Steve Darling parts ways with Global BC


From Steve Darlings facebook page


I’m sad to say this is my last breaking news story for Global BC- after 18 years my anchor position has been eliminated and I will no longer be an employee of Global BC. I will deeply miss anchoring the morning news. Truly has been an honour to be in your living room every morning. I am very proud of the work we have done over the last 18 years. I will forever cherish the friends I have made, people I have worked with and the loyal viewers who have supported me. I am not sure what the future holds but I am confident it will be great.


Steve tosses his hat into the political arena, by running for the Liberals in the 2017 election

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  1. Sad news indeed. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Steve (as well as out-driving him!) at Sun Peaks the past couple of years, when he has come to participate in, and emcee the annual golf tournament for BC Adaptive Snowsports. What a class act. The folks at Pattison would be wise to ask him back to where he first cut his radio teeth here in Vancouver circa 1996! 😉

  2. Steve ..sorry to hear your news, knowing how much you enjoyed what you were doing – but stuff happens…and I’m sure you’ll bounce back … big hugs mon Ami… JPM

  3. What a shame! Steve is the reason my husband and I turn to Global News in the mornings. When he’s not there we watch CTV. Steve is personable, relatable, and he has a great sense of humour. Not sure what Global’s plan is, ,but why wouldn’t they keep Steve, a guy truly invested in the community in which he lives. Global has already tried to replace Sophie on the morning news and brought in someone clearly not right for the job (I don’t mean Randene), which drove us to try other morning news channels. What are you doing, Global?

  4. Whether you’re a fan of Steve’s or not it is still a sad day when someone in the business with his years of service loses their position.

    All the best Steve!!

  5. Steve and I bumped into each other the first time — when he was still with News1130 and I was at the original Star FM (The fleeting Rick Honey/Kerry Price days) at the Greater Vancouver Open golf tourney. I kept an eye on the then fledgling TV career. Cut backs are never nice– five layoffs in Broadcast was enough for this cowboy.

  6. Well, that’s the last straw…having to put up with Global’s bias reporting, especially if has anything to do with subjects the owners and CEOs have personal opinions about, and now cancelling Mr. Darling’s position, seemingly in favour of others that are paid less, I’ll be switching to their competing morning news program.

  7. So Corus fires Steve Darling a few days after he does a meet and greet for Global at Tsawassen Mills mall?

    That’s classy.

    I’m so glad I stopped watching Global years ago. It’s complete and utter crap now.

  8. Sorry to see Steve Darling leaving the morning show, but to be honest Global has bounced around so many Anchors at different times that I quit watching it. I now watch another channel. I would hope weatherman Mark isn’t next on the chopping block! Best if luck Steve ?

  9. If it’s ratings it’s more about content than the host. Less conversation about viral youtube videos and Hollywood gossip and more news. Wasn’t you Steve. Good luck.

  10. Steve was the reason I watched as well …. the chic with the British accent was bad enough i almost left ..but now without Steve I’m gone for sure.
    It does seam more like a beauty pageant now anyway…guess Steve was not sexy enough.

  11. Oh no not Steve to!
    Well we will not be watching Global anymore!
    We put up with the English bimbo because Steve was still with you. She nearly drove us crazy! Then you brought Randeine back so we thought we could stay because we enjoy Mark and Randene !
    But now sorry we are finished with global!
    You can have your beauty fashions on your own!
    We have watched Globad every morning for many years putting up with some pretty awful staff you tryed to put in!
    But not now!
    Mark watch your back!
    Dear Steve we are so very sorry you are going we will not be watching
    any more! We will miss you Randene and Mark! God Bless you and your family Steve?

  12. What kind of employee fires a well loved news anchor who has given so much to so many different charities the day before Thanksgiving weekend? Shame on you Global. Good things come to good people Steve. I hope you sleep in on Tuesday.

  13. Funny this week Global had a face live promoting a
    young cook contest. And in the segment Steve looked very upset to the point he said he was unable to stay as he had a meeting to attend. And when the person who was filming the live feed started to talk about when the contest was to start he took over and look like he was pretty upset

  14. Keep him and all the other ones we have grown to love and welcome in our homes by watching this news. Why would they get rid of someone so good? Global was my only news I watched all my life and my dad watched it too until he passed away from cancer. Too many bad switches and choices of replacements have driven me to look elsewhere for my news. Part of watching news is to relate and connect with the delivery of the news and the anchor who is delivering it to us…..A bad anchor just loses viewers….sorry Steve Was the best and many like me will have to change channels now….sadly.

  15. So sorry to hear this, Steve. You were an important part of the Morning News. It will not be the same without you. Looks like I will be switching channels. Better days ahead for an experienced news
    professional such as yourself.

  16. Quite an amazing outpouring of support for Steve Darling, and vitriol directed at Global BC, on Twitter. See for yourself with a Twitter search on “Steve Darling”.

  17. Its hard to believe that corus has a business plan . Unless the plan is to end up at the bottom of every possible media ratings table.

  18. Well I think it’s long overdue I quit watching long ago I got tired of him and madriga doing their one on one routine together while seemingly ignoring the viewing audiance.If madriga goes next I may switch back from ctv.oh and he take janower with him he’s just plain nauseum

  19. Goodbye Global. I only watched morning news because Steve was there. Poor decision. Your loss but will be someelse’s gain!

  20. Makes you wonder about the decision-maker(s). When someone as good at their job as Steve and who truly loves what he does is moved out… is shows me that the decision was made by somebody who has no concern or consideration for anyone but themselves. I hope they can sleep at night… for now… because it will eventually get them! Rock on Steve. You’re better than them.

  21. Sorry to hear this news. Steve you are a class act and it was nice to have worked with you way back at CHRX when you started your broadcast career. All the very best!

  22. I’m very surprised at the level of support for Steve. Many visitors to this site have shown nothing but contempt for him and the red head.

  23. Looks like Corus is doing the same thing to Global they did to CKNW. Pretty soon their programming will consist of reruns of reruns. Corus never seems to understand that quality people equals more watchers/listeners which in turn equals higher advertising rates and higher profits. Whether Steve was good at his job is not so much the issue. The issue is he had a lot of loyal followers as evidenced by the comments above and Global as usual has made another mistake. Nothing much worth watching on there anymore.

  24. Not a fan of Mr Darling at all but after all his years of service with Global it’s a stab in the back. Many with less service that aren’t very good should be let go. Hope they aren’t being kept because they are female. I do not mean Sophie or Robyn

  25. Here’s something interesting…the Vancouver Sun article on Mr. Darling’s dismissal has 878 comments on it as of Saturday at noon. I would estimate 95% of these comments are people pissed off that Global would get rid of this beloved broadcasting icon.

    I think Jill Krop and Global management may have completed screwed up on this one.

  26. Sorry to hear about Steve. Hiding behind “position eliminated” we will never know Globals real reason. It could be a cost cut due to hiring Kuss from CTV and the huge huge mistake of hiring Sonia Deol. Perhaps Deol has an iron clad contract?

    While I was never a fan of Steve he was bearable.

    So Global to clean up your act:
    1. Do news! Not cooking and drinks and any other non news. I want the news not a bunch of non related junk to waste my time.
    2. Fire Deol….reason…..lousy voice and too many marbles in her mouth.
    3. Fire Chris Gailus…reason….news is not factual and is rarely followed up. In other words sensational but not completely true….misleading.
    4. For Christi Gordon…..reason….lousy voice….squeaky….shrilly.
    5. Cut the news “hour” to 30 minutes.
    6. Revamp the morning weekend news to 30 minutes or play Gunsmoke instead. Or just do news on BC1 and for all of us Telus users….we won’t have to watch!!

  27. Anchors are union at Global so I’m guessing he could have bumped into reporting or producing but chose to take a pretty decent payout instead. Whatever you think of his anchor style he has worked hard to develop a strong and successful personal brand (note the social media storm this weekend). Analytics aside, it’s a tough moment for anybody to experience. No doubt he lands somewhere decent with an outfit that recognizes and rewards his strengths.

  28. No more global morning news in this house. We loved Steve. I love Randene too but Steve was the real reason we watched global. No more.

  29. Being a former GlobalBC employee and having been laid off in the past, I know exactly how you feel….there is life after Global, it is scary, but I am certain that you will land on your feet, hang in there my friend…….

  30. I will no longer be watching Global News. I am fed up with all the shenanigans. Stop trying to be like CNN . This is BC and we was substance not fluff. Good luck Steve.

  31. They should have gotten rid of Deol not Steve.
    I change the station every time she is on her
    voice is so annoying.
    There is more to this than just eliminating
    his position.

  32. in 2001 i met my husband, and for every single morning since, we have had Steve Darling in our home while we had coffee and prepared for our day. He has been like a member of our Family. He has done marvelous wonders with all of his charities, and is one of the kindest people we have met. We feel we have..anyway. The only one left that we enjoy on morning news, is Mark. It’s almost like someone has come in and torn our family apart. So sorry to see you go Steve, but Global’s loss is definitely going to be someone elses gain. hopefully we see you anchor on another channel very soon. we will follow…God Bless you and your Family.

  33. Too bad Steve lost his job but with that being said the few times I met him back in my writing and radio days I found him very rude and he came across like I was small potatoes and not worthy of speaking to him. Both Global and CTV have gone down the drain seeking brainless bimbos that are eye candy who can hardly string two sentences together. When you work in television news the shelf life is short and it is out with the old and in with the new. After the BCTV/Global screw over I gave up on them!

  34. This is sad news. Global is losing a great guy. Best wishes to you and your family in you new ventures. You will be missed in the morning.

  35. Couldn’t stand that it was ‘all about Steve’. He seems kind of like a princess. However, that shouldn’t happen to someone, at least without fair warning.

  36. Steve words are to few to describe may admiration for all you have given to us the public and the many charities that you have given your support and time too. You will be an asset to any company . Best of luck to you and your beautiful family. GLOBAL NEWS YOU ARE ELMINATED PERMENTLY !!!!!!!

  37. We will no longer be watching Global morning news, weekend news with that marble mouth sonis Deol. You’ve made another huge mistake letting Steve Darling go!

  38. I can’t believe this! I have watched the morning news with Steve Darling for years! What is wrong with this decision! Everything!! Who will be next?

  39. Got to meet Steve Darling six years ago and had a great time with him. Stopped watching Global when they put Sonia Deol on with him in the morning. Started watching again when Deol moved to weekends. Now Steve is gone?..Mark Madryga next?..going back to CTV…

  40. I am hoping this is a joke. It will be difficult to watch Global news now. Obviously Global hasn’t a clue how valuable Steve Darling is. I’m truly disappointed.

  41. Wow you people really mess up when you mess up well one thing is we don’t have to watch global new and guess what we WON’T

  42. Well we won’t be watching the morning news anymore….were already looking for new ones. Look out Jill Kropp( hopefully you’ll be next.)we have watched global news for over 30 years and sad that we have to leave under these cicumstances. Hopefully Steve you’ll find a new position and show them…………….

  43. Steve, a re-invention of one self is in the future. Always enjoyed your personal touch to Global TV, especially your cooking episodes. My husband and I knew you were a great chef at home.

    All the best Steve

  44. Steve you have been in my living room daily for the past 18 years. You will be so missed ? Remember when one door closes a better one opens. Love to you. ?

  45. I will never watch global news again. How can a company be so low and calus as to let go of someone as dedicated and loved as Steve Darling. You have gone through others or moved them and I really couldn’t understand why on some but other should never have been there but Steve was who help them to shine. He had been the person to hold everything together. Global should totally ashamed for what they have done.

  46. Is this a bad joke? I was so happy when Mark returned because the show just flowed so well, now all I can think is his time is limited. Out with the (not so) old and in with the new?? Good bye Global, I may still watch Saturday’s u til Lynne is gone…

  47. So sorry to hear this news. I will not be watching Global Morning News or Global BC any longer. Steve did so much for the Lower Mainland and the whole Community. My dad was in the broadcasting industry for years since he was 18 one day in his 50’s gone, I was told by a very special man it is the most back stabbing profession to be in, no honesty or loyalty to anyone in radio/TV so true. All the Best Steve and you will do well what ever you choose to do, you will be so missed.

  48. So sorry to hear this ! I have watched Steve on Global for many years..he and Sophie have been a part of my mornings ..then just Steve… It won’t be the same anymore!!No reason to watch the Global morning news anymore!!

  49. Steve
    You are a class act, I started watching you when I moved to vancouver 15 years ago
    The global morning show won’t be the same without you.
    Guess I will have to try out CTV.
    Looking forward to seeing you again on the news.
    Best of luck

  50. If steve gets on as anchor at another station in bc i will switch to that station, very disappointed with global news, who is next? Mark madriga or katelyn?? This just sucks

  51. Hey global,

    Why don’t you try and give real news for once? I have two stories for you!

    Why would a news station like global hang onto an anchor that has serious sexual harassment allegations lodged against them (see CBC /CTV June 10/16) and oops you guys don’t report on it why is that? and yet you guys report on sexual offences like a fetish but nothing about the crap in your own back yard?

    2) Why don’t you investigate why most of the community in BC thinks your wrong about letting Steve Darling go and read what we think about this on line and then cover this on the news? I bet Steve would be more than happy to really say what he wishes he could say. Or better yet send in Anne Drewa to report on this consumer reporting.

    Anne do a true interview with global viewers about Steve and see what you get back.

  52. Wow!!! What is wrong with Global? Have they no care as to what they are doing to there morning news program!! Was just thinking that finally with Steve paired with Randene that it would be great again!! Had not liked the pairing of Steve with Sonia Deol because of her voice!!! Steve was the only reason we stayed with Global!!! This is just so wrong!!! Best wishes to Steve and his family!!! You will move on to bigger and better things Steve

  53. When Sonia Deol came on as the morning anchor with Steve we only continued watching because of him. We will be changing to a different morning news show now that he has been let go. It has been apparent that management has been doing a major overhaul in what they think their image should be but I don’t think it’s working. The best morning team was Steve Darling and Sophie Lui. When they changed that none of their pairings meshed well. I have given up on them now.

  54. Can’t think of anything more cruel. Such a harsh world we live in. Loyal service to an employer is meaningless! You will be missed and CTV is now our go to. Good luck Steve. You will be missed.

  55. Well, according to Harvey Oberfeld’s story posted on PSR (Sept 12/16), BCCTV’s morning show was beating Global’s morning show in the ratings. That was a month ago and maybe it hasn’t got any better. Now I am not sticking up for Jill Krop but she cant change the format, because all other Global morning shows across Canada has the same format, so you have to change personnel. As much as I am not a Steve Darling fan, after 18 years of loyalty she could have moved him to BC1. Maybe Mr Darling could get on radio 1040 just not CTV.

  56. Global got rid of Steve and kept Lynn? Does Global really care what viewers think? I have always been a loyal Global viewer but I am so tired of the constant changes that I watch it less and less. I think that Sonia Deol was a great addition to the station, but again, she is bounced around.
    Thank you Steve and Good Luck! Hopefully you will one day feel that they did you a big favour!

  57. Wow! Is Vancouver full of morons……’s a news program!
    How you think any of these people are a part of your family is ridiculous

  58. I just can’t believe this! Steve Darling was a great asset to Global BC and I watched him every morning! It is time to switch to another channel!! Is that is how you treat your valuable and long term employees? I will no longer support Global BC!

  59. I feel like most of global watchers. Steve Darling. Has been let go. We have bee n watching global for years not anymore. Gone ctv will now be our new station. I loved the comment of one person . he did the opening of tsawwassen news now he is gone.
    You are real classy!!!

  60. I can’t believe Global would do this to Steve Darling. He is the only reason I watch Global News.
    It seems very heartless & to do this just before Thanksgiving…real classy Global. Hope you are
    very proud of your dumb decision.
    CTV here I come, along with many more Steve Darling fans

  61. Steve is the reason we watched too and Mark! Got an autograph from Steve when he was heading to Whistler for the fires. Super nice guy! Will be missed for sure! Stupid idea Global! Watch out Mark and Squire!

  62. Tens of thousands of British Columbians are going to miss ‘sharing’ their breakfast with Steve each day. This was a bad decision! Many of us will find something else to watch. It is also VERY GUTLESS and disrespectful on your part for not saying goodbye to him on air and seemingly not allowing the remaining anchors to make mention of his departure. In the past, when someone has either left, retired, or died, there was a short or long story explaining the person’s departure. It is as if he never existed. SHAME! Very classless!

  63. Sorry to hear this but not surprised.
    Ever since Jill Krop took over as news director, she has made some very interesting decisions.
    Maybe she should be the next to go because the ratings have dropped under her watch.

  64. Tomorrow morning should be interesting. Randene, Kaitlyn and Mark will have instructions from senior management to pretend that Steve Darling never existed. After 18 years we the viewers are expected to accept this. Global BC isn’t alone, CTV did the same thing when they laid off Michael Kuss and Perry Solkowski. I think it’s time for the networks to treat their viewers with more respect if they want to keep them.

  65. Jil Kropt You should be the one Fired I feel sorry for the rest of the crew but I am going

    over to ctv I will not be watching Globle you guys are crazy to fire him this what you get

    for many good years of service maybe he could could go over and visit Mike Macartel

  66. On my Birthday he was like go. From happiness to sad, I don’t think I can watch morning news on that station anymore. What a rotten thing to do to a person.

  67. I don’t understand why Steve has been let go when usually last hired goes first. The new weather castor bugs me. Now I have a real reason to change channels! Sorry to see Steve go.

  68. Ah, the joys of being part of the cold and heartless Pattison Empire. Never a good thing. Global has now become history in this household.
    I hope you find a lucrative position where you are appreciated Steve.

  69. I am so sorry to see that Steve has been let go! Can not believe this decision. What has happened to Global? First over Sophie to co anchor with Chris, then brought in Sonia, which was not a good fit. Randene came next and I absolutely loved the chemistry between them. The morning show was again fun to start the day with. Mark and Steve together were also a great team. I am very sorry to say but I will not be watching the morning show any longer and have watched for years and years . Hopefully, we will find Steve Darling on another channel. Best of luck, Steve, you have a lot of people rooting for you. Goodbye Global???

  70. This is so very sad and disappointing. Steve I will miss you, I always looked forward to your smiling face and attitude.
    Without you there I will no longer be watching Global.
    Take care of yourself and look forward to seeing you in another media.

  71. Good Luck Steve, hope you end up at a station some where in the lower mainland or on the island they could use a guy like you over hear, I hope they had to pay you out big time, Good Luck Global, your going to need it your loosing a lot of Darling Fans a lot

  72. Who’s bright book study onlyidea was that??!! When you let Steve Darling go….??? Ten fold to you and the broadcast! And we have been succumbed through your minimal changes. You, whom ever you are, are out of reach of where you should be! Steve IS still the reason those of us still paying for local news broadcasts still pay for it. Internet news is free. I’m not into change as are many Canadians/humans are, but…. Whom ever made that choice is simply delusional and should be questioned on not only their decision but their entire way of thinking and dealing . Steve is why we watch! Along with our favourites… Sophie which whom was moved to evening news, and it should be for her benefit and nothing else. Seriously? Ugh! In Canadian fashion…. Sorry about your choice, luck, choice and therefore outcome. Please confirm with me if he is not there…. I dont want to keep paying if trustworthy, ethical, human tolerance and is gone. Still hopeful that this is a joke.

  73. What is going on? Sorry to hear Steve Darling has left Global, whoever is in charge there, should be giving their head a shake. Good luck in your future journey Steve, and shame on you @ Global TV Vancouver, you probably are going to regret this silly decision, I sure hope Steve got on heck of a severance, I will have to watch a different channel now.

  74. What was Global management thinking when they let Steve Darling go?? Watching Global isn’t about what is in the news, weather and sports, it is about the professionals who deliver them. We love Mark, Randene, Barry and Squire but so many good people are gone that it is hardly worth watching anymore. Don’t even get us started on Sonia Deol, Micheal Kuss and Sonia Beeksma. Cannot listen to any of these people. Change the station when they come on.
    The melodrama ( and crying wolf style) of “BREAKING NEWS” , “GLOBAL EXCLUSIVE ” and “DEVELOPING STORY” popping up every two minutes is like reading the trashy headlines of gossip magazines in the grocery store lineup. Global has lost it’s taste and integrity. Bad move Global…2 more viewers gone.

    Good luck Steve. We will miss you and hope you end up where they will appreciate your talent and great personality

  75. Sorry to hear that Steve Darling will be leaving Global’s morning show. He was one of the few personalities that gave Global Vancouver local credibility. Position eliminated? No anchor? This should be interesting. Good Luck Steve.

  76. Steve we are so sorry to see you leave Global Vancouver. We have been faithful watchers of Global morning news since we move to BC from Winnipeg where we were CTV news watcher.
    This move will result in us returning to the CTV local morning news.

  77. What??? Shame on you at Global. We have watched Global News faithfully for years, and The morning news with Steve Darling, at the helm…He was and is the perfect person for his job. I only hope he is able to join with another station and just watch how we will all be switching channels before you can blink an eye. Many of us feel the same…

  78. Very sorry to see Steve go, especially in such a disrespectful manner both to Steve and Global viewers! In our multimedia lives we do tend to feel we “know personalities we invite into our homes each day. I’m saddened that so many negatives were written here against other personalities at Global, we all have preferences for styles, doesn’t justify being mean or hurtful.
    Like many others, I wish Global would give me more news of the province and less fluff. I will also be looking for a new source of morning news. You cannot treat your employees and the viewing public with so little respect and expect viewer loyalty. Good bye Global. Steve, all the best to you and your family.

  79. I am sorry that you have let Steve go. We have been watching him in the morning for years and now I am not sure if I want to watch Global any more.
    I do hope that we will see or hear Steve on another station soon. God luck Steve.

  80. Let’s cut the crap. He was lousy at best at global. Goodby Steve, I will still be tuning into Fox News.
    Local content is garbage at best.

  81. What is wrong with Global? Fine they move Sophie to the evening news with Chris & then they bring in a woman with a British accent (she was so good I can’t even remember her name. Then they bring in Randene & that was great. Bad move Global !!!!! If you want to lose viewers this is the way to go about it. Time to change stations………..

  82. Now global news hear me out why r u firing a great guy it is bullshit rehire him please I am very angry u let him go what ever he did it might of been a mistake but u should give Steve another chance a lot of people are angry u know people do mistakes please I beg u hire him back please he made the news I think he a awsome person and he is so kind hearted . So all the news watchers want u back Steve we miss you ?

  83. Sad to see anyone lose their job like that after so many years of dedicated service. However, i found him to be pretty boring and long ago switched to CTV or GMA. Its a problem when you work for a large corporation as they don’t really thnk of you as a person and are more concerned about what works for them. Watch your backs.

  84. Has Global lost their mind?? Obviously 18 years of service means nothing to them. The frequent changes on Global have been most irritating, and a pattern is emerging. Notice how the older anchors and weather forecasters are being let go or “retiring?” Lots of younger people being hired. Each time there seems to be a new unfamiliar face on Global. Some of which are very inexperienced and quite annoying to say the least. Goodbye Global!!

  85. I still don’t understand why Global News would treat Steve like a piece of garbage.
    A dog would be treated better than he was, what a cruel way to let him go.
    You deserve better Steve!! Global News…Happy Thanksgiving…NOT!!! Hope your ratings
    fall to an all time low.
    Happy Thanksgiving to Steve & his family.
    Good luck Steve…goodby Global.

  86. Never a fan of Steve. He would have made a great talk show host. Not so much a news anchor.

    Not impressed with any network’s news coverage these days. Too many idiots and bimbos who can barely read from the teleprompter (but they’re cute!) There are good women reporters and newscasters out there but too many of them just babble–can’t stand squeaky, whiney voices. I watch a lot of news, all PVRd and I usually can distil an hour’s newscast down to about 5 minutes of anything interesting. Thank God for Channel Change, Mute and Fast Forward buttons!

    Television Newsrooms must be among the most toxic of work environments!

  87. After about a week of trying to separate Sonia Deol from memories of old Elmer Fudd cartoons, we switched to CTV morning but came back when Randene rejoined the show. But, that constant peddling of booze and boring cooking demonstrations and a huge increase in technical glitches throughout the day had almost eliminated Global from our viewing pattern. Now that Steve is gone, so is Global but we will miss intrepid reporters like Grace Ke and Rumina Daya and – of course- Squire. Maybe the suits at Corus are dumb enough to fire him. Hope not but money is the sole motivator there nowadays.

  88. I was disgusted to read in the Sat. Sun that Steve Darling had been let go so like many others I shall no longer watch the Global morning news but shall switch to CTV. He was excellent, had lots of Vancouver trivia, and was so well informed on many things. Sonia Deol’s voice is very irritating to me and many others said the same thing. It sounds like many others will be switching to CTV because of this stupid decision and hopefully Steve will appear on there shortly. So many other former Global people seem to have gone to CTV. Looks like the higher ups are not doing a very good job when they have let go someone like Steve Darling. Good luck to him. He looks great since losing so much weight and I’m sure he will find something better.

  89. As much as the news coverage, morning shows are equally about waking up to friendly, familiar and trusted faces. Darling did that and did it well, so what a shocker to see him ‘eliminated’. Whoever handles their human resources are not doing a great job because their newcomers like Kuss and Deol have been difficult to warm up to. I don’t know how their industry works but from a viewer and customer standpoint, they suck. Madryga, Barnes, Stickley, and Lui – their best ‘assets’ may want to find contingencies, seeing how their company operates.

  90. Well lots of support and non support for Steve. But what I do see here is that Global News programming is not what we are looking for and there a lot of commonality of the the quality of other news folks like Gailus, Gordon, Janower, and Deol that could be easily eliminated without any backlash from the viewers. I would like to add one more that was not mentioned…Mr. Arrogant, Barry Deley!

    Let’s face it that often they are only reading scripted news that is often not complete or well thought out before it is scripted for the teleprompter.

    I don’t feel that Global is providing good quality and often uses corny sensasualism to attract us to watch. Global in the true sense……please get real!!!!

  91. I just discovered that Steve Darling has been let go. Having been in a similar position many years ago, I can totally understand how devastating this has been. It is certainly not a decision I can support – so many good people have been let go or moved around and others who were hired and should not have been, one wonders about the upper management at Global. If your ratings were low before, wait to see where they bottom out now. I wish Steve and his family all the best as they struggle to understand this stupid decision. I’m sure that there will be a better position available that will suit Steve’s many talents where he can be appreciated for what he brings to the table. Best wishes to Steve and his family – you are bigger than Global.

  92. OMG!!!!!!!!! What are you people thinking?????????? He was the best you got!!!! and you choose to eliminate him!!!! I with many many more people will never watch Global News again….. who ever is at the helm needs to reconsider what they have done to keep ratings NOW would be the time to bring Steve back and apologize for this enormous mistake Jill Krop has made. In the mean time I will enjoy watching CTV NEWS EVERY MORNING GOING FORWARD!!!!!! BIG COSTLY MISTAKE …….

  93. Wow who is running global .? Have you lost your mind? Steve darling is a pillar of the community and in my opinion Steve is a huge asset to global or any organization he would decide to work with. LOL the huge comment was not A reflection of your size Steve. However anyone who has had the pleasure of meeting Steve will know he is a towering big fella with a great sense of humor and a heart of gold. Steve is never forgot where he came from he is a local Delta boy and has always had time for everyone , even when pressed for time, I have never seen him passing on an opportunity to exchange pleasantries, whether it was with the likes of a billionaire businessman such as Jimmy Pattison . Or a homeless person down on their luck. His vast knowledge of the lower mainland and the people we call our friends family and our community is second to no one. I look forward to hearing about the next chapter in your life Steve and if I may I will close using your own words, I believe it will be great.!!!

  94. So many supportive comments for you, Steve Darling. You will be snapped up by a company with far more insight than Global …. And we will be watching to see where you will be next so we can continue to follow you. All the very very best! Oh, and bye bye Global….. Big mistake you just made……

  95. Really sick of the booze show inserts, cooking shows and singers that are brought in, to fill up time. Sonia Deol, has a very agressive know it all personality, which coupled with her English Accent drives me nuts. Was glad to see her off to the side.
    Steve came across as being really locked into the show, and Global News in General. Unfortunately Sonia Beechman comes across as being in love with herself. in our house we call her “Look at Me”. It’s a big world out there, we really miss detailed reporting on what is happening on a more Global Scale. Wish the News Show would stick to News. Steve if you are as good as most viewers, say you are you will get another opportunity. Hang in there Steve.
    It’s to bad there was no Farewell. But the you were let go, no real way to sweeten it.!

  96. Sorry to hear about Steve Darling! Global BC News has gone downhill for sure-Please bring back CANADIAN NEWS and forget cooking shows and Hollywood gossip – like who cares – is it so difficult to gather news from our own country and province??? I sure hope that Global is being fair and honest – however time to change the channel!

  97. It sure didn’t take globalbc to long to remove Stevens name from personalitys off their web site. I think global needs to explain to their viewers what the ????

  98. It’s very obvious by most of the remarks that most of the viewers who commented do not like change. People, change is ok, the world will not end. I am sorry to see Steve go as a person, but the show must go on. This is business and executives have looked at this and collectively agreed this is what is best. Do they offer Steve a lessor job, or pay him out for his services. You cannot go backwards in most jobs, so the latter is the best course of action. Please take off the blinders and embrace the change.

  99. I have watched global for 20 years. Tony Parsons and Steve Darling were who I looked forward to seeing. I have no reason to support global anylon longer.

  100. OMG….what is Global doing these days. Steve Darling along with the rest of us had to suffer through the nightmare newscasts with Sonia Deol (what was that about) and now they are letting Steve go. Like many others, the only reasons I watched Global was because of Steve and Mark. Living in the East Kootenay I really get very little out of this newscast and now, even less. I will definitely be switching from Global. All the best to Steve and Mark, get out sooner than later.

  101. I don”t know what to say right now! I have been tuning in every week day with Steve and the gang for many years, as I get ready for work. Management’s decisions are not always the right ones and in this case, you definitely have it wrong!!!, The morning news won’t be the same and I feel for the rest of morning crew left. We wish you and your family the very best Steve, as you have many supporters on your side.
    Not sure who I will be watching now!! It’s a sad day!!

  102. Read Harvey Oberfelds column from Sept 12th(Puget Sound Radio)
    particularally “dead dog in dumpster”
    The writing was on the wall,

  103. So sorry to hear global let Steve Darling go after so many years of service. So Global you eliminated Steve Darling’s position. ………. and now I have deleted Global news as my daily news carrier………..big mistake Global big mistake. …..

  104. Steve, I am just so sad to hear this…You were a big part of my mornings for years. It never mattered who you were working with, you’re such a warm person, there was always chemistry. I don’t know who I will watch now, but it WON’T be Global anymore. Whoever made this decision should have their a** handed to them. A huge mistake.
    Just want you to know I appreciated your work and dedication to your viewers all these years, and you WILL land on your feet. The good ones always do.

  105. Surprised to hear of Steve’s sudden departure. Why do they keep Christie Gordon, she is annoying and makes too many mistakes! All the best to Steve and his family.

  106. So sorry Steve. I have watched Global Morning News for over 25 years. When Sophie left I was disappointed, and now Steve? I guess Mark is next. I will not be watching Global Morning News anymore.

  107. I have been watching global for so long this is the last time for me, Steve was just a pleaure to watch and listen too, why?????? Get rid of some of the others who have no dress sense and are like robots reading the news. Such a shame.

  108. Earlier this year they also split up the 11pm news group of Anne + Chanel + Sonia. They had beautiful chemistry.
    Next thing you know.. Anne demoted to Consumer Reports (? Really? How wasteful..) Chanel I’ve no clue where he is + Sonia went to early am weather.
    Just odd, odd movement there.
    “Hopeful” I think you’re nuts.

  109. I can’t believe he was kept there that long !
    Always getting his facts wrong , and never seemed professional to me .
    He was only supposed to be a sports guy to begin with , and he doesn’t even know his sports !
    I’m sure it was frustrating for others to work with him.
    Hopefully they can find a true professional News Ancore now !?

  110. This was a poor decision made at senior management from Jill Krops’ level to Corus CEO. A decidedly un-class act and unfortunately for many other good anchors and personalities at Global, such as , Sophie ( s/b back on the morning show ), Randene, Yvonne, Mark, they will bear the massive brunt of thousands of day to day folks re-tuning to CTV after this. Steve was unique un that his anchoring was genuine , ( and he first in so well with Sophie / Randene ), and he will be missed indeed as a morning ritual. All the best!! Global, give your goofy heads a shake and make right what you have done wrong.

  111. Although Mr. Darling was likeable, he came across as unprofessional and somewhat “goofy”. I wish him the best but always seemed to me he was always far in over his head as a news anchor.

  112. Why is it always the players and not the management that takes the hit. They had a team that meshed and broke it up. Very poor executive decisions. Watching CTV as this is being written and they just received a major award. Maybe Global should change there format and remember you get what you pay for

  113. real sorry to see steve go but would like to know the real reason. can’t believe the English
    woman is still on as we can’t stand her and always switch to another chanel. with steve gone
    we will switch permanently. something is not right when a guy who has done a satisfactory job
    for 18 years is suddenly let go. wake up morons!!

  114. What happened to Steve? You can’t just tell us that he is no longer with Global and not explain. I won’t be watching Global morning news anymore. I have watched Global morning new for years and I think they owe the public an explanation.

  115. Sorry that Steve was dumped, but not surprised! Lets face it he is pretty ‘blah’. More like a cuddly teddy than a serious news reporter! I see lots of negative comments about Sonia Deol but she was so much more of a professional and brought some class to a news next door show!

  116. That is it for me. Global is obvious not the station to watch or to work for. We have been dedicated to watching Global morning, dinner and night. But no more!!! CTV here we come!!!! There must be a reason all Global’s old staff work for CTV.
    Sorry Steve, hope to see you there.

  117. Unbelievable news to hear Steve is no longer employed by Global. We have watched Global every morning since we came back to BC 11 years ago…not sure what Global is thinking. Steve made our morning , we loved the fun they all had, everyone complemented each other…big mistake Global. Not sure what our plan is for morning news now. Hard to change networks for us. We wish Steve the very best for his and his families future…

  118. Unbelievable! He’s been doing this job so well and long that my children grew up with him in the morning and can’t understand why he’s been cut. He seemed like the only one who really cared what happened in his city. I’m shocked that you’d let him go. Ugh I hope he finds something better where he’s appreciated and if it’s in front of a camera I’ll be watching. Good luck to you Steve Darling. You deserve far better than what you were given after 18 years. You have a huge amount of supporters as you can see. God bless you

  119. What the hell is wrong with management. They bring in someone who has difficultly pronouncing our Canadian words,then they let go a extremely well love person. Would someone like to step up and tell the public the real reason for letting one of your best anchors go? I for one will be not watching your morning news any longer.

  120. What a wrong move to let you go Steve.
    We also will join the millions that will NO LONGER watch Global news mornings .
    Good Luck Steve.

  121. My husband and I just heard the news this morning and are in shock at his sudden dismissal. We are huge fans of both Steve Darling (and Randene). I can’t believe they have chosen to keep Sonia Deol! We always mute her the moment she opens her mouth ….can’t stand her voice or her persona. That’s it for us, Global. We have switched to CTV .

    Steve, you will be greatly missed. We wish you all the best for the future. Hopefully, we’ll be watching you again soon.

  122. I can once again watch the morning news without having to watch Steve Darling babble on. Your morning news crew is now a great lineup, don’t mess it up by bringing back Sonja Deol.

  123. Shocked and saddened by the firing of steve Darling. CORUS…fire Jill Krop. Have changed to CTV and hopefully will see and hear Steve on that program. NASTY management..shame on you. By yhe way let Kuss go. He is a real channel changer. will get a better position and will be respected for your kind personality and super reporting
    BCTV you pulled a dandy with Steves firing.

  124. Really sad to see Steve go. It was fun watching someone who obviously enjoyed his job so much. I’m sure this will hurt Global’s morning ratings. Sometimes change is good and I am sure that it will lead to better things for Steve, Not sure about Global – some recent decisions seem quite unpopular. If Steve ends up on another channel, our household will follow him.

  125. Shocked and disappointed in hearing the news of the departure of Steve Darling at Global. I have been an avid Global Morning News watcher for the past 29 years and watch it, without fail, unless I am out-of-town. The changes that haven taken place in the last few year have been very disheartening. I enjoy the Morning program and watch it more than the evening news shows. Global Morning News has had top ratings in BC for a long time….and I am not sure what management is thinking, but….I do believe the changes being implemented are going to cost you seriously in ratings, judging by comments from other long-term viewers. If you are trying to increase viewership by making changes….I think you shoudl rethink what areas you choose to change. The warmth and sincerity, and credibility of personnel employed are a valuable asset to the show, including the “team dynamics””. Wishing Steve all the best in the future! I believe he has been a valuable asset to the Morning news!

  126. Don’t usually weigh in on these things but I’m totally shocked by what’s come down at Global. Steve, I can’t fathom a shortcoming that would cost you your morning slot after all these years. It doesn’t make a lot of sense. I know your audience will miss you, but I also know you’ll be popping up somewhere else soon. Good luck with. I’ll be watching with interest. T

  127. Shocked and saddened! Hard to believe. Steve was part of our daily morning routine.
    I’ll miss his good reporting, sense of humour and interaction with the
    other anchors.
    Shame on Global! It will no longer be watched in our household!

  128. Wow! What a shock! I believe Global has made a HUGE mistake! I very much liked the combination of Steve and Randene…..why would you go and ruin it? I think Global is in for a HUGE drop in ratings! Some heads should roll! Too bad they didn’t roll before they made disastrous mistakes!
    Steve comes into my family room as an honest, kind, generous person and an informed reporter; a consistently pleasant personality to greet us each morning, even the news isn’t pleasant! How can that kind of news anchor be redundant? BIG MISTAKE GLOBAL! You are no longer my station………….I will be moving to the Competition!

  129. I am very saddened by the news of your departure.
    I have watched Global News every morning for many years. You were one of the main reasons.
    I felt like I was welcoming a friend into my living room.
    Best wishes in your future endeavours.

  130. Wow well time to change channels, they are replacing the good reporters with new some I really dislike(the woman from Australia) etc: so Steve your one of the best I’m sure something wonderful will come your way

  131. Steve will be so truly missed. Global has just let their viewing audience down and I’m afraid their ratings will drop severely.
    Good luck Steve, our household will be watching for you on another show.

  132. I sure hope there’s not more to this story than just some suit at global making a bad decision.
    Steve comes across as a really nice guy. It’s too bad when people lose their jobs, but the reality is, if you look at all the support Steve has, that he will be just fine. It will turn out to be a good thing and expose the inner turmoil at global.
    My goodness, the send off given this morning on air almost seemed like it was in passing……Poor form Global. Show some respect to the people who earn you your bonus.
    Why on earth didn’t they fire Monica Deol? She cannot pronounce the names of people or places and quite frankly it’s downright annoying.
    Maybe the masses are right.
    Time to switch channels.
    I wish I could take Mark Madryga with me…..that’s the other thing that bugs me….the rotating weather people, and who is responsible for dressing Christi Gordon……they should be fired too!!
    Now I’m worked up, which is telling me that switching channels is a done deal.
    See ya global

  133. My wife and I enjoyed the bantering back and forth in the morning between Steve and other news staff. Very saddened that Steve was let go! You blew it Global! We will now be watching CTV.

  134. sorry to see Steve go. He was easy to listen to . Maybe management needs to rethink who they hire. Some of those winey voices just don’t do it for us. Or do we shake up just to save our own skin??? Steve this maybe a blessing. Wishing you nothing but good things ahead.

  135. Sorry to see Steve go. I suggest that Global news at 6 p.m. be renamed to The Crime Report. A good portion of the programme is dedicated to killings in the lower mainland. Also there is far too match talk about liquor and wine tasting. This is NOT news. A past listener of Global news.

  136. Just hearing this news now, so sorry Steve will no longer be reporting, I will change to CTV now and hopefully when Steve finds another station who is smart enough to pick him up, that will be the station I watch. I know business decisions are difficult to make but as a viewer I have my own choice of who/what to watch. Best of luck Steve and thank you for all the years I have had the pleasure of watching you.

  137. When Sophie left the morning news, we only stayed watching because of Steve. Now Steve is gone, so are we. Randene should have been the one to go. Cringe every time she tries to make a joke, they always fall flat. Well when your ratings fall, than you will be sorry. Thanks Steve for all your dedication to your community. You will be missed.

  138. We were saddened and shocked to learn the news about Steve this morning on Global. He had been the reason we chose to start our day with the morning news. It really won’t be the same without him.
    We wish Steve all the very best for a speedy return to a station near us!

  139. Steve Darling leaving is the last straw! I have watched global morning news faithfully for years primarily because of him. Don’t know what he did, if anything, to deserve to be fired but I will no longer be watching global news. Am switching to CTV.

  140. Have to agree with Janice C, above. Could never stand Randene Neil. Anything she did just didn’t cut it!. Steve was one of the best and the only reason to watch the morning news on that channel.
    Hopefully, you will land somewhere. Maybe back on the radio. I remember the days when you were on that media. Would rather see your face on TV somewhere. Best of luck.

  141. Just as they let you go Tony, so they did with Steve , you both had too much class for such a lousy organization , that’s real gratitude for a job you both excelled in !! Shame on them !!!

  142. I’m going to miss you big guy. My wife is in Budapest and she was saddened by this situation. News is just news, it is personalities like you that make the difference.

  143. what a shock to hear Randene’s announcement that Steve is no longer employed by Global. It would be nice to have someone there explain why someone like Steve who was so very good at his job was let go.

  144. I also will now switch to CTV as Steve was the reason I watched Global every morning. Global does not understand what we want in a morning news show. Steve I know you will do well in whatever you choose for you future.

  145. Global had a fantastic morning show and then they had to go and do this, to save a few dollars? I own a couple Auto Dealerships in the lower mainland and we always have your show on everyday…..Until now!!!!! I feel bad for the rest of the morning crew now they will have their ratings and viewers plummet. Good luck Steve.

  146. Really unfortunate. Watched the last hour of the morning news this morning and it just isn’t the same. Wishing Steve all the best for the future as I’m sure we haven’t seen the last of him!

  147. Finally someone listened & sacked Stevie Boy!! Perhaps he can now pursue a job that he will shine at! Like a used car salesman. I felt sorry for the professionals that had to work with him.

  148. I have been watching the morning show since dot – it was at it’s peak when they had Steve, Mark and Sophie – they all clicked – when Mark and Sophie left it wasn’t the same. I still turn on the morning news, but only just listen to it. I am not a big fan of Steve, he just couldn’t do it without Mark and Sophie. Sorry to see him go after so many years of service – too bad they couldn’t do a lateral move as opposed to see ya later.

  149. Global has changed so many people around on the news it’s hard to keep up. U get rid of the best one. The person that never moved once. I’m discussed with the way global has treated Steve. He kept morning news going. Our family will be watching ctv. We will miss u Mark. Would of been nice for Steve to say goodbye. What a way to treat a long turn employe.

  150. Sadly typical for the Shaw family. Use you then cut you, without apology, rationale or recognition. I was already splitting between Global (or GLiberalBC) and CTV, but now nothing to hold me. Steve was sunshine in the morning. Disprespectful in practice. Viewers come last. You can already see the Shaws at work in turning “Top Dog” CKNW into a Global lapdog. And in being worst in Canada in providing HD TV. Cheap, cheap, cheap!

  151. In my previous comments, I forgot to add Janower to the list. He is real pushy, always trying to push his way into the conversation. He presents the image that the show is all about him. With his eyes piercing and his lips pursed, you can see how agressively he is wanting to be heard. I find him unbearable to watch. Don’t know who is more mouthy, him or Dana Gee, another voice we could do without. Hopefully when you watch TV you are either being entertained, Or learning something. Don’t need to be irrated to the point of frustration, Yes I know you can always change the channel, but up to now Global has been our station of choice.!
    Enough said!.

  152. So sorry to see Steve go. Regardless of his position as the Morning Anchor, Global has been hard to watch for years. The only reason to watch is to see what used to feel like some familiar people that you may come to know over the years.
    But, with all the changes and most not for the better. Time to kiss Global GOOD-BYE.
    Management needs to be looked at and replaced and the production of most of the in house News and related shows, are of a High School production level and I dont mean to slight High School students, at least they are learning and not so called Professionals.
    Everyone else on Global will spend the rest of their time at the station looking over their shoulders.

  153. Only heard a few hours ago as I was out of the country that Steve Darling is no longer with Global. Totally shocked!!! Totally DISAPPONTED!! Steve and Sophie were one of the reasons I turned on Global every morning. To the Owner’s of Global…you need to give your head a shake…as you will possibly be losing a lot of viewers.

  154. So sad to see you go Steve! Always looked forward to watching the morning news with you and the rest of the crew. Now it won’t be the same. Hope CTV hires you so I can watch you again. Good luck!

  155. Sorry to see Steve Darling go. My husband and I have been fed up with The content of Global news for a long time. The same news is repeated morning noon and night the next day and beyond. It becomes very boring. The content of news is so trivial at times. There must be more happening. In BC. How about the rest of Canada or dare I say the world beyond. It should be a serious programme to a greater degree. If I want cooking dancing singing etc etc I will watch those type of shows. Come on Global report THE NEWS. To late for us we will be a watching elsewhere. Good luck Steve. With you personality you will go to better things I am sure.

  156. We were so sorry to hear the news that Steve Darling has been let go.
    He was always a wonderful Anchor. After 18 years of dedicated service one would think
    an Employer would appreciate such a dedicated employee – apparently not.
    It is time to change channels.

  157. I only watched Global because of Steve Darling for more than 10 years now
    So dumbfounded they let the best personality anchor go I will miss watching the morning news for Steve is one major reason I watched Global….NO more

    Steve if your reading this, all the best to you and your family and if you get another anchor job that is the station I will watch

    Global brass, you guys Fuk’d up and will loose many viewers……..maybe your bosses will let you go for such a bone head move

  158. Jill , you best put Robin in Steves spot to come anywhere near competing with Kerrie at CTV-who is easy to look at and a pleasure to listen to. Markke D. is fun too. CTV is chill.

  159. It was nice to wake up and have coffee and get the news from familiar faces. Steve was a huge part of that. He delivered the news really well. He is super involved in the community and charity’s around the lower mainland. He was a good ambassador for global. I will be watching CTV. Steve, thank you and all the best to you and your family.

  160. Steve, we (our family) wish you nothing but the best. We know you are going to do great things. All the best and enjoy this time off to have fun with your children and wife. ?
    Ps: Now, you can finally sleep in.. ?

  161. Was shocked to hear the news from Randene this morning !! I was just up in Fort Mac watching Global thinking I miss the Vancouver news team. I love the news but some of it is getting repetitive and there were a couple of people that were on that needed to move on and had. Even the news team up here in the Okanagan has gone through some crazy changes. All I know is that I shall miss you Steve and wish you all the Best in the future !!
    Cheers !

  162. I have watched CTV newscasts all day today and my- what a breath of fresh air.
    I haven’t been peddled liquor once during a mind-numbing fluff segment like on GLOBAL.
    Haven’t seen a glitch yet and their LIVE HITS are LIVE unlike the fake GLOBAL taped ‘hits’.
    Breaking news on GLOBAL is their new thing (and i already read it on twitter 6 hours ago) while CTV breaking news WAS RECENT.
    GLOBAL think we are all stupid based on their news reporting, format and obviously firing of our dear STEVE.

  163. So sorry to see Steve leave Global. We miss him terribly. We find the English lady so hard to understand because her pronounciations are not Canadian English. I don’t even know her name because she doesn’t impress me much. One has to wonder if Global has replaced Steve with women because traditionally Women are paid less than Men. If this is the case then the money they saved on that move, they will lose because of the loss of viewers. We wish Steve all the best in his future endeavors. Shame on you Global. Luckily we have more choices in which channel we can turn to.

  164. Steve, as popular as he is, is a clueless idiot and completely unprofessional and ill suited for a morning anchor. He was just as bad as a sports castor and play by play guy. I would suggest that he move forward as an entertainment personality as he did seem to excel at that. I am happy that he is off the morning news but maybe they could have used him elsewhere on the network. I will not lie that I always have enjoyed watching Randene on the morning show and do remember the many years she helmed that show long before Darling showed up in the morning. My thought on the quick departure is that it may be related to his choice of words on his live reports from the new mall in Tsawwassen. He may not realize but today in 2016 in BC. The First Nations peoples don’t like to be called Indians especially from an idiot news anchor who is not only standing on their land but in their brand new shopping centre. Political correctness can go too far but in his position is it worth risking your job over? He may have done this to himself. Just my thoughts. Nothing more.

  165. Sonia arrives…..there is a shuffle and Steve is out. Goodbye Globalnews in the morning…..we’ll be watching something else.

  166. Steve was a much loved personality – Global’s loss, and shows how how little Global management understand what viewers want.
    We want news delivered by PEOPLE whose personalities reflect our values.
    Viewers are PEOPLE who care about PEOPLE.
    Who, or should I say, what, does Global care about? $$$ ?

    I share the same sentiments of others who have commented – I hope you got a huge pay out Steve and I also look forward to seeing you in another capacity, soon. All the best to you and yours.

  167. Why oh why have I put up with this station for so long? No doubt I’m a glutten for punishment as truly and without question this news station is run by a bunch of baboons whose sole purpose is to load us up with low cost broadcasting, poor content (can’t wait for your idioc Christmas ornament segment which I’m sure any POW would choose water boarding over having to watch that crap!!!) Steve wasn’t by any stretch a STAR anchor but he was good and deserved better! Global management would rather put on stupid acts featuring 90 year olds singing rediculous acts than pay a fair wage to a good employee! What the hell, let’s all sit back and watch Lynn Collier smile away happily as she reads out devestating news of 100’s of people dying in some horrible accident or natural disaster. Does that woman have ANY sensitivity??? She’s gotta be a bargain salary wise.

  168. Like so many other comments. Was very disappointed and will no longer be watching Global. I enjoyed my morning routine always coffee and news with Steve & Sophie. Then they brought on that British/Australian??? Sonia …totally annoying. So off to find a better channel for news in the morning. I hope that Global takes a hit on this very “dumbass” decision. Steve we will here you again soon I hope…..

  169. Steve was the reason I watched as well …. the brown lady with the British accent was vary bad and i cant believe she is still there almost left when she stated . ..but now without Steve I’m gone for sure.
    Sorry to see you go,

  170. Finally, Global woke up. How many co-anchers could you go thru? If Randene O’Neil couldn’t kake him less pompuos-nobody could! Good luck, go to sports Steve, the only time we know you are actually breathing. Good luck!

  171. Cannot believe they let Steve go. All the best Steve – you were absolutely great, and the reason I tuned to Global every morning.

  172. Friends & family will be leaving Global along with Steve Darling. He has been part of our news life for years and where he goes we will follow if possible. Best wishes for your future Steve and it seems to me that you might be better off finding a place that values their employees.

  173. Sad to hear how they let Steve go,classless mutts at Global.Sonia Doel, J-Christ she was hard to take,may as well have hired Elmer Fudd and Jay ” stick up his ass ” Janower.Global fkd up, we will all be watching anything but Global TV bunch of dishonorable corporate shit-heads!

    CTV here we go!

  174. Sonia Beeksma has the best voice and presence on Global – she comes across as someone you can relate to and trust – very intelligent. She should be on prime news. Agree with previous comments about Christi Gordon – shrill, squeaky voice.

  175. Steve, welcome to the Pattison Group. Jimmy rid himself of his expensive employees in his grocery chains back in the ’80’s. When BCTV did their purge of everyone (except Tony and Pam), Steve was the offspring hired. BCTV wanted fresh, youthful people in front of the camera. What goes around comes around. Viewers have obviously forgotten the early years of Steve Darling. Zak was the weatherman and chose a new career. Mark replaced him in the mornings. Steve’s body-language said it all every broadcast. He was professionally rude. I observed it also when Sonia D. was trying to find her way. She did not survive the mornings. Steve, you must learn to keep your ego in check!!! As you venture into your next life, a word of advice………..keep your family and personal life out of the workplace. No one enjoys watching someone else’s home movies.

  176. Whew! What a gargantuan comments section. One comment speculated that there might be more to the dismissal. Then Sahara’s note about Steve’s reports from the Tsawwassen Mills opening made a certain sense. Sounds like the mall’s destined to be a white elephant with its remote location and terrible parking situation. Sounds like nobody in various levels of government had the fortitude to force the band and its developer to provide road upgrades and highway rejiggings to handle traffic flows.

    Wouldn’t be a bit surprised that Global, trying to keep an already-stressed advertiser happy, pounced on the “Indians” reference by Steve to pink slip him. He was probably on the chopping block anyway as Global looks for more cost savings.

    I’ve said it before, but corporate debt–when owed by an iffy enterprise–is a terrible thing. Corus assumed a lot of debt when it took on Shaw’s media assets. Wouldn’t be a bit surprised if it hits the same wall as CanWest and Citdadel in the US.

    Hope I’m wrong, but watch for a lot of other beloved Global personages get deep-sixed in the next year or so.

  177. Very disappointed at the way Steve Darling was treated. He was the reason I would watch Global News at 5 am. We are no longer watching Global news in my house. CTV from now on!

  178. Steve you are the BEST , the reason we watched Global is YOU , MARK & SOPHIA . The worst was splitting you all up , was thankful they brought back Mark & we could still get Sophia & Kristy and Randene, Sguire , Anne & Chanell at night.
    Global I think this tells you something YOU SHOULD HAVE LEFT WELL ENOUGH ALONE YOU IDIOTS !! Not to brilliant to have your viewers this upset ! The Sonia.D’s Mike the no personality weather man and a few others just don’t have it !!!!! GLOBAL I THINK YOU HAVE JUST CREATED A TRAIN WRECK TO WHICH A NEW TRACK WILL BE NEEDED = “CTV & CHEK”

  179. Sorry Global.
    Since you’re parting ways with Steve Darling I will be turning to CTV for my morning news. Poor decision on your behalf.

  180. Eliminated??? Come on… what’s the real reason????
    However… I am relieved to see that there are many that are as disappointed as I am to hear that Steve is leaving Global. I will not watch it any longer. Global has been pushing if for some time now, with Mark and Sophie moving time slots, and now this… I am so disgusted and disappointed in you Global… I will no longer watch your network… YOU SUCK!

  181. Very sorry to hear that Steve has left Global BC – wrong move for management! I’ve been watching Global BC for years – but not anymore. I’ve started tuning into CTV.

  182. There is probably a VERY good reason he was let go so abruptly , why were Darling and Deol separated so soon? look at Benze, Gailus/Dawn Koke …… Nobody knows but I am sure the details will come out eventually …… Justified or not, personally I am glad to see him gone, LONG overdue …….

  183. I was extremely disappointed to hear the news about Steve Darling yesterday morning. He was a big part of the reason I PVR’d the Morning News. I enjoyed the camaraderie the crew had. (Not the Sonia Deol days though. Didn’t fit from the beginning.). He was obviously a very community minded guy who put his time where his mouth was, and was generous with it. I don’t know if Randene is going to be able to shoulder the whole show, and I probably never will as I will more than likely switch to another channel. It was nice to watch a group who cared for each other and obviously spent time together outside of work. If Steve pops up somewhere else I will be going there right away. I will be axing the morning news from my PVR as well.
    Good luck Steve. There’s better things in the future for you I’m sure my friend.
    Jill Krop, I remember when I liked you. Now, not so much!

  184. Sometimes change is good, and Steve will find himself somewhere else and will be fine, though I find it very sad that Global chose to do this just prior to the Thanksgiving weekend.

    Steve, certainly appreciate all of the many contributions you have made to the community, and the great example you set for lots of people with your weight loss – way to go!, I know you will do well wherever you end up.

    You’re a good guy, and it’s clear you have a legion of fans that are out there ready to support you in whatever it is you do.

    As for the new format, I think people will need to let it play out. Change is sometimes necessary, and I think they have been trying a few different things there at Global, and you have to do that to be competitive.

    It’s clear many did not like Sonia, but to me she’s the most polished broadcaster at the station, and she has the background behind her as well. So we al have opinions clearly.

    The 6 o’clock team is fantastic, and while I would love to see more Sonia and Kate, I think overall they are doing a great job.

    All the best Steve, you deserve great success!

  185. Wow not impressed at all – this is something you never got right
    I moved to BC 10 years ago and starting watching Global Morning News and stayed because of Steve. Mark and Sophia because of their sense of humor and they way Steve presented himself.
    The British whatever her name was never a good fit and glad to see you dumped here to BC1 or where ever she is floating around as was hard watching her and her all about me attitude especially during the Royal Visit

    Moving over to CTV for morning news now and even deleted all programs I PVR from Global finding new stations to watch

    Steve wish you all the best in the future

  186. The only reason I watched the morning show was because of Steve, and I admit, Mark, but the women there are totally clueless (except Sophie…but they even moved here…a winning team with Steve, Sophie, and Mark!). Well Global…I have been watching you less and less for a while…now without Steve, you can go %#&! off! Yours Sincerely, Mai

  187. I also do not like the English (won’t say lady) who you brought in. I would rather switch stations when she is on. If it’s a money problem get rid of her and bring Steve back. You must be fed up with her by now. Do you really need all those sports broadcasters? They are only saying the same things anyway. over and over again. Give us all a break. Dp

  188. Our family watch Steve every day on the Morning News. We are so disappointed with Global news and now we have changed to another News Channel. Many of our friends and neighbours have made the same comments. Replacing Steve with one of your women (you must know the one)anchors would be a big mistake. The weather girls Sonya and Kate are the best! Mark with the weather always a smile! Wishing Steve all the best in his new endeavor.

  189. So Sorry to hear that Steve got th `Golden Hand shake“ He was the best!! Bad decission! I wish Steve and his family the best! I truely believe that when one door closes a nother one opens, and, usually better! But, 18 years!! But, then there is Karma!!! I would really like to know why!!!

  190. you only need to watch the morning news then it is a repeat all day long until the next morning
    could never figure out why his co host’s never stick with him on the morning show.
    makes you wonder

  191. Steve was a perfect fit for the morning news. Strange without him after watching him for 18 years. I think that we the Global viewers are owed an explanation at least. I think that by not giving the viewers a good explanation for Steve’s removal really shows the worst side of what Global is all about. Global wants us the viewers to buy into the fact that they are all about community and that there really is a Global family. Sorry Global but you owe your viewers the truth, even if it’s something you don’t want the public to know about. Good luck Steve.

  192. I am very disappointed that Steve Darling will not be part of the morning show on Global any more. Steve was the reason I watched the morning show. He was a quality guy and always made you feel part of his day. It won’t be the same without Steve.

  193. I will no longer watch morning news on global .without Steve Darling and with that annoying british woman global morning news is not the same anymore Hello CTV

  194. We were soooo saddened to see Steve Darling let go!!! We wish all the best for Steve and his young family. We’re now watching our local news in Kelowna. As for the the morning news we’ve turned to The American news …How sad is THAT!!!! Steve you are such an asset to the Vancouver Community,as well as giving your Volunteering all over the Lower Mainland! We are sadly missing you!!! Please keep us posted to your further success…YOU WILL SUCCEED!! Thank you your eighteen great years!!! Debb & Steve Brown

  195. Definitely not how you treat loyal employees or viewers! Bad decision! Good luck to you Steve! My family enjoyed watching you each morning over the years. Bye bye Global on all media platforms. Hello CTV.

  196. I’m so sad to hear that Steve Darling will no longer be part of the Global team. That’s what it’s all about isn’t it? Dependable people that all get along, joking around at times, Yet they feel like a family to all of us that turn on the T.V. first thing in the morning. Real, every day people that report the News . I was unhappy when Sophie left the morning News, but now Steve, gone for good? Whats the real truth Global? It’s stories like this that I’m so glad I work for a Union.

  197. I am shocked! Steve Darling was the best thing that ever happen to global. He is the main reason I watch global. Not only is he a Great Anchor, Steve is very knowledgeable in sports. His Great personality make one look forward to waking up at 5 am to watch the news. Guess I’ll be sleeping in now. CFAX Live on CTV doesn’t start till 6 am.

    Hella Campbell River

  198. Well, others have said it. Mark, Kaylyn and Steve made a winning combination with Steve being the nucleus that brought it all together. The person that should be “let go” is the one that came up with this idea.

  199. Had high hopes for Sonia Deol when she arrived. A breath of fresh air. When Steve abandoned her to fly solo during her first week she handled herself very well considering she didn’t know any of the local issues, areas or personalities she had to talk about. I thought she had only taken the job well below her experience level just to be with her Canadian husband.

    Now I’m less impressed, especially after her fawning all over the Royals. I wonder if she still sounds like “a mouthful of marbles” when she’s speaking Hindi?

    Used to love Randene but in the last few weeks of seeing and hearing her every morning I’m beginning to realize just what an idiot she is.

    The problem is: None of the other networks are any better. They are all clones from the same source. They all have personalities you like and personalities you don’t like.

    And occasionally, if you look really carefully, one of them will come up with a real news story.

  200. I am now watching ctv morning news. I agree global needed a change but perhaps more actual news would have done it. My family and i will no longer watch global. If this is the way longterm employees are treated, I want nothing to do with it.

  201. Sorry to see you leave, Steve, we really felt you were an honest, believable newscaster and we will miss you. Not too thrilled with your replacement.

  202. A big thing was made when Sonia Deol joined the morning news. Sure seems she didn’t last very long. There’s much more to this story that has been going on for a long time. Ask Zack.

  203. I am sorry to hear you have been terminated. I dont know if you remember me but one of your custodians at Seaquim. All the best to you and your family, who else does Jill have in her sights.

  204. Steve I am sorry to hear that they let you go. You are a class act and we’re the reason we watched Global for many years. I prayer you end up with an employer who recognizes your character and talent , all the best in the future!

    Global I hope your current viewers continue to switch to CTV.

  205. Yeager law firm I would recommend. They are specialized in this case and always successful. It’s a WIN WIN WIN Situation.

  206. Devastated to see that Steve is no longer on Global what shame and shame on global the station has gone down the drain since Jill Kropp was promoted.

  207. It was a shock to hear that Steve Darling was let go and they hung ont Sonia Deole who sounds like a female Elmer Fudd with an English accent. We watch CTV news when she is on the news.

  208. Jill Kropp and other execs know what they are doing. Steve Darling was stuck in a ( its all about me mode) for a long time. It did get tedious listening to who he knew , what he knew, where he had been, what he was doing etc. I met him one time and his arrogance was hard to take. It was time for Global to make a change. Of course my wife and I wish him well and hope he finds something positive in his future.

  209. Don’t watch the news, especially the morning or lunch time shows. TV news is becoming antiquated and keep up with the instant digital delivery. Stay tuned for more lay-offs and transitions as content continues to move towards online platforms and “24×7” news ticker programming a la fox news or CNN.

    I can get the news when I want- why should I wait til Steve is on in the mornings?

    Good Bye

  210. Steve was a Class Act! Entertaining, Informative and humorous!
    You will be Great Wherever you end up!!!
    Won”t watch Global AM.
    Kathy & Mac Gregory

  211. What is Global thinking? Big mistake letting Steve go.
    I am so sorry to see Steve is no longer doing the morning news, I always enjoyed watching him. I will watch the others channel now in protest.

  212. Watched you for years, this is absolutely wrong (if you were dismissed) very best wishes for the future > No more Global for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  213. You will be missed Steve. You are one amazing man. So so sad. Shame on you Global. A huge loss to us all. You will succeed where ever you go Steve.

  214. Okay, who’s going to be next? Doesn’t actually promote confidence from management, does it? I’ve seen several ride off into the sunset after being given a pink slip from Global/ BCTBV: Bernie Pascall, Rob Malcom, John McKeachie, and Barry Houlihan are names that come to mind. No wonder I watch Global less and less. It doesn’t say much for an organization whose background is highlighted by dropping the axe on long-time valued employees in such a cruel manner. I guess Global management thinks that they’ll gain a bigger audience by such treachery. I don’t think so! How an organization treats their employees speaks volumes to an audience.

  215. Not to sound mean….but was not a fan of Steve’s. Haven’t watched mainstream news in a long time, but used to watch a lot. My personal perspective from back then, he used to be mean to Dr. Hister…and generally felt he was a bit egotistical. Came across as a power-tripper. Just my 2 bits. Thanks.

  216. Ok get over it people.He is not the first person in the media to be unceremoniously dumped and he won’t be the last.Life goes on for him and everone else a couple of weeks from now no one will remember his name.Do you think he would care if you got dumped I doubt it

  217. Hey Mark, regardless of what you believe it’s not right that people get dumped after years of hard work and dedication to their craft. Chorus …… suck!

  218. We left Global when the British woman joined; she was too too painful. … so not right fit. We returned when Randene came aboard with Steve…great team!. and now…CTV hello….again.
    Global decisions of late…what are you thinking??? Steve/Randene/Mark thank you..just the best team….picture fade to CTV…

  219. I found Steve Darling to be somewhat dismissive with certain guests, and his ego did seem to rule at times. I also agree with previous posts that make points against all the cooking bits. I find myself reading during those. In spite of my feelings about Steve i wish him the best and hope he finds a more suitable position.

  220. Steve Darling fired!Oh my ,thats shocking!Give us a break!What a self centered ,camera hog”look only at me”.Why he is so full of his self is what many can not figure.Boring.But mention golf or movie stars and he takes over the show.Bye buddy.The show now is decent.and I like the new weather guy.Time for Mark to pack up and leave.Man,Vancouver is so blah and boring never mind the local news,but this line up is good.And that was an idiot that called the new english girl a “bimbo”-is that Trump?

  221. If this is Steve’s decision, then Steve I wish you well and we will miss you. Otherwise I have to say that this decision is shocking, I don’t get it, and I hope from the bottom of my heart that Global reconsiders. Steve Darling is a caring, compassionate and gentle hearted start to my day. Is he the only personality that makes the show? Of course not–Global has such a talented team. But he is an integral part of the team and his absence will be felt deeply.

  222. As a long time poster to this site (well over five years), I have to say the public anger over Steve Darling’s recent elimination of his position by Global is a real eye-opener. Can close to 20,000 people be wrong about Steve ? Also, good to see many members of the public who have been following BCTV/Global for years, expressing their honest opinions over, not just the abrupt firing of Steve Darling, but an acute, overall condemnation of the current state of news programming at Global Vancouver.

    As a long time defender of Steve Darling’s t.v. career on this site, I think that Steve is a great talent who will likely resurface on another media outlet. His career isn’t over ! Of course, once you are fired from a certain broadcaster, there is no turning back, unless you are a mega star along the lines of radio legend Tom Rivers, who apparently got hired and fired, three times, as morning and afternoon deejay at CHUM Radio. Well, that must be some sort of record, as I have never heard anyone being fired 3X with one broadcaster.

    I think that one of the common denominators of all these posts (unanimiously in favour of Mr. Darling) is the cruel, cut-throat way that broadcasters like Shaw and Corus terminate their on air personalities, even after years of very good public service.

    So, here is the hyprocrisy? Broadcasters essentially forfeit the right to say in their job ads that they want candidates who approach job tasks with “empathy and a pleasant demeanor” when most commercial broadcasters have NO empathy or pleasantness, whatsoever, when it comes to HR decisions.

    I’m very glad that the Steve Darling situation has brought this darker side of the business to light.

  223. Unreal, I watchel global for years. It’s really gone down hill now. Global BC was the the best news show in canada. Not only the news but they were so much fun. Hope you all end up together again. Huge fan base

  224. Steve:

    I as Jack Simmons remember the days of CHRX, when you were an up and coming broadcaster. Well done over the last 18 years. Head down and focused. I’ll miss you in the mornings Steve. I know you will surface with great opportunity. Caio for now.

  225. Incompetence in the highest order responsible for this pernicious decision. I will be surprised if Global can sustain this loss and hold any viewers. George Bush work there?

  226. Just heard, hot topic in the pub tonight.. political correctness has gone too far, it’s the reason Donald Trump has gone as far as he has – the silent majority is fed up with it and now there is talk of boycotting both global and twassasen mills ( the new shopping center built on Indian lands).

  227. What were you thinking!!!! Steve was one of the best things you had going for your station & just perhaps the wrong individual was let go. We miss Steve & hopefully we’ll be able to tune in to him in the future. VERY SHORT SIGHTED PEOPLE!

  228. Give me a break. Some of these comments from the “We Love Steve Darling Camp” need a reality check. Let’s just get a few things straight.

    Yes he had been at Global for a long time. But Global is a business. It does NOT get any funding from the government and just like CTV, it is a COMMERCIAL business. So programming needs to generate revenue. The ratings over the last couple of years have going downhill. Steve was the common factor during this entire period. He was boring and people were tuning out. People can scream it from the rooftops now that they are leaving for CTV and they only tuned in for Steve, but the FACTS are people were ALREADY tuning away from the morning show on Global. If Steve was as great as some people think he is, they would not have got rid of him because that is revenue and money for the station. But the FACT is he WASN’T as popular as some think he is. Yes thousands have gone on social media to complain…but where were all these people when it came to ratings these last 2 years? The show has been in decline and that was the case when Steve and Sophie were on it together. Check the ratings before living in some deluded make believe world.

    Then they tried a number of different guest hosts with him when Sophie was moved. All had to fight to get a word in edgeways. All had to play the giggling sidekicks because STEVE wouldn’t allow anyone to be a part of that show. In his mind it was his show. He had the same mentality when Sonia Deol was brought in. So many of us who don’t normally comment on sites like this, would cringe and feel uncomfortable watching Steve not really try with her. She is an experienced and competent broadcaster and was a breath of fresh air to a stale show. Ratings were going up but again STEVE had to be the centre of attention and looked like a child who’s candy had been taken away when he wasn’t the one doing the talking. Thank God they moved her away from him. Anyone who questions her ability and talent is clearly from the biased ‘We Love Steve’ camp. She has been nominated for a Jack Webster Award. That speaks volumes in itself.

    Things looked more hopeful for the show with Randene being brought in. But again look at the RATINGS. Check Harvey Oberfield’s post from last month. CTV have been beating Global in the ratings since the summer. FACT. Do your math and that’s about the time they moved Deol and brought in Randene. So ratings DECLINED with Steve and Randene together. If they were so popular why did ratings slip? Steve may be the cuddly guy on tv but he was past his sell by date..and anyone who argues otherwise is not looking at the ratings. It’s all about numbers. Why should a station keep someone on who is not delivering the goods? That would be insane and business suicide.

    Can someone ask Steve why he has been putting messages out publicly saying he was let go by Global…but he has FAILED to mention they offered him a different role on different shows and HE SAID NO. Can Steve also tell everyone about the MASSIVE pay out he received instead of playing the victim card? Most importantly, can Steve tell us all about how he WAS offered the chance to say goodbye to viewers on air with a big tribute show and he said NO? My guess is he won’t because he is enjoying giving the impression that he was coldly let go …but the thing about the truth is…at some point it always comes out.

    It’s tough when someone loses their job but the fact is business is business, and just like every other industry if you’re not performing you’d be out. TV/Radio is no different. It was only a few months ago Jody Vance was let go in a similar fashion from BT. W didn’t see her on social media putting out messages with only half the story and letting people believe she was some kind of victim.

  229. Though not a fan of Steve’s I’m appalled at the back stabbing way he was let go, yet Chris Gailus has been retained even though he’s admitted to sexual advances toward his make-up lady. Therefore I do not watch the evening news when Chris is there, only if Sofie is on by herself.

    Jill should have stayed being an anchor if this is the way she manages. I also don’t understand why Sonia Deol is still on on the weekends. I turn the channel when she is broadcasting. Sonya Beeksma can’t quit looking at the camera. She needs to go also.

    I love Kristy and Kate and all the other meteorologists at Global though.

    I mostly watch CTV now and sometimes City TV’s Breakfast Television in the morning.

  230. Randene Neill has also put on notice after getting an offer outside of TV news, according to John Daly’s Twitter account. Grace Kee also off mornings. I’m now tuning in to CTV. Do you think Jill Krop is reading this?

  231. I still laugh at the day when Sophie- on vacation in Thailand- phoned into the show telling Steve that she had run into (former Liberal leader) Michael Ignatieff. Steve was impressed, and referenced that Sophie “was hob-nobbing with foreign leaders(!!!!)
    Numerous friends of ours saw the same show…we howled for weeks. It became a go-to party joke

    We was done with us

    Losing a job sucks, but- come on- that was pathetic.
    Time to move on

  232. Sorry to hear Steve Darling will no longer be anchoring for BCTV Global news. I enjoyed watching and listening to Steve speak the news. He was so professional, proper and distinguished with gorgeous eyes and a nice smile. I will miss Steve. TV network companies need more like Steve. All the best to you and your family Steve Darling.

  233. Global must have had a good reason. Why else would they give up so many loyal customers? It’s been over a week now and I haven’t been back. Took a little bit to get used to C TV Vancouver, but I’m there…..although they’re no Steve Darling.
    Good luck Steve!

  234. Wow talk about a not so nice place to work at Global. Why would they put Randene on notice for getting a possible job offer. Are you kidding me?!!!!

    Last time I checked everyone has the right to look for another job elsewhere. Be it in TV or Radio or something else. Makes me wonder what anyone would go into the TV industry.

    Personally I hope she does get the job, and leaves Global.

  235. Watched the late night news with Randene and used to watch the morning news with Steve and Sophie but quit when Sonia Deol was hired, I started watching because Steve was still there and Randene was on as cohost, now they r both gone. Really like Squire, Kaitlyn and Mark but will be watching CTV most of the time now. Global anchor at 11pm is not some one I care to listen she sounds very uninvolved with the local news etc.
    Congrats to Randene she is getting out on her own and will be better off but now that she is gone as well so am I.

  236. Steve was way to politically correct , step on some toes once in a while, it keeps normal people interested. Going to miss Randene and look forward to seeing more of Sonia.

  237. Sonia Beeksma demoted, Sonia Beal brought in, then moved to weekend and replaced by Randene, Steve Darling fired, and now Randene Niell quits. If that’s not a toxic environment then I don’t know what is. If they bring in two new anchors for the morning, then it was all a lie. I’d love to be a fly on the wall there!


  239. I’m gonna miss seeing Steve , he was always interested in the community that he was apart of and made sure we were also. Sad to see them both go

  240. No great loss..
    Reading a few of the comments, it sounds
    Like Steve left many of the comments himself
    useing fictitious emails…lol
    I met him at a charity hockey game a few
    Years ago and the overall consensus was
    He was a “Goof” , came across as very arrogant
    And not all that bright.
    A friend who has worked for Global
    For years said they had planned a going
    away party but Steve chose to storm-out
    like a big baby.
    Maybe he should look for a job in radio,
    as he has the face and body for it.
    Good luck won’t be missed.

  241. Now there one more reason for us to watch Como news at 4 o’clock daily.
    The news program is more informative and they speak clearly.

  242. its a news show – some of you need to focus on your own lives, rather than living through some kind of fictional tv family that you think you know?

    Global viewer ratings are up since

    people can say they are going elsewhere but its not true, all of you are still watching – everyone is replaceable including all of you in your jobs and as viewers

  243. Global BC seems to be doing all it can to get rid of viewers. I live in Ontario but always listened to Global BC news simply because I felt Steve Darling was the best anchor in Canada. Good Bye Global

  244. Sad that people can be let go just like that. Sounds like a corporate decision. Global morning news won’t be on my TV any more. 🙁

  245. Global will continue to fail…It is hard to believe that there was so much local talent at one point in Vancouver and now we have to import dreck from the old country?!

    Eric Dwyer and Jack Webster must be rolling over in their graves.

    Bring back Barry Houlihan!

  246. A lot of posters have commented that Global had errored in letting go of Steve. But it had nothing to do with Global, it was Cloris (?) The mega conglomeration that bought out Shaw. And like all big mega corporations they start by cutting out the high earners. I fully agree that Global BC is sports reporters heavy & let Deol’s visa expire & get rid of Lui as well as a few of the other bimbos, let would easily save whatever money they were paying Steve.

  247. Global are you really trying to ruin the station, because it seems your decision to remove a loyal, long time favoured and so well loved news anchor to be the stupidest idea you’ve come up with so far. Just reading the comments is enough to see the viewers thoughts, or should I say ex-veiwers.
    Steve, Sonia and Mark were the best. It is sad to see the quality of news become more like the USA news sensationalizing rather than good unbiased reporting.
    Steve was the best and will be sadly missed.
    All the very best to you Steve and your family, you don’t want to work for a company that treats their employees so badly, de-valuing devoted long term staff is despicable. Good bye Global.

  248. We miss you Steve you are very special ,the morning news is not the same anymore ,
    what a shame ,
    You will find a better place ,hope to see you back at another tv station ,

  249. Excellent news! He was so annoying. I know he has a good heart, I respect the charity work he has done, but he isn’t fit for his slot. No edge, just a politically correct “yes boy”.

  250. I’ve watched Steve Darling for years. and I was very disappointed when he was let go. I’ve since switch to CTV and watch Keri Adams and the youngster Brent Shearer. I’m sure that the person(s) involved in the dismissal are Trump supporter(s). Bad move Global. I hope that more people express their opinion.
    Steve I wish you the very best of luck in any future endeavour.

  251. We have been watching Steve for long time. We watch CTV morning live now. It is shame to let popular people go. Same on CKNW, Since Bill Good and Phill Till are gone. I don’t turn my radio on till 10:00 AM. Simi Sarah is still a very good T S Host. Don’t know what is with this company. Best of luck Steve Darling, I am sure you will be very happy some where else.

  252. I’ve watched Steve Darling for years. Because of his firing, I won’t be watching Global any longer.
    Hiring Sonia Deol was a huge mistake and now they’ve fired Steve. Really poor decisions Global!

  253. I loved watching global when it was Sofia and Steve on the morning show. Miss you guys together. I’m not impressed global goofs . Done with you guys.

  254. A complete lack class and intelligent decision making on management’s part . You’ll be missed in our house to Steve . We’ll be getting our morning news elsewhere too now.

  255. Steve Darling is a class act and will be tough to replace. You need more like Steve anchoring your news programs and fewer of the fluff you are seem to be putting in front of the Cameras.

  256. So sorry to hear Steve was let go. Not sure what has happened at Global, maybe Jill Krop needs to be replaced. News content has gone downhill so fast since she took over. Although I do think she is a perfect fit since Corus has bought Global!! It’s all very sad indeed.

  257. Happy day for me… we just don’t like Steve.. pompous and frankly makes silly and impertinent comments showing very Lille depth of general knowledge…

  258. My 80 year old mother used to enjoy the morning news with Sophie, Steve and Mark (I know Sophie was moved to the evening broadcast). She is really sad that Steve has been let go. We are not watching Global anymore.

  259. BIG, BIG MISTAKE… GOOD-BYE Global News! We’ll be getting our morning news elsewhere. Our best wishes to you Steve wherever you go.

  260. I suspect Steve was let go for financial reasons. What surprises me is a the female news director let him go and replaced him with Sonia who is probably paid less… equal rights? I suspect someone is just trying to get a larger bonus at the expense of hard working family man and taking advantage of a female with less experience, this sounds like a typical executive trying to line their own pockets.

  261. i’ve been wondering where Steve is – sorry to see him leave. i did like the way the Global team presented the morning news. Always a very personable presentation. i like many others will be looking to get my news somewhere else.

  262. Painful. It’s like watching a car crash in slow motion. Sonia Sunger is like a piece of cardboard. Who’s bright idea was it to put her on the show? She has no personality and lacks experience and presence. I was hoping there would be an improvement now that the management had a chance to refresh the show with both Randene and Steve gone but it’s even worse! It’s like watching a a kid fresh out of BCIT trying to convince us she know what she’s talking about. Sunger may have been on BC1 for the last few years but that is where she belongs…on a smaller show. She is going to kill the ratings because in one word she is boring and clearly has no experience! Totally out of her depth. Keri Adams must be having a party in her make up room every day.

  263. We’re kinda glad Steve is gone. He came across as arrogant, pompous, and with a “big man on campus” mentality. And those who are saying he’s a “sports guy”, really?!! I cringed every time he would call sports highlights, it was that bad. Much rather watch Sophie do the morning news. But now we have to watch Sonia, a new, inexperienced, dull anchor. I think she was given the job because of her looks among other things that don’t have anything to do with anchoring the news.
    CTV for morning news. Global for evening news.

  264. A little late in my reply as I was waiting to see if it was possible that Steve might come back. I agree with other posts re: That annoying British anchor coming on board and then to hear Steve’s position was eliminated. How is that possible, now they have some young, totally boring – seems fairly inexperienced “girl” doing the morning show. How is it, if the morning show is still going on that Steve Darling’s position is eliminated. I don’t get it. I smell a Toronto Beaurocratic Rat. I am quite frankly disgusted, and very saddened by the way a long time employee has been treated by Global. Apparently loyalty and dedication, not to mention seniority mean NOTHING to Global. Good Luck to You Steve and as they say “What goes around comes around” AND as Bill Good intimated on his “This is my opinion talk” in a nutshell this could be the undoing of Global TV by stupid corpoorate decisions made by Corus. I too, will switch to another channel for morning news now that Randene is gone (loved her) and will see what happens with the evening. Just as an aside I can’t stand the new weather guy (can’t even remember his name that is how unimpressed I am), not sure where they got him from. Could they not have given that position to Yvonne? I love Mark Madriga- Think he is fabulous.

  265. Well today Sonia Beeksma announced her departure. Did Global offer a spiff for voluntary terminations? Let’s hope we will see the end to Sonia Deol soon, too. Looks like all the “high paid” are on the 6pm news. I don’t know why the keep “big man” Gailus as he is such a screw up in bungling a news event!! Global continues to run the same news event for what seems like days and really when did new bands/singers , cooking, and drinks become part of “news”!? Global……just stick to news!!!! It is so easy to flip to CTV although they are not much better. And let’s face it tv is slowly becoming extinct and global is doing a great job in self destructing themselves. ???

  266. I agree with this decision by Global, I stopped watching the morning show about a year ago, choosing CTV instead. I also agree with a previous post that Steve came across as arrogant, this was confirmed when I met him a few years ago. Regardless I wish Steve good luck in the future.

  267. Well, I’m afraid Global has lost me. Of course the suits won’t/don’t care, we the peons, the watchers mean nothing to them. They always seek change. You know, perhaps same old same old is okay! I liked the morning line up, Sophie and Steve, Mark, Kaitlyn. I haven’t watched since Steve was canned. I tuned in this morning and see another no name talking head, no personality, no banter, well, no me either. Back to CNN until the election is over then CTV CBC, global? You are not Global, you are small minded and have no vision. Oh, get rid of Gailus too, waste of the air the pompous ass displaces as he walks around the studio. Go Sophie! Go Mark. Love ya!

  268. The Global morning news show has been an important part of my morning for the past fifteen years. Steve’s warm personality, amazing memory for past events, and down-to-earth style made
    the show always engaging and interesting. The show is now flat and boring, and I will no longer be watching it. Global has obviously made a big mistake by letting Steve go. I sincerely wish Steve and his family all the best!

  269. Back in Canada after a short stay in the UK and am shocked to hear of Steve’s departure from Global. This is devastating for morning viewers who watch the morning news and felt a connection with Steve. His warm personality, community involvement and positive charm will be surely missed. What is going on with Global? Randene is gone too? This is appalling to hear for all Global morning fans. To eliminate an anchor position like Steve is beyond comprehension. How do we the viewers watch Global now. This was a big mistake on management’s part. Who will be able to replace such a well-liked newscaster? Good luck Steve and I wish you all the best in your new endeavours. I am so saddened by this news. Very hard to digest.

  270. So Steve Darling has found a new career path in politics and running for the Liberal Party in the Burnaby Lougheed riding. He lives in Port Coquitlam so why isn’t he running there? Seeing Steve and Christy Clark together at the press conference on the news made me want to gag. Trying to control my laughter but it isn’t easy. He is a legend in his own mind!

  271. Query? Where is Grace Key? At the same time of Darling’s departure, Grace went MIA. I learned to like her as she reported on the morning news. Does someone know? Thanks!

  272. Ed L asks: Why doesn’t he run in Coquitlam ? He he he ! Because obviously, Stevie wants a nice, soft launchpad to launch his political career with ?

  273. Steve, you did such an incredible job anchoring the morning news, and I’m sure it feels surreal having such a big part of your life changed up so suddenly but as you are quickly finding out, this is an exciting new beginning for you!!…This time a year ago, bet you would have laughed if someone said you’d be running as an MLA in the next provincial election. Go for it Steve, and I wish you the best of luck. Katie

  274. Global has been diving down hill for awhile now. Less factual news content and more shrill opinion every time I bring myself to watch it. Have to wonder if Steve got sick of it and actually said something about that, I think he is a man of integrity which can’t be tolerated at a mainstream Canadian broadcast organization. I am done with global maybe start watching Simpson reruns on the internet for news, seems about the same level of true news content.
    Good Luck Steve

  275. Steve was the personification of vapid in my view. The outpouring of support for this living example of the Peter Principle, goes a long way to explaining just why journalism is in the sorry state it is today.

  276. Why on earth do this?Steve Darling was/is a pro in his field.Makes no sense to get rid of him and keep the english woman that has no clue what diction means.My wife doesnt understand a word she says and neither do i.We wont be watching anymore.Good luck Steve all the best to you and your family.

  277. @disgusted

    So, Homer Simpson, instead of Steve Darling ! LOL! Regarding Darling Steve for MLA, he has nothing to lose. If his political career wins, he gets a big fat payraise. If he loses, back to tv land. His EI expires in one year, so if he gets elected, his EI will have to stop ! LOL

  278. How could they get rid of a man like Steve Darling? Something really stinks with this Network I refuse to watch it anymore when they stoop so low.

  279. Blows me away so many people were surprised. I’m sure he’s a great guy. Obviously a thoughtful and caring individual, but what a terrible presenter/interviewer. His interview style was terrible…answer the question without asking it and then ask the interviewee to “tell us about that”…was laughable. BCTV/Global has been my local news home for my entire life, but I’m afraid there is no longer any local news worth watching. I miss the days when we delivered the facts, always with some editorial bias, but now we get the opinions of some rather simple presenters. Has anyone seen the weeknight late night local CTV broadcasts?! Shameful, but not the only guilty party by any stretch.

  280. I refuse to watch Global News any time that British woman is the news reporter because I firmly believe she replaced Steve Darling by offering to do the job for a lot less money


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