BC Radio Veteran Rudy Hartman Dies at 99

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E.G.R. Hartman

Sorry to have to pass on the news that one of the truly good guys in BC radio has left us.  Rudy Hartman died Feb. 9 at a care facility in Victoria, a few days after catching a cold.  He died of respiratory problems.

Rudy was well enough to attend a 99th birthday party put on last April by his friends at Victoria’s retired Broadcasters Luncheon, but he has rarely attended in the last 7 or 8 months.

Rudy Hartman and Mr. PSR, Michael Easton in recent years. (Photo taken by Art Cooper at one of the monthly gatherings of the retired Victoria Broadcasters Club luncheon in 2011)



Rudy’s radio career got underway in the 1930’s at CJAT Trail.  He enlisted in WWII and worked with the BBC, and later several Canadian Forces radio stations in Europe during the conflict.  After the war he returned to CJVI Victoria, and then moved across town to manage Victoria’s first FM station, CFMS. He moved to the mainland to help launch CKLG as PD and host of Symphony Hall.  He had a stop at CHQM before serving as Program Director at mulicultural CJVB well into the 1980’s.



You will be sadly missed, Rudy, but you live on in the warm memories of those you worked with, and those of us who only got to know you after your work years were over.




  1. Without a doubt, one of my hero’s in the industry, Mr. Rudy Hartman. What a fine gentleman. Rudy gave me my first professional job in broadcasting, back in 1965, when he hired the so-called, at that time, Three Amigoes, Gordie Tupper, John Mitchell and myself at CFMS 98.5 FM. Heartfelt condolences to Marilyn, Ted and families.

  2. Rudy was my first boss in radio on FM back when nobody had an FM radio.
    Fond memories. He always said I didn’t have what it took to be a broadcaster.
    Shoulda listened….

  3. It was a treat to work with Rudy. CKDA & CFMS shared the basement of the Douglas Hotel so I’d run into Rudy most days. As Michael says he was a Real gentleman. I would seek him out from time to time just to spend some time and to recharge. RIP Rudy.

  4. It was a great joy to work with Rudy. A great broadcaster and indeed…a kind gentleman. He had many a great story to tell and had that golden voice.

  5. I will miss Rudy very much. I loved talking to Rudy about many things, and it was only about two weeks ago that I managed to reach him on the phone. He sounded pretty well, but always loved to tell me every time that he was born on Good Friday, {April 6th, 1917.} Will miss you Rudy.

  6. My sincere condolences to all who were touched by or had the privilege to work with Rudy. Your comments bring back a flood of great memories. How did he pronounce those classical music titles so flawlessly? Incomperable!
    Coming to Vic May 25 for 10 days. CeI 403 815-3393. Hope to see you.

  7. I worked with Rudy at CFMS from 1967 to whatever yr he left for Vancouver – in the seventies I believe.
    We got along very good & I was amazed as to how he worked the GATES Console. Played back 1 hr tapes on air while he did production thru the main channel – no mistakes !
    He certainly spent his life in the one profession which he obviously adored.
    Always made a point to have a brief talk with him at the luncheons – his memory didn’t fade with time – he stayed sharp – au revoir RUDY.

  8. So sorry to hear more bad news. After hearing about Chuck, then today, to hear about Rudy, time is sure marching on. Hope their on their way to that big studio in the sky where there are no program managers, no mis cues, no skipping records and lots n lots of freebies. Rest in peace my old friend.

  9. RIP my friend. I talked with Rudy on his 99th birthday for a couple of hours, his memory was amazing. We revelled in shared experiences as both of us worked together at CHQM & QM FM from 1962 to December 1964 when Rudy accepted the job offered him by David Armstrong owner of Capital Broadcasting CKDA, to be the station manager of Vancouver Islands first full FM Stereo radio station CFMS. Rudy hired me late January 1965 to be his production manager and first full time employee. We were fortunate to coop other broadcasters from the AM side to look after sales, Keith McKenzie and Jock Dunbar did that well. We went on air March 15, 1965. Rudy will be missed and our thoughts and prayers go out to his family. God Bless you Rudy.

  10. Mr. Hartman was my boss at CJVB … He was a real gentleman – a pro’s pro. He was fair and considerate of those who worked for him and Mr. Van Bruchem.

    His knowledge of classical music was amazing. I truly learned to appreciate this form of music by listening to his week day program “Music For The Millions” each afternoon.

    Thank you Rudy for believing in those who worked under your leadership.

  11. Looking up people from my past, and saw Rudy was no longer with us. I worked with him at CFMS from 1969 to 1972 and always found Rudy to be a gentleman and a fine mentor. I can honestly say I owe my 20+ year career in broadcasting to his influence. Hope he’s enjoying a “Matinee in Stereo” somewhere…he’s earned it.

  12. Rudy Hartman was my great uncle! The voice in person was very much deep and a news broadcaster! I’m trying to find some old clips to listen to. Any ideas?


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