Mike Greenberg on Possible End of ESPN’s ‘Mike And Mike’ Morning Show

      • courtesy AllAccess.com    April 3, 2017



        In an interview with THE SPORTING NEWS, MIKE GREENBERG voiced disappointment that the chatter about the possible break-up of his long-running ESPN RADIO morning show with MIKE GOLIC leaked out to the public through the media rather than coming from MIKE AND MIKE themselves.

        “I would have really liked the first place our audience heard about that is to have been from us. On our show,” GREENBERG told THE SPORTING NEWS’ MICHAEL MCCARTHY. “Because it’s been a really special thing.” GREENBERG wouldn’t confirm that MIKE AND MIKE will be broken up for sure or that his proposed solo TV show would be in NEW YORK, although for the latter, he admitted that a move to the city from BRISTOL, CT “would be great … if that does work out, I would be thrilled.”

        GREENBERG also touched upon the recent talk that ESPN has become “too liberal” by asserting that his show has “no agenda beyond our own,” saying that nobody at the network has ever told him what to say or what to talk about and that he and GOLIC “are socially conscious people” but that “there isn’t some sort of agenda being driven through us.”

        He also declined to speculate on the rumors of massive talent layoffs coming to ESPN and passed on the chance to respond to BILL SIMMONS’ criticism of MIKE AND MIKE, saying only that SIMMONS, who at one point called the show “absolute garbage” for which he never had respect, is “a really smart, really talented guy” whose TV show “didn’t work out. But he’s had a million others that have worked out extraordinary well. So you don’t bat 1.000. As far as him being tough on us, look, I don’t judge people by what they think of me. Our show isn’t his cup of tea. That’s fine. It doesn’t really matter.”



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