Trump’s Boast in 2005 Will Cost Him Women’s Votes


The Donald Bragged on 2005 Hot Mic: ‘I Don’t Even Wait … Grab ‘Em by the P–sy’

Salacious comments were caught during an interview with “Access Hollywood” host Billy Bush

(Video can be viewed HERE.)

by Itay Hod,     | October 7, 2016 @ 2:29 PM

U.S. presidential hopeful Donald Trump speaks in New York September 3, 2015. REUTERS/Lucas Jackson - RTX1QZYY
U.S. presidential hopeful Donald Trump speaks in New York September 3, 2015. REUTERS/Lucas Jackson



A decade before becoming the Republican nominee for president of the United States, Donald Trump boasted about kissing, groping and having sex with women, saying that “when you’re a star they let you do anything.”

“I’m automatically attracted to beautiful women — I just start kissing them, it’s like a magnet,” Trump told “Access Hollywood” host Billy Bush in a conversation that was caught on a hot mic. “I don’t even wait. And when you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything,” he said. “Grab ‘em by the pussy.”

The comments were made in 2005 on the set of “Days of Our Lives during a taping of a segment about Trump’s upcoming cameo on the soap.

Ten years later, these words are coming back to hunt him.

The recording — – obtained by both the Washington Post and NBC News —  also shows the newly married Trump spotting a young woman through the bus window. “Woah, woah,” he can be heard telling Bush. “I gotta use some Tic Tacs just in case I start kissing her.”

Trump, who recently attacked Clinton by insinuating that she was unfaithful to her husband former president Bill Clinton (a charge that has been unproven) can also be heard bragging about how he once tried to seduce a married woman.

“I moved on her actually, she was down in Palm Beach and I failed. I’ll admit it. I did try to f–k her, she was married … and I moved on her very heavily,” Trump said.
“I took her out furniture shopping. She wanted to get some furniture and I told her ‘I’ll show you where you can get some nice furniture,’” Trump goes on to say in the tape. “I moved on her like a bitch, and I could not get there, and she was married. And all the sudden I see her and she’s got the big phony tits, she’s totally changed her look.”

The Trump campaign did not respond to TheWrap’s request for comment. But in a statement to the Washington Post, Trump said, “this was locker room banter, a private conversation that took place many years ago. Bill Clinton has said far worse to me on the golf course – not even close. I apologize if anyone was offended.”

Hillary Clinton quickly denounced Trump as “horrific.”  “We cannot allow this man to become president,” she said in a tweet.



  1. As a Trump supporter, to say I’m pleased, I’m not. I’m also not excusing it when I label it ‘Locker-Room’ talk, which it was. By comparison to the likes of Bill Clinton, and the woman by his side who tried to cover up her husband’s misdeeds, by attacking the women Bill raped or assaulted, is like comparing apples and oranges. Lets see now, Juanita Broadderick, Gennifer Flowers, Paula Jones, who he got impeached by. Kathleen Willey, not to forget Monica Lewinsky. Hillary was wicked and vindictive. sicking detectives upon these women, calling them all kinds of names… putting the IRS on them.
    Donald is not a perfect man, and he will, and has been the first to admit it, through all his faults. It’s not my position to judge the man, nor is it yours.

  2. No it wont. Any woman who does not vote for Trump based on locker room type talk is a stupid woman who should have her vote nullified. The simple fact is GOVERNMENT POLICY will matter more to her life than any guy to guy sex talk on hot chicks. PLUS Trump has NEVER held back any women employees in his business if the deserved advancement.

    But fact is heterosexual men in company of each other and if they see and/or talk about pretty, sexy women will often go down the sexual talk path up to and even vulgar path. It’s done in male to male confidence. They would not talk like that to their GF/SO/or Wife.

    BUT! But before you SJW’s and IMO sick 3rd wave feminists cry foul. Go to say an all girls staggette and if they say are at a male stripper show or bar and listen to their overt sexual talk and VULGARITY!


  3. All told, what this boils down to is the liberal media’s latest spin on their already worn-out “Trump says mean things” ploy. Just shows that they’re really overreaching to try to make him look bad and to distract from the very real sins of Hillary and Bill.

  4. The enemy is looking for dirt very hard. God knew all this before he chose Trump, he is a new creation. For the first time he apologized

  5. Yep, MSM tries to avoid the leaked Hillary Wall street speech transcripts but GO ON AND ON ABOUT TRUMP BEING MAN, A HETEROSEXUAL MAN ABOUT TALKING SEXUALLY OF WOMEN! GEEZ WHO’D A THINK IT?

    I mean SJW’s and 3rd wave feminists have neutered all too many males today, but still most of us dudes still look at women in sexual way. IT’S CALLED BIOLOGY!!! But we also can be respectful to them and their lives.

    Feminists have virtually ZERO respect for men as they cry VICTIM near 100% of the damn time. But us dudes can use our minds to not just be 100% HORN DOG’S (Well Bill Clinton maybe not LOL). We are able to be fair, respectful and understanding to the fairer sex. The cucked, white night, self loathing excuses for males are IMO brain damaged, as are many so called feminists in that they can’t give respect to others who question their views and notably a lack of respect to men, but dammit can cry victim and as such demand respect. RESPECT IS EARNED NOT GIVEN!

    Trump’s locker room type talk is and has been voiced by real men of a heterosexual nature from the beginning of time and it wont stop. We keep it between us and do not bring it to GF’s/ SO’s/Wives.

    Just like all too many of you gals, talk sex and even vulgar sexuality about men and more scary about each you other girls. Incessant crying victim by you SJW’;s and 3rd wavers is like crying wolf over and over. But you in your private company are often worse about sexuality over men and about you women, than most of us heterosexual dudes are in our private company about sexual talk of women.

    Look, you see the cup I give you ‘faux victims’? It’s empty of my tears. Why? because you cheapen what a real victim deals with.

  6. I never thought I would be upset with the liberal media, but I am sick and tired of the latest news on Donald Trump. I am wondering what they are going to dig up and pay for next. Maybe the other side can find a Hillary Clinton sex tape, maybe on Beta from 1979.

  7. The US Presidential election 2016 is not so much about Trump anymore. IT’S ABOUT A MOVEMENT! He is the head, the vehicle, the voice and the champion. He represents a movement unseen in the USA and by extension much of the western world since President Ronald Reagan led a similar but a different era movement in 1980.

    Everything the MSM, their idiot talking heads and the Democrats throw at Trump, BOUNCES OFF! For any one idiot they may dupe to move from Trump to Jezebel Hillary, they bring 2-3 others the Trump train.

  8. Trump and the Clinton’s ‘Sex-Capades’ …

    Trump’s private comments on a 2005 tape have been leaked. You can read the quotes elsewhere. He’s talking about being a star and how easy it is for a star to get women. Quite explicit. These comments obviously reflect his actions at the time, or earlier. Now we also have a recycled Gennifer Flowers comment about her ex, Bill Clinton. Flowers said Bill told her Hillary had more women than he did. And of course there are Bill’s notorious sexual exploits and Hillary’s protection/enabling of him, extending apparently to powerful threats (and worse?) against Bill’s women.

    So for the moment, at least, this is the substance of the campaign for the Presidency of the United States. Bring them all on stage with Jerry Springer as the moderator. Or admit they’re all a long way from being perfect people and decide who is worse. If you want to go that way, don’t forget to factor in the recent destruction of Libya and ever-strange Clinton body count.
    Far be it from me to distract the hungry audience from its salacious meal, but here is where we must talk about mainstream media, the presentation of real issues, television mind control, and other boring material. There are many problems with the debate format, but by far the biggest optic is split-screen, which enables the viewer to see Trump’s and Hillary’s close-up facial reactions while they’re silent and listening to each other.

    When Trump frowns, shakes his head, is irritated, it’s all there—and audiences are trained to think these actions are somehow “negative.” Hillary, for the most part, remains non-authentically cheery and bright. This is considered “standard” political response. “Rational, even-handed, unaffected.”

    Trump should bring a cut-out photo of his face grinning widely, and hold it up in front of his own face whenever Hillary is talking.The idea that facial reactions of the candidates are a key to debate victory or defeat is absurd. It’s a con. It’s part of gotcha journalism.

    “Did you see what happened when she said that? He almost went ballistic. Wow. He’s out of control.” The mask of unaffected neutral fixed response is an artifact of network news. That’s where it comes from. The anchor is above the fray. He’s dedicated to the truth. He resists the temptation to react. He remains objective at all costs. He’s part human and part machine. He’s the blank face and the voice of reason…

    And since the debates are actually media events run by the news networks, the audience is led to expect the same sort of “unflappable” behavior from the candidates. If we must have network “moderators,” they should be muzzled and simply display large flash cards.

    Card One: Hillary Clinton has 20 minutes to criticize Mr. Trump as a candidate. Then, she does. Trump isn’t on stage.

    Card Two: Donald Trump has 20 minutes to criticize Hillary Clinton as a candidate. Then, he does. Clinton isn’t on stage.

    Card Three: Hillary Clinton has a half-hour to recommend changes to current economic policy of the US government. Then she does. Trump isn’t on stage.

    Card Four: Donald Trump has a half-hour to recommend changes to current economic policy of the US government. Then he does. Clinton isn’t on stage.

    You get the idea. At no time do the candidates go face to face and carp at each other or interrupt. There is no split-screen. There is no gotcha. Instead, we actually listen to what they have to say—uninterrupted. The moderator holds no sway. He’s not part of the proceeding.

    Why should he be? He has no reason to be there.

    No reason at all.

    Now, if the debate were held between Lindsay Lohan and her fiancé, with whom she recently parted, then yes, a moderator might be appropriate. Jerry Springer, for example. Everybody would get paid, everybody would interrupt and accuse and react on split-screen, and the audience would be thrilled.

    But a Presidential race is supposed to be different. Far more important is a candidate’s complete and specific position on the issues. And to understand that (or the lack of it) we need to hear the candidate speak at length. Alone. In that setting, are we getting high-flying fluffy generalities? Are we getting pure nonsense? Are we getting real solutions? Would they work? Would they push the nation into a deeper hole?

    The media doesn’t go for depth. They don’t use it or sell it. It’s not their game. They’re afraid people will tune out. So the moderator of the moment says, “You have two minutes to reply to your opponent.” Is the moderator a complete idiot? Of course he is. He seems to believe he’s going to elicit something important in 120 seconds.

    He’s a highly paid news anchor. He’s a college graduate. And he’s acting like an animal trainer with a little whip in a two-bit circus.

    What if this happened in criminal trials? “Hello, everybody, I’m your judge and moderator. Remember the rules. Attorneys will be allowed to examine witnesses for 3 minutes each. Opening and closing statements are limited to 90 seconds. The jury is urged to watch the television monitors, which will display continuous close-ups of the attorneys, the defendant, and the witnesses as they react to the proceeding. You will find clues on their faces that impact on the guilt or innocence of the defendant…”

    “We, the jury, have reached a verdict. We were strongly affected by the defendant wiggling in his seat during his wife’s testimony. Guilty on all counts!”

  9. Here’s The (Long) List Of Women Who Have Accused Bill Clinton Of Sexual Misconduct, who Hillary viciously attacked. Calling them Sluts, Wannabees, low life, and the list goes on. Then while in the position of First Lady, she had the IRS Audit Paula Jones, and Bill’s other victims. This stuff is all documented, but you will not see, read or hear anything about it in the liberal media

  10. Nigel Farage defends Donald Trump

    While former President Bill Clinton’s checkered record when it comes to relationships with women–and Hillary’s subsequent enabling–might have been well known in the 90’s, a new generation of voters may not be familiar with Clinton’s past.

    Clinton’s accusers include:

    Paula Jones: A former Arkansas state employee, Jones sued Bill Clinton in 1994 for sexual harassment. Jones claims that in 1991 then Arkansas Governor Bill Clinton propositioned and exposed himself to her in a Little Rock hotel. Clinton eventually settled with Jones out of court for $850,000, but never admitted to any wrongdoing.

    Juanita Broaddrick: Broaddrick, a former nursing home administrator, alleges that Bill Clinton, who was running for Arkansas governor at the time, raped her in an Arkansas hotel room in the spring of 1978.

    Kathleen Willey: Willey was a White House volunteer aide who, in March of 1998, alleged on the TV news program 60 Minutes that Bill Clinton had sexually assaulted her during his first term as President.

    Eileen Wellstone: Wellstone, an English woman, alleges that Clinton sexually assaulted her after she met him at a pub near Oxford University where Clinton was a student in 1969.

    Carolyn Moffet: Moffet was a legal secretary in Little Rock in 1979, said she met Governor Clinton at a political fundraiser and was invited to his hotel room. Moffet alleges that she fled the hotel room after Clinton demanded she perform sex acts on him.

    Elizabeth Ward Gracen: A Miss Arkansas who would go on to win the Miss America contest in 1982, Gracen alleges that she was forced by Clinton to have sex with him shortly after she won the Miss Arkansas competition.

    Becky Brown: Becky Brown was Chelsea Clinton’s nanny. L.D. Brown, an Arkansas State Trooper and Becky’s husband, claims that Clinton attempted to seduce her in while the two were in governor’s mansion.

    Helen Dowdy: Dowdy, the wife of one of Hillary’s cousins, alleges that in 1986 Bill Clinton groped her on the dance floor of a wedding.

    Cristy Zercher: Zercher was a flight attendant aboard Clinton’s campaign jet from 1991-1992. Zercher told the Star magazine that Clinton groped her for over 40 minutes.

  11. A Shining City on A Hill.

    “America is, and always will be, a shining city on a hill.”

    ― Ronald Reagan

    There are probably 100 maybe 1000 or more things done wrong and maybe as much points of view President Ronald Reagan is guilty of. No mere man has achieved perfection and likely never will. That said I have seen a lot and thought a lot of many things in my life. I am a product of the mid/late 20th. Century western ideal world. My nation of Canada has balanced and embraced many ideals, some good, some not so good. I see today with many years of political and social indoctrination hoisted upon me through formal public education, working/career life, family, marriage, deaths of loved ones and friends, my own disillusion on things, that very much the creeping of socialism in not just my country of Canada but through like a cancer much of the western world including the United States of America.

    Nov. 18 1956, Nikita Khrushchev said, “We will bury you.”

    He meant that Soviet style socialism would bury the west. He was both correct and wrong. No, the Soviet Union style of socialism did not bury the west, but a variant of socialism is and in many places in the west has.

    Who are the people behind this?

    They are men who hide behind black curtains and/or in shadows. Men full of lust for power but blind to human ambition and want for freedom. I call them crony-capitalists, globalists and NWO types. They used capitalism to harness wealth and power but no longer are enamored to the competitive spirit of the free market system. They now have theirs and want to consolidate to keep it even if by doing so they stunt it’s future for growth even for them.

    Ironically they found their stooges to carry out their sickly form of crony-capitalism. These are, socialists, feminists, liberals, civil rights activists, Islamists. This stew of seemingly like minded people are nothing but pawns to the crony-capitalists.

    The sickly drive for modern crony-capitalism to sweep the world began in baby steps by the 1960’s. To get people to accept it required the idea of socialistic viewpoints being made as good for all. They first jumped on the backs of the US civil rights movement, taking a proper and just movement to work to end civil rights abuses especially among black Americans. But these men turned it into a socialistic based political movement which for 50+ years now have kept blacks and other minorities down and on the system of life with only the ‘liberalistic‘ government as your guide. Keeping people down with socialistic ideals dressed as equality is an easy way to mold them as pawns.

    Prior to 1965 in the USA, 76% of all black adults got married and less than 24% of black children were born to unwed mothers. In 2015 only 24% of adult blacks get married and 72% of all black children are born to unwed mothers. In 1920 more black high school graduates made it to university than they now do in 2015.

    The crony-capitalists used socialism in the guise of civil rights to keep black and other minorities under their thumbs.

    The early feminist movement (post1965). The crony-capitalists saw that these women and those men who agreed with them were also moldable to socialism and by extent their control. They fed the feminists the spoon fed drip of social justice and with it socialism. Today under the weight of third wave feminists we have seen the near destruction of the post WWII western family. The now built in inequality of men to women in how justice and society prefers women over men today by the SJW movement fits into the crony-capitalist ideals.

    Islamist’s, the crony-capitalists with their other noted here stooges on board have supported Islam’s spread as on the surface its pretty socialistic. But it’s NOT. It’s Islamist. It’s leaders and peoples indoctrinated by it support only Islam and will not bend to other ideals if they have power to not to.

    Taqqiya allows them to lie and bend if they do not have power only to protect their indoctrinated 7th. century ideology but, crony-capitalists, socialists, liberals, feminists etc. all fail to see Islam is not like them and will persecute and kill them first if it ever attains ascendancy.

    Thankfully virtually every Islamic dominated nation has a societal IQ of below 85 most are below 80. The western developed world as messed up as it is today, does as a society have an IQ of 95+ most over 100. Never has the less intelligent people won at anything over the more intelligent people. If/when Islam was to over time boost the societal IQ of their people, they will more than not flee and leave Islam in mass as once bright enough they will more likely see it as backwards.

    The socialists in general are the biggest swath of stooges for these crony-capitalists. These socialist/liberalist stooges fill in all the other gaps, promising all FAIRNESS, EQUALITY, BETTER LIFE etc. But have NOT delivered on any one. These promises are always just one day away.

    The men behind the black curtains or in the shadows, pulling strings hate interlopers, They hate men who see through them. They hate men who want only more liberty for all, only for more freedom of markets and freedom of choice for the citizens in an attempt to allow all to find their dream(s) and make their lives with more peace and order but with LIFE. LIBERTY and THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS!

    No promises of equality, no promise of fairness, in that of equality of outcome in life. But promises of the desire for equality of opportunity. Give all people that and watch humans endeavor to find each their own way and work to their own dreams and goals.

    Yes, there must be a safety net, nobody should want a person or family kicked out to the street after a job loss or business failure. Such a person or family is in reality no longer a true participant in the real economy. Nobody should ever want a man, woman or child left dying outside a hospital for inability to buy healthcare. Such persons are no longer participants in the real economy nor the real game of life. Government has its place but not to do all and be all to all people.

    President Ronald Reagan for the USA was an interloper and he was one who fought the war against socialism and by such put a marker out on crony-capitalism. He did not believe in globalism, but in the power of the nation state and where the better and best ones excelled and the lower quality ones paid the price of their poor ways. His hope was that USA as being ‘the shining city on the hill’ and as a result the lower quality and backwards nation states would either pull things and ideals from the US ideology he championed or even choose to emulate.

    President Reagan did many things wrong, as a young man I criticized many of his actions and questioned many of his beliefs as I was brought up at a crossroads where the greatness of post WWII USA led, western idealism rose and soon flat lined as the swell of the disgusting creep of socialism came about. Today in this mixed up world where I see it under attack by the globalist, crony-capitalists who play with, deceive and use as stooges, SJW’s, BLM, 3rd wave feminists, Islamist’s and liberals to raise havoc to our world, for their lazy cabal of easy to hold crony-capitalism and not to champion the empowerment of people, more freedom, free but ‘just’ markets and the hard work needed for all of this.

    These diseased minds of globalism, NWO types fail to understand for most any person who are once above subsistence and starvation believers in these first two things.

    1: INDIVIDUAL EMPOWERMENT and the freedom to attempt to succeed and better yet the freedom to fail, but if failing be picked up and nudged back along to learn and move forward, rather than be a wasted soul on the government controlling, socialist drip.

    2: The belief and love of one’s own nation state. NATIONALISM is a powerful tool for a society, good or bad, but once people rise and survive, after the recognition of the individual they then attach to their nation and generally want what’s best if their government does not act against them. Nobody who is of free and sound mind says I am a citizen of the world. They all say they are citizens of ______ country.

    These are reasons why Globalists, NWO types and crony-capitalist ARE WRONG and will in the end FAIL!

    2016 is a watershed year. Not in a long time has the USA had a general Presidential Election with TWO clear choices. No Party A or Party B pablum.

    Democrats offer a corrupted person who has a terrible record in office. A globalist who hates the USA as it stands against her biggest backers and handlers. She as a stooge gets great privilege and power. She will be status quo on steroids and will make life worse for not only Americans but likely the world. She will promise you everything but give you nothing she promised.

    Republicans offer a true change, a man as flawed as he is but who LOVES THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA! As such he wants to defend it and bring back its greatness. A man who has never been a politician nor a socialist on the government drip. A man who lived through the post WWII rise of the USA and has seen its decline. A man who champions the nation state vs nation state competition of markets and ideals, but not in pulling the better more successful state(s) down to the level of the flawed, failing or backwards state(s).

    The idea of the USA and its ideal of American Exceptionalism is not a bad thing, as among the 200+ nation states today, which would you wish to be the template for such exceptionalism?

    A man who like Reagan in 1980 and JFK in 1960 were trans-formative men. That is what Donald Trump wants and likely brings for the USA. That is why I support him in becoming the next President of the USA.

    MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! Vote Donald J. Trump for POTUS 2016. The choice is clear.

  12. As the mainstream media continues to salivate over some lewd comments Donald Trump made over a decade ago, we’ve decided it’s time to take another trip down memory lane. This time, let’s take a look at Bill Clinton’s 1998 deposition to the independent council in which he’s asked about the lewd and disgusting behavior he engaged in with an intern.
    While listening, keep in mind that these are things Bill Clinton actually did.

  13. Posting here my thoughts placed at other sites, just for more folks to think about.


    Of the many reasons why an American voter should not vote Hillary Clinton to POTUS, all very good reasons, the recent wikki leaks on her speech transcripts has for one and this one may be the one big point.

    Clinton says she believes in ‘Open Borders’. What does that mean?

    Open Borders ideology spearheaded by George Soros and other globalist, crony-capitalists, is of a world where there are first no borders, no national rules or government to trade of any and all goods and services. That alone has been a toxic policy pushed through free trade for over 30 years through much of the world. But also no borders, no regulations, nor rules as to who may enter or leave any nations. The nation state will cease to exist in any authoritative way.

    This ‘farce’ will not see the best and the brightest move about the world. No, they already can as they are often wanted by nations. It will mean only the lowest educated, most radical, least skilled, most sloth-like and many criminal types will freely move about. Lesser nations will endeavor to push these types of people out and to what are wealthy (not for long ones with open borders) ones with built in welfare state plans.

    Look at what the idea open borders has done and is doing to most of Europe. Millions of migrants (they are not refugees) and of such 75%+ are single males between 18-35 years of age. These are mostly criminal types, radicalized types and general self-entitled sloths. Of the 2+million migrants into Germany only 100 have found jobs at major German corporations. Why? because they lack the education, skills and temperament to work.

    Clinton is a stooge for Soros, She wants this for the USA and the world. This will reduce incomes, increase welfare dependency and increase crime and terrorism to any state which adopts it.


    Study the OPEN BORDERS ideology. Clinton is a near life long supported of Soros and his sick ideology where he bets on broken nation states for one.

    Open borders will mean any wealth taxed by a nation will have to be forced onto paying lowest common denominator for welfare of migrants that will freely move about with NO VETTING of what in time will be tens or even hundreds of millions of people who lack education, have little to no 21st century skills, are of anti-western values up to and including radical anti-west ideals and are mere sloths who believe the wealthy nations should just give to them.

    Add in crime and organized crime ceasing on this ideology and all developed states that worked hard over the last number of decades to build a proper western valued states will be under attack. They will be pulled into the mud pit of broken states, all so that globalists and crony-capitalists can get free movement of cheap labour. This will also lower the costs of skilled labour as there will be no rules as to how many imported skilled labour a nation can bring in. Low and non skilled labour, be one born in the nation or entering via Open Borders will work for squalor wages.

    This is what the arrogance and ignorance of a global, crony cabal want. They will in the end fail, but how many must suffer and for how long?

    Instead of tearing down nation states, the world should shine a light on their success, so that the lesser ones may pick from and emulate the good ones, bringing them UP and not us DOWN, creating MORE REAL WEALTH for all including, much more for the myopic crony globalists who drink their own spiked koolaid.

    Empowered individuals with liberty will work hard to improve their nations out of love of nation. Clinton is all on with the OPEN BORDERS ideology and that would make her if she attains POTUS one of the most dangerous leaders on Earth.


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