Vancouver PPMs: August 29, 2016 – November 27, 2016 (Numeris)


NumerisAverage Daily Universe: 2,257,000



Average Minute Audience (000): Expressed in thousands, this is the average number of persons exposed to a radio station during an average minute. Calculated by adding all the individual minute audiences together and dividing by the number of minutes in the daypart.

Average Daily Cume (000): Expressed in thousands, this is the average number of unique listeners who were exposed to the station for at least one minute during an average day. Calculated by adding the number of unique listeners each day and dividing it by the number of days in the analysis.

Share: Within a central market area, the estimated total hours tuned to that station expressed as a percentage of total hours tuned to Total Encoded Radio.

Average Daily Universe: The average daily universe for the analyzed period. The universe is expressed as daily averages because it changes slightly daily as the intab changes.

Source: Numeris


  1. Whoever is running ‘NW must be some sort of genius. The Top Dog continues to claw it’s way back to the top! Who knew playing TV Broadcasts on radio could do so well!

    Please discuss ?

  2. By the way, love the fact Lynda and Drex are on a junket to Australia this week talking about 31 degree weather while we are experiencing some of the coldest weather we’ve had in the Lower Mainland in quite some time. Great timing, lol.

  3. Can someone explain to me how the average daily Cume is representative of a committed radio audience? It’s not. It’s defined as the average number of unique listeners who were “exposed” to the station for at least one minute. Is radio in such bad shape today that we now count those people exposed to a station for one minute as a committed listener?

    If you were running a business and your ad dollars were in short supply would you advertise on radio? I don’t think so.

    And Barry T — Surely you’re joking when you say whoever is running CKNW is some sort of genius.

  4. Ian apparently they are doing something right! It’s still on top no matter how YOU think of them! Negative Nellies can go away anytime now! or keep hiding behind your computer screens.

  5. The Fox and The Peaks numbers are weak. I think people are getting tired of the current hosts. NW and QM, two totally different formats are thriving, doing very well. Every ratings period brings winners and losers and this period is no different.

  6. I have to agree with Barry T. Larry Gifford is a genius. He is managing to make the top dog continue to claw its way back from the dead while spending less , cutting costs, rerunning every segment on every other time slot, gutting the news and sports departments.
    “Therapy Tuesday”. I would have bet a lot of money that that bit of tasteless radio would have crashed and burned. I would have lost that bet.
    Congratulations Mr Gifford you obviously are good at what you do furthermore you are very good at creating a format that manages to compete for listeners in a very tight market.

  7. So WHY ?!…
    – Have ALL the MUSIC stations (with exception of QM/FM)
    Gone DOWN?
    – And ALL the TALK stations have gone UP?
    This – of course – is inexpiable.
    Sorry, but it’s pretty clear your phony “ratings system”… IS A JOKE.
    But I’m sure there’s some old radio hack will insure me that this “anomaly”was due to an unexpected surge in “Northern Lights” .

  8. Tom , on top of what? Show me the evidence. Being “exposed” to radio for one minute during the week is not a listener no matter how emotional you want to be in suggesting it is. I’m not suggesting that radio is dying nor am I suggesting it’s on life support. With so many other options to choose from today, in my opinion, radio is slipping down the preferred list. Even NW’s daily cume of 168,000 “exposed” listeners for one minute during a day puts it in 12th spot! Hardly a brilliant job as some on this post have suggested.

    As a news station, CKNW is a shadow of its former self. As a talk station it is virtually unlistenable at least for me and thousands of others. The content is often puerile. With ‘NWs weak numbers today compared to pre-Internet days, how can you come to the conclusion that radio is still on top? It defies logic.

  9. Ian J your right . Todays NW doesnt even deserve to be compared to the pre internet NW. Thats not a fair comparison. Todays NW is competing in a dying (shrinking) market. But the market is still there for better or worse. Mr Gifford has made NW competative in todays market not in the market 30 years ago.
    If by some miracle an owner or group of owners decided to resurrect a version of NW that had CFL rights and NHL rights and a fully functioning news room and a complete sports department they would undoubtedly own the market again. Sadly those days are gone

  10. At the end of the day, every PD will spin the numbers to boost troop morale. Then, go into the Sales Dept for the REAL numbers and whether they can sell them. BTW, major cuts at the Seattle Times as the dumbing down continues. Heard on NW mid-day shoe today: what’s your favourite Christmas cookie? Wow, compelling stuff. Never heard the host before but she followed up with an interview with a woman who sounded like chef. More compelling stuff. Tuned out and did not return. Who’s programming this crap?

  11. Noticed that Roundhouse Radio is not on the list. Does that mean that Numeris is not worth the money ? What are the actual benefits of subscribing to Moneris and how much does it cost to subscribe ?

  12. @not…I have no idea of the cost, but I would suspect that RHR have other priorities , like keeping the lights on. Also they have a very small coverage area so I am not sure what use it would be to them.

    Not a dig at RHR , but I have no idea how a station like their’s keeps going or how you sell it.
    Must cost a fortune.

  13. @justsayin, you were listening to simi sara. Im not in the business but even I know shes been around for awhile Her time slot is from 10 am till 2pm. My guess is every day thousands of radios at 10 am move the dial from am 980 to fm 88.1. At 2 pm I go back to am 980.

  14. Again:
    None of geniuses here have explained why:
    – ALL the MUSIC stations went DOWN (except QM)
    – And ALL the TALK stations went UP … Even “All Traffic” and TSN 1410.
    And It can’t be explained because ,
    Your radio ratings system is a silly sham & a scam.

  15. These numbers are comical. Kudos to the stations for being able sell these voodoo ratings.
    If the universe is 2.2 million how does “exposing” CKNW to 168,000 folks translate into a 10.2% share? By my math it’s 7.4%. CKWX exposes 189,000 by whipping open their radio raincoat yet they only have a 5.2% share. NW does have an average of 12,000 elderly and no doubt infirm souls listening at any given time but out of 2.2 million potential “customers” that’s nothing to bark about. Maybe someone can ‘splain the math to me. By reach NW would rank 11th.

  16. Music is easily digested via ipad, ipod, new streaming options, while talk radio – as much as it gets ripped on this board – is still local.

    That’s not an overly scientific explanation, but it’s as good as you’ll get, Larry

  17. Note for Larry Jordan:
    I suspect, Larry, that we are dealing with traditions and dogma that are not open for discussion.
    Forty years ago, contemporary music radio was about Personalities and Tunes – with a worthwhile and functional balance.

    Since the onslaught of the web and the availability of music from multiple sources, radio went in the wrong direction. It concentrated on (cheaper) tunes and left the Personalities (not so cheap) either manacled or thrown to the street.

    The fix seems obvious to me – mo’ better Personalities on the air more often and for longer periods of time. I believe this to be a necessary adjustment. However, the current managers are in no position to agree enough to even make the attempt.

    A unique and interesting “live” human being on the radio trumps run-on tuneage.
    But first, they have to be found, trained to be superior communicators and, of course – paid.
    (The spot phusterclucks we can discuss at another time.)
    Hope that helps.

  18. Obiwan’s above post is correct. Well-placed sources say big layoffs this coming week at the Vancouver Sun and Province. What are the rip and readers in radio and TV newsrooms going to do now?

  19. Barry, The scoop is in the breakdown ratings 25-54 and 35-64.
    McComb is #1 in those demos, and NW is doing better in the younger demos than it has done in years.
    The slow climb in the ratings for NW began before Gifford was PD. The real genius in this equation is Terry Schintz.

  20. These are interesting numbers and NW the ‘dawg is doing well in talk radio. Music Radio in Vancouver seems to be void of real hosts. We, the listeners are demanding an improvement in programming for 2017.

    Song-after-song is played with voice-overs & voice tracking thrown in along with ads. All we hear is PD’s or Station Manager’s choice of playlist. The magic part i.e. talented host is missing! Listeners want to be entertained by a live host who has interesting stuff to say…something different needs to happen in RadioLand. Let us see if we can fathom a way out of Radio Gaa Gaa?

    Message to all Music Radio PDs: please give us radio hosts with engaging dialogue, mixture of crazy/fun/different/zany/shocking/new stylee. Not just say name of next track followed by the usual lame “You are listening to blahhh blahh on frequency Blahhh blahh blahhh…”

    Agree with @Ronald T. Robinson…..>>>A unique and interesting “live” human being on the radio trumps run-on tuneage. But first, they have to be found…<<<

    Here is (hear's LoL) to a funky New 2017 sound in Vancouver RadioLand!! cheers 🙂

  21. Richard – every thread on this board is about CKNW. All those threads talk about how bad it is, but they’re all about NW. Hence, yes, there are people listening to CKNW. And probably more people than we think. They’re all 55+, but these are the overall, 2+ numbers

  22. PJ’s comments about how well McCombs show is doing with the “30 Something” bracket is interesting…Our sons are 29, 31 & 33…They couldn’t find ‘NW on the dial ever, nor could their peers. They listen to rock & sports news & streaming.
    Outside of Bruce Allen & Mike Campbell, ‘NW is not on our home/auto list..

  23. Anyone notice how Steele of NW has a weird sounding dip in her voice? So annoying! How can this be a good voice for radio? Its like a bad hair for a TV person. On the other hand Drex sounds great and upbeat. Bet yaaa soon Steele will be dumped by NW bosses.

    Also, they keep mentioning wine and booze at end of their show…that is blantent obvious with their wine sponsor. CRTC should be informed, as youngsters might be listening. Its driving me to drink!!! LoL

  24. HI, guys. Insomnia at 4am…and for reasons that are far too convoluted to explain here, I’m reading the ratings and the rants (Hi, Ian … been a long time, like decades…Ronald T Robinson, same for you!) Anyway…

    Wow–it says something to this 70-yr old CFAX’er that a CBC station is #1 in Vancouver. Wouldn’t have happened in my (long ago) broadcasting days which took place in the 1970 and 80s. Somewhere bottom of the heap as I recall. Says Guesty about NW listeners, “they’re all 55+.” Imagine.

    Well, “imagine” is all I can do, because I’ve been gone from the biz now since 1999 and radio’s been gone from my listenin’ life for about that long, too (a year and a half in Mexico at that time tends to change personal habits,)

    It seemed all so …well, SIMPLE back when Clare Copeland was running the CFAX show–inspired, in sales and in news by NW and the likes of Top Doggers Mel Cooper (sales) Warren Barker (news)…and music lead by CHQM–today near the top of the ratings heap, who’da thought that? But then, back in the earest if those carts-and-1/2 inch tape-days QM might have shared the entire FM frequency with whatever “progressive rock” station was playing 5 minute music “cuts.”

    Gone now. Like younger radio listeners. Or maybe most former radio listeners. But, man, it was sure fun for me and hundreds of others–on both sides of the mic. Cheers.

    Rich Mole, Creative Director, CFAX 1070, 1969-1979.


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