Dawn Chubai Leaving City-TV’s ‘Breakfast Television’ in May


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Dawn Chubai has announced on her Facebook Page that she is leaving her position as Breakfast Television host on City Vancouver May 26th.  Her husband is taking a job out east and she will explore new opportunities in Toronto and focus on her Media Training business.  She has been with Breakfast Television since 2004 and has operated Dawn Chubai Media Services since 1999.  The award-winning multi-talented Chubai is also a professional jazz singer and independent recording artist.

Thanks to Gord Lansdell at Northwest Broadcasters for tipping us to the above,


  1. I really enjoyed watching Dawn on Breakfast TV over the years. I’m also sorry to see her go.

    I don’t think she will have any difficulty finding an on air TV spot in Toronto if she so desires.

  2. Dawn best wishes on your future… I am sure you will be as busy in the East, as you have been on the West coast. And thanks for the interview on B.T. on my retirement February 11th.
    Time really flies……

  3. thank you everyone!! Bittersweet as Vancouver has been such a wonderful experience over the last 13 years but I am really excited for new challenges in a new city!

  4. Dear Dawn,
    Your presence on BT was one of the reasons I watched the show everyday! Your new venture will be another chapter in your life.
    My best to you.

  5. I have stopped watching BT television …..I don’t care for a the all male cast……sorry to see you go….wish you the best in your new endeavours

  6. What Lara said. I too have stopped watching BT because of all the male hosts. That and one of my favorite parts was the videos Thor showed. Their not consistent anymore. Dawn will be missed, she has a great personality for TV. I’ll miss her smile. Good luck Dawn and all the best!


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