Transgender Newsman James Gardner Considers Himself a Pioneer


Sheila Gardner became a mainstay of the C-FAX Victoria newsroom in 2010, coming to the coast after 30 years in radio in Edmonton and Vancouver.  Five years ago she undertook quite publicly the transition to becoming James Gardner (pictured above).

And in today’s Times Colonist the details of the process, specifically the lower body surgery is the subject of a feature story.  For three months recently 58-year-old James was absent from the C-FAX airways as he recovered in Montreal from surgical stage one of the female-to-male transition process, funded by BC’s Medical Services Plan.  You can find Kathrine Dedyna’s story HERE.

                                                                                                                                                                           The former Sheila Gardner



  1. To each his/her/its own. Now I’m confused!
    My problem or question is, why, as a tax payer do I have to pay for this procedure? A Pioneer eh!, Not at my expense, please.

  2. I often critique CFAX for jettisoning on-air staff. But kudos to management for their patience in giving James adequate leave to undergo these complex and painful procedures. As for taxpayer funding these surgeries, a cynic could argue that smokers be denied care for illnesses caused by their habit. Ditto obese folks developing diabetes. It really becomes a slippery slope. I trust the Health Ministry to determine what procedures are covered and which are optional.

  3. Sometimes Nature makes a mistake and needs to be corrected. Sometimes it’s a physical problem that needs drugs and surgery, or a mental problem that needs drugs and counseling, or in this case where all three are required.
    If you need it, I don’t see the difference. From what little I have seen of Jim, he has always acted with dignity. Please treat him accordingly-Be nice!

  4. Full marks to James for his forthrightness in what he has undergone. It takes great courage in this day an age when so many ignorant people refuse to accept such changes.

    Now, if he could only learn to read a newscast.


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