News 1130’s Andy Walsh, aged 85, to Retire

Andy Walsh

Word on the street is that the grand old man of Canadian radio news has set his retirement date.  Andy Walsh, who turned 85 two weeks ago, will work his last news anchor shift on Vancouver’s News 1130 on holiday Monday February 13th.

The big-voiced Walsh began in radio in smalltown Ontario 66 years ago.  He worked his way up to CJAD Montreal before moving west to CHQM in 1968, where he became News Director until 1993.   He has been handling weekend morning news at News 1130 for nearly twenty years, much of that time teamed with the late Brian Brenn.

Andy Walsh was inducted into the Canadian News Hall of Fame in 2012.    His reliable authoritative delivery, and his warm friendly demeanor, will certainly be missed.  Happy retirement, Andy.   Hope to touch base with you soon at Red’s RPM luncheons.


Lloyd Robertson and Andy Walsh both were named to the Canadian News Hall of Fame the same year


  1. it’s been wonderful hearing Andy on the air in the Vancouver radio market for the past 50 years. I’ve enjoyed hearing him deliver the news on CKWX and he will be missed.

  2. For close to four years (2006-2010), I had the privilege and honour to work weekend mornings with Andy at News1130. I did not have a car at the time and Andy refuse to let me take a 3AM cab to work– He would go from Richmond to the Drive and pick me up– then to the studio. That’s the kind of class act he was. 330AM and he is making coffee for everyone. That man taught this old dog a few things .. Thank You Andy !

  3. One of the best REAL radio voices this city ever had and has. Today’s personalities all sound weak and generic. Andy comes on and it’s like the voice of an angel! You took notice!

  4. There is no one like Andy Walsh on the air or off!

    Andy and I worked together at CHQM AM & FM from 1970 until 1993 when the station was sold.

    Stories above about Andy making coffee and running a shuttle service for co-workers ring true. There was never anything that was too much work for Andy. That includes hosting the Pope’s visit to Metro Vancouver! Always a gentle, class act.

    I do disagree with one thing though. The above mention that “the grand old man of Canadian radio news has set his retirement date. ” Grand? Yes! Old man? Never!

    Andy, I wish you nothing but the best in retirement. Spend more time with Bea and the kids.

  5. Hey Andy,

    I remember hearing you reading the news in the 70s. Your voice was in the kitchen every breakfast, and is deeply ingrained. Congrats on a wonderful career. You’re a legend!

  6. Mr. Walsh – I haven’t listened to your station much but I can say that I hear your son Michael’s voice a lot! And I believe he has inherited your wonderful baritone (or is it a bass?) Congrats on a very long & successful career!

  7. Terry Bell.. I forgot about the Pope at BC Place… YES, and only Andy could have pulled that one off with style, grace and no ego.

  8. I grew up in Montreal listening to my Uncle on CJAD every morning. I also had the great privilege of spending weekends with him, my aunt and the family, my only cousins, and was quite sad when they moved west in 1968.

    I would always sit close to him at the table so I wouldn’t miss a single word of his stories, his voice as rich, gentle and compassionate as you all have had the honor of listening to for all these years. What you heard is what you got.

    As technology developed and my Uncle’s voice was now available across the country, the first thing my mom did when the got their computer was to ‘favorite’ News 1130 so she could listen to her brother, something she still does every weekend to be close to her only sibling.

    I was not able to hear him host the Pope back at BC Place (I believe), but I did get to hear him eulogize his father as he read the most beautiful and very private letter to his dad, thanking him for the life he had provided to him and his sister. They had grown up in the hard times of the 30’s and with his deep, gentle voice, he shared personal memories as he took us all along with him as they went for a walk to the store and bought a giant bottle of Jumbo soda. He remained true to form by maintaining his composure throughout the eulogy while we sat sobbing, humbled to be in his presence. It was a moment that has been etched in my memory.

    So Happy Retirement Uncle, I am lifting a glass of Meyers Dark Rum & Coke to you.


  9. I met Andy on my first day as Ex Ed at News1130 when he stuck his giant hand. Out of the anchor booth and welcomed me with that giant baritone voice. A wonderful man and broadcaster who taught us all about humility, perserverance and reliability. I remember calling him during one of the flu seasons when we were short staffed. and we needed an all night anchor. “No problem, you can count on me”, came the thundering and assuring response. And count on you we have Andy, time after time. Thank you and good luck in your retirement. You are retiring??

  10. Enjoyed listening to you from Nanaimo when I’d tune into News 1130! All the best with what you tackle next Andy! After 15 years in “the biz” it’s hard to imagine working another 50. Mega Milestone!

  11. It was the fall of 1993, at my first paid radio gig at CHQM AM 1320. Andy walked into the shop at 1134 Burrard Street, about 5am to prep his Morning News. I was Board Operating all nights, and it was my first week. I could hear this magical baritone voice singing, as he walked in from the back door. He walked into Master and welcomed me with the firmest handshake and a smile, along with nice words of encouragement.

    Our paths crossed over the years, and he was always a gem to me. always a smile to be had and a firm handshake and a hello. Always offering me encouragement and asking questions of how I was doing in a genuine way. 100% the real deal!

    All class and just a beacon of positivity to be around. Thank you Andy for all you have done for me and countless others.

  12. Andy, on behalf of everyone at CHEK, we wish you a great retirement. You are a legend in the broadcast industry. Fortunately for us, your son, Michael shares your impressive work ethic and continues to play a crucial role in CHEK’s success. All the best to you.

  13. I was hooked on Andy the first time I heard him in 1970. We had just moved to Victoria (CKDA) and my in-laws in Vancouver listened to CHQM. During a visit, I heard Andy make an old AM radio come to life. Later, I was fortunate to meet Andy at several RTNDA functions. I believe the first face to face was at the Bayshore. He was pretty much as I imagined him to be but he was so much nicer in person and a true gentleman.

    Without a doubt Andy Walsh is the finest broadcaster I have ever met! Ten years ago, the last time I saw him, we attended an RTNDA awards banquet in St John’s, Newfoundland. It was my immense pleasure to be invited to share a table with Andy and his wife Bea. So Andy, as you are contemplating retirement, I’d like to say “Well done young man!” and ask: “What’s next?”

  14. Like the rest of the world, I am in shock to hear that you are packing it in after only 65+ years in the biz! Retirement? At 85? HA!

    Seriously, I want to wish you and Bea all the best. You, my friend, are a special breed – an excellent journalist who has mentored many a wet-behind-the-ears up-and-comer while being a true gentleman and friend both in and outside of the biz.

    I am so glad I got to know both you and Bea over the years and was honoured to break bread with you and your relatives when you and Lloyd were inducted into the News Hall of Fame in 2012.

    All the best to you and your ever-so-proud family.

  15. congratulations Andrew, I remember you. I thought you were a super star. and I guess you were, and still are.

  16. Congratulations Andy! How we will miss those Golden Tones! The class and character you exude on the air is a true reflection of the man behind the microphone. Not just a great broadcaster and journalist but a real gentlemen and one of the nicest guys in this or any business. From our first encounter at the 1990 RTNDA convention in Whistler you’ve been a true friend and supportive mentor. As I’ve discovered, the workaday world is highly over-rated! Enjoy! All the best to you and Bea and your family. Take care!

  17. Wow. Three giants in the British Columbia news biz – Jim Harrison, John Daly, and now, Andy Walsh, have retired within a space of six months. This is truly the changing of the guard. I first heard Andy Walsh in Montreal at CJAD as a very young kid. Then ,I heard him again at CHQM in Vancouver. What a voice, bringing instant credibility to your major market news department, wherever he is heard. But also, as pointed out, reliable, precise, news you can count on. Not just a baritone voice, but a good human being, too ! A good example for humanity. Regretfully, I have never met Mr. Walsh, but I was very thankful to have met Daly and Harrison. As Meatloaf once said, so don’t feel said, cause two out of three…. ain’t bad ? Good luck, Andy !

  18. Apparently Andy Walsh has one more shift, tomorrow, Monday, on News1130. Will certainly miss that authoritative and calming voice.


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