preverbal shit hit the fan and I knew that the people in charge didn’t have a clue on how to use digital to monetize the future. Sadly, the problem persists to this day where there are people in charge who don’t have a digital strategy. Their stations were probably down in revenue from year to year; bolstering their profit margin with some cleaver cost-cutting that masks the problem.

In the years after, I was honoured to work with the team at Socast to strengthen our brands via social media, website and the host of other tools. I found that brothers, Elliot and Sandy, along with others that I worked with including Eric Eisen and Sanford Lui, were excited about those who were in radio. In this week’s episode, I speak with Socast CEO Elliott Hurst about why his company LOVES radio and how your station needs to shift into the digital world.

If your station is interested in getting a digital strategy, contact Elliott at 1-416-635-6678. Or email el*****@so***********.com


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