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TSN 1040 Loses Canucks Radio Rights


 by Stephanie Ip, The Province 

Dave Tomlinson, former NHLer and current colour commentator for TSN1040 radio, along with Rogers Sportsnet announcer John Garrett, in the TSN 1040 broadcast booth. Mark van Manen / PNG


TSN 1040, the longtime radio home of the Vancouver Canucks, has lost its broadcast contract with the team to Rogers Media.

The news came in the form of a Twitter post on TSN Radio Vancouver’s official account.

“Thank you @Canucks for 11 great seasons of hockey on #TSN1040,” it read.

TSN 1040 had been broadcasting Vancouver Canucks games, as well as pre- and post-game shows, for more than a decade. Staff at the station had also been reassured contract negotiations were coming along smoothly and would be renewed, as TSN had put up a strong three-year bid.

However, on Wednesday evening, the station announced the team had opted to move their broadcast contract over to Rogers Media, though it remains unclear where the game broadcasts will show up on the dial.

Some have suggested the move to Rogers opens up the possibility for them to launch a sports-based radio station here in Vancouver, as Rogers owns the Toronto Blue Jays and would likely want to carry their broadcasts across the country on its own station.

Currently, Rogers owns 55 radio stations across Canada, including News 1130, 96.9 Jack FM, and Kiss Radio here in B.C.

The Vancouver Canucks also call Rogers Arena their home ice.



  1. Could also involve buying up CFUN 1410 (if Bell will part with it), CISL 650, or other moves. Let’s hope the Rogers people leave the successful News1130 format alone.

  2. Don’t be surprised if it’s 1130 that gets the game broadcast. Whether or not they change to a sports format, I don’t know, but longtime sports personality, James Cybulski has been lying in the weeds at News 1130 for awhile now. Methinks he had insider information and has positioned himself perfectly. Many wondered what he was doing outside of sports. I think we now know.

  3. Bell won’t sell them 1410 just so they can create a competitor to 1040.

    I’d bet they put them on JACK for a year, while they try to get 650 or maybe 730.

  4. Not a surprise when you consider the station personnel constantly talk about nonsports news like favourite new movies or politics which doesn’t really cut it on a sports station. I don’t want to tune in for Canucks news in the morning and hear news about the latest antics of Donald Trump.

  5. Doesn’t make sense to put on News 1130 (popular format), even though ratings have been slipping. KISS on the other hand?

  6. Worst. Now Rogers can do to sports radio what they have done to our “regional” sports TV channel (24/7 Toronto Blue Jays with the odd 3 hour break for Canucks games serviced by analysts in a Toronto studio.

    When Rogers too the Seattle Mariners off of Sportsnet Pacific because they wanted to convert everyone in Vancouver to Blue Jays fans, I was done with them.


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