Research Director’s Seattle PPM Analysis & Demo Leaders for January




Now that the jolly dude has left the premises, things have returned to a more normal state. HUBBARD Top 40/M KQMV (MOVIN) was back to #1 (6.8-7.1). Over the last year or so, the only thing preventing KQMV from leading the market was the dreaded specter of BURL IVES and his minions. The post Inauguration buzz may have had an effect on UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON N/T KUOW. The station had its highest share in over a year as it advanced four spaces to #2 (4.4-5.8). Speaking of speaking, BONNEVILLE Talk KIRO-F moved up to #3 as it rebounded from last book’s fall from grace (4.9-5.7). There were two holiday hit makers in this market. The main one was HUBBARD AC KRWM (WARM). It fell to #4 (10.9-5.6). Last year’s story was almost identical, as it sat at #4 with a 5.5 share. iHEARTMEDIA Classic Hits KJR-F (THE JET) remained at #5 but with its highest score since JULY (4.6-5.1). CBS RADIO Classic Rock KZOK had its best performance since AUGUST to move up to #6 (4.1-5.0). SINCLAIR Hot AC KPLZ (STAR) returned unopened most of last survey’s big increase (5.5-3.7) and fell six places to a tie at #9. The other purveyor of yule tidings was CRISTA Christian Contemporary KCMS (SPIRIT). The station fell nine slots to #17 (3.6-2.8).

With the demise of holiday playlists, KQMV moved back to #1 25-54 with only a small increase. ENTERCOM Active Rock KISW had a much bigger gain as it advanced to #2 though it was still close to two shares behind. KRWM fell to #3 – which is exactly where it was a year ago – and was joined by KJR-F, which moved up from #5 as it got back all of last survey’s loss. KIRO-F moved up to #5 with its highest total in over a year and was partnered with iHEARTMEDIA Hot AC KBKS (KISS), which leapt six places as it ended a two-book slide. KUOW was up five slots to #7 with its best book in over a year. KPLZ fell from #3 to a tie at #10 as it lost a noticeable large chunk of share. KCMS dropped seven places to #16.

Oddly enough, the absence of holiday tunes did not help KQMV’s 18-34 share as it was off slightly. However, it did allow the station to move back to #1 with a bullet. ENTERCOM Alternative KNDD (THE END) inched up to a distant #2 with a slight loss. ENTERCOM Rhythmic AC KHTP (HOT) slid forward to #3 with its best outing since SEPTEMBER. KBKS jumped up five spots to #4 on the basis of its best book in over a year. KISW took two steps forward to #5 as it added a large piece of share. KRWM dropped to #6, which was off from last year’s tied at #3 position. KPLZ returned the unused portion of last book’s big increase and dropped from #5 to #14. KCMS dropped six places to #16.

KQMV ended a two-book 18-49 slide (wonder what caused that?) to return to the top spot. KISW had its highest share since JUNE to slide into the #2 position. KRWM fell into a tie at #3 with KBKS, which advanced from #9 as it completely rebounded from last survey’s big dump. KHTP was up to #5, ending a two-book slide while KNDD dropped to #6 as it gave back most of last survey’s big increase. KPLZ and KCMS both fell six slots – to a tie at #9 and #16, respectively.

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