600 AM to Return to Life!


Thanks to Gord Lansdell at Northwest Broadcasters for his summary of today’s CRTC announcements concerning Lower Mainland ethnic broadcasters. 

The broadcast regulators have approved an application by South Asian Broadcasting Corporation Inc. to add an FM transmitter in Surrey to rebroadcast the programming of CKYE-FM 93.1 Vancouver.  It will operate at 89.1 MHz directional with a maximum ERP of 250 watts at 123.3 metres HAAT. 

Also approved is an application by Sher-E-Punjab Radio Broadcasting Inc. to operate an ethnic commercial AM station in Vancouver at 600 kHz with day and night power of 10,000 watts. The AM 600 frequency that CJOR Vancouver inhabited for much of the 20th century has been silent for the past decade.  

Also okayed is an application by Akash Broadcasting Inc. to operate an ethnic commercial specialty FM station in Surrey at 91.5 MHz directional with a maximum ERP of 1,000 watts at 121.9 metres HAAT. 

The Commission has additionally required existing low-powered and unauthorized operations to vacate the frequencies 88.7, 89.3 and 91.5 MHz.


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