Eh Canada! Get Ready to Pay More for Netflix


Watching Orange is the New Black is about to get more expensive for Canucks

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  1. Netflix is about to get a bunch of competition. CBS On Demand is upscaling it’s service to allow streaming not only in the U.S. but in Canada as well. They’ll join Amazon, Hulu and others already the ‘new kids on the block’.

  2. Speaking of streaming, some may still have Pandora “stations” from the time before that service was geo-blocked in Canada. Use free VPN service TunnelBear (Canadian) to connect to Pandora and resurrect your former stations, or start anew. It really is a fine service.

    SiriusXM has a stake in Pandora and looks like it may take over the entire operation. SiriusXM is profitable but it is spooked by millennials, those that drive in any case, who want to stream their own content to WiFi-equipped vehicles. It may see Pandora, America’s most popular music streaming service, as something to market as an alternative to satellite radio.

  3. Rob, I tried Crave but got frustrated with the technical glitches. Loading issues…also if you press the back button on the computer it sends you back 3 or so episodes back, not just the one. Too frustrating

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