Stirling Faux Returns to CKNW

Stirling Faux


Starting Sunday, Stirling Faux will be hosting Vancouver Consumer at 11am Sundays on CKNW.

Faux, who hosted mornings on CISL for the last few years, was terminated by Newcap Radio last fall. This is not the first round with NW for Stirling, he has held down numerous talk show positions on CKNW (for more than a decade ending in 2005), as well as QR 77 in Calgary (2005-07).
You can’t keep a good man down.

Congratulations Stirling!


  1. Be careful Jody of any non PC, white fragility talk when you are on air, CKNW may fire your new hired butt too. You are on evenings, so all you have to do is keep the spin going from McComb, to Simmi, to Drex and Steel and you will be ok. CKNW does not want to ruffle SJW and 3rd. wave feminists feathers. Keep your opinions to your self and maybe you too will grow old on air like Till and Good did at NW for all their years.

    Hosts like Pat Burns, Jack Webster, Rafe Mair, Gary Bannerman would never get talk show gigs today in this B.S. SJW, P.C. world. But they when on air through their opinions challenged listeners and when guests (especially politicians and special interests talking heads) were on maybe even provoked them to defend their thoughts . Today talk radio is more love ‘n kisses, lets get along to get along, don’t rub the management POV the wrong way.

    OBTW, welcome back Sterling, but keep your CV up to date as CKNW no longer seems to hire true career hosts and as such hosts who can provoke debate, argument and have others test or question their own thoughts.

    Oh one more point Sterling regardless of your POV, the black tower is all in for Hillary (they ignore her mountain of crap) and all against Trump for the race to the W.H. 2016. Don’t forget that if you want to keep your job there more than a fleeting moment… PEACE OUT! 🙂

  2. Why limit a great Vancouver broadcast icon to a Sunday gig. Offer him his choice of midday,afternoon or evening full time and sack any of the above mentioned hacks that occupy a CKNW chair.

  3. To follow,

    Imagine how men like Burns, Webster, Mair and Bannerman would obliterate the candy a$$ feelings of virtually every SJW, BLM, 3rd wave feminist, liberal, leftist and other safe space crying snowflakes today.

    Imagine what say a Burns or Mair would do to PM Sunnyways on the air today. Sunnyways would have to ask Sophie to let him get his balls out from her purse to even attempt to measure up.

    Gawd it would be blast to see and or hear these people being triggered into curling up into little balls sucking their thumb in a corner of their darkest closet space by these great talk radio hosts of our past.

    AHH I MISS THE GREAT TALK SHOW  HOSTS! Hell no I did not agree with all things they all said and believed, but dammit they made me think especially in my early adult years.

  4. Good luck Stirling! Your hiring got everybody fired up and commenting here this week. you will probably be filling in like Jody soon. No more golden oldies from the 1960s any more.

  5. Wow just when you get ready to bury a dead dog it shows a spark of life. To say it will be a pleasure to hear your melodious voice once again at NW is an understatement!.. I must agree that 11 am Sunday might be a waste of Mr Faux talents. It is better than nothing for sure but the 10 am till 2pm spot would be a much better use of this mans talents.

  6. Les H. or Les Nessman, of WKRP fame ! LOL Even the demanding newsman “Les Nessman” minded his beeswax and knew enough NEVER to lecture the other personalities (Johnny Fever, Venus Flytrap ) about how to speak on the ray-dee-oh. If you ever noticed, Les Nessman never got fired, as a result, and got to keep his job !

  7. Its 10 am Sunday morning. Im struggling to survive the informed traveler. If the powers that be at NW (LG) cant see the potential of shackling Sterling to the mike the second Jill Benet is off air then to bad so sad. NW has so many holes to fill and only one Sterling to use, what a shame.
    Is Mr Faux the cure for the common cold? No , but he can probably bring a glimmer of life into the dead dog on the weekend. Besides Jill Bennet, Mike Campbell and the sex therapist the weekend is a desert wasteland.

  8. As for the desert wasteland, I’d like to see the Michael Campbell segment on ‘NW replaced by a serious business segment, not one with a recurring cast of characters with dicey credentials.

  9. Here’s another one for Mr. CKNW. How about giving Rick Forchuk more than the 6:45-7:00 am Sunday morning slot on the Jill Bennett program? Forchuk is a terrific media analyst, be it movies, television or streaming. At one time he had an extremely popular Friday segment on the Bill Good Show, and, for a while he had his own show Sunday afternoons I believe. Of course we know what became of weekend programming on ‘NW. It became a swampland (sorry, borrowing from Trump on that one) of infomercials.

    Forchuk, like Faux, is a treasure of Vanvcouver radio. How about giving them both a solid segment on 980?

    An unrelated observation … on the Saturday CKNW tech show at 10 am I was stunned to notice a segment in which the host phoned a CBC reporter (David Common) to get his take on a story the national broadcaster was running on concert ticket scams. I suppose that’s one way of getting value from your taxes. Next step: eliminate all your reporters at CKNW and just phone up reporters at the CBC.

  10. As long as we’re telling LG how to run NW here’s some more unsolicited advice. Call Zack and ask him to pleezzze come back with his motoring segment on Saturday and Sunday mornings. I know he wasnt on both days in the past but you owe it to those of us that have suffered the Tim Dickers rehash. Tim is in the same league as the Jessica Gares

  11. +1 to given Rick Forchuk more airtime. So many great talents in this city and we get a canned snoozefest most of the time, especially weekends

  12. I am thrilled to hear Stirling Faux is back on NW… and I hope his role expands nationally on Corus.

    And I think Rick Forchuk is wonderful – he should get much more airtime than he does.

  13. Hello Stirling, Regarding your guest ‘s comment on hacked DNC emails. My understanding was Hillary Clinton’s email server was hacked and anybody communicating with her would have their email compromised. It was her email server atfault and not a deliberate attack on the DNC. It was her mistake the DNC was caught in the collateral damage. The guest did not explain the situation clearly. I have listened to your guest in the past and respected his opinion, but with all this fake news and pundits manipulating the message these days. We should try to not be misled. Regards, Nick

  14. Wow – the Trump bashing continues (Jan 8th/2017). Stirling has Phd Josh LeBum – the same idiot who bashed trump on CKNW for months. I would not be giving him a Phd if I were the University he attends.

    Hey Josh….Clinton huh? How did that work out? Now you guys are hanging your hats on “The Russian Hack”. What a joke. There is ZERO evidence of Russian Hacking.

    This is exactly why the Main Slime Media is dying. Phake news from the MSM all day everyday 24hours a day…..

  15. This is the liberal mentality of the American PD at NW, Larry Gifford. What a looser! Fake news from NW, which has become the National Inquirer of Vancouver radio. No doubt Faux has been directed to keep this BS flowing.. Get over it Gifford, Trump Won!

  16. He may be good as a disk jockey, but as a political talk show host he is the stereotype of the shallow poorly informed journalist who gets by on simple false analogies and opinions based on suppositions and not hard evidence.

  17. On today’s show for instance in regards to the idea that Trump is an ‘illegitimate President’ he said something like “The Republicans did the same thing eight years ago with the Birther movement. It’s all politics.”

    As if the Birther conspiracy and the idea that Putin may have assisted in getting Trump elected with Trump’s knowledge are both equally loony conspiracy theories. The evidence seems to still be fairly thin, but there are several reasons to believe the Trump Campaign knew of Russian hacking during the election, from Trump (maybe jokingly) asking for Putin to hack the DNC to both Trump spokespeople Roger Stone and Rudy Guiliani seeming to have advanced knowledge of some of the upcoming leaks.

    In regards to the opinions based on suppositions, Faux said something like “of course the (Justin) Trudeau Liberals have tried to stack these town hall meetings with their supporters.”

    I’ve not read a single news article that has suggested any such thing and Trudeau has faced a number of tough questions in these town halls.

  18. Hey Richard, didn’t you realize, thats part of the qualifications of the American PD Larry Gifford, to be a talk show host on NW, that you must be a Trump basher, and now the same with O’Leary. Obviously this very liberal radio station support Trudeau and federal liberals. God help us!

  19. I really like Stirling on weekend early mornings. He should be given a full time slot during the week. It is certainly overdue to get rid of Simi Sara, boy what a boring nothing AM program. Also, replace Lynda Steele, she is also a nothing and very boring. Glad to hear Mike Smyth is now a regular.
    On average, NW has become a very boring station, now that Jon McComb has retired. It needs some life. What a shame a once great station is now reduced to terrible hosts.

  20. I enjoy Stirling too… but it seems NW takes 2 steps backward for every move ahead. At least Drex is gone… now they need to get rid of Simi and the stupid “What’s this?” game… Manny Bazunis infomercial crap… is this what the dumbed down future holds? Burns, Webster, Mair & Bannerman must be rolling over in their graves.

  21. I enjoyed weekend mornings listening to Jill Bennett. Now with Stirling, I can’t listen at all. I find that he rambles on and on finding 3 different ways to ask the same question before he allows his guest to answer.

  22. I have heard Stirling interviewing Claire Newell(travel industry schill) I think that it’s shameless that given the pandemic, she goes on and on about travelling. Used to use her services but NO MORE EVER. Also Stirling talks over his guest all the time. Should put him in the 2-6am slot.


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