Newcap fundraiser for Amisk, Alberta Victims Memorial

Tim Carson, his wife Michelle and the couple’s children Niki (front left), Savanah Leigh-Ann (front centre) and Shawn (front right) are shown here in an undated photo. (Carson family)


Our friend Claire Spencer, morning show host at Newcap’s 101.9 KRock, has asked if we could help with the fundraising campaign to build a Memorial Gazebo to remember an entire family and 21 year old man, lost in a collision.


A Two-vehicle collision on highway in east-central Alberta leaves five dead and a small communtity of 204 in mourning.

After losing their oldest and severely disabled daughter, Savanah Leigh-Ann, who died last April at age 15. The Carson family, father Tim Carson, his wife, Michelle, and their two children, 12-year-old Nicole and nine- Shawn have been tragically lost. Also lost in the collision, another Amisk, AB resident 21 year old Riley Spiers.

The Carson family were well known in the small community, Michelle worked at the bank and was the chairperson of the library. Sadly her only brother died in a car accident more than two decades ago.

Tim and the kids all grew up there and Tim was even the DJ for the mayors wedding. They were a fun, helpful, kind hearted, musical and sport loving family. Family was important to them, it always came first but their community was a close second.

Riley was also a well known member of the community. His friends knew him as someone who always had a smile on his face, a lover of old cars and good music. Born in 1995 he wanted to be a long haul trucker and he loved old Chevelles. His family know him as a good man who’s life was cut tragically short.

We want to help the small community, who are not just dealing with one loss but 5, to have a place to remember their friend, family, classmate or co-worker. To also pay tribute to those who meant a lot to this community and who in turn loved their community so fondly.

Newcap Radio has set a plan in motion, with the help of the M.D. of Provost and are raising funds for a memorial Gazebo that will be built at Shornciff Lake, right beside the beach, for all the victims of this tragedy.

So please donate any small amount, so we can have the gazebo built this Spring/Summer and help this community start the healing process.

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