Anti-American Anthem Protests Now Costing Networks, NFL Millions in Lost Ad Revenue








Friday October 7, 2016


The growing number of anti-American protests during pro football is now hitting the broadcast networks in the wallet as advertisers demand refunds on their advertising costs because of falling ratings.

The negative effect on the NFL of the anti-American national anthem protests started by San Francisco 49ers second-string quarterback Colin Kaepernick is coming more sharply into focus each week. Firstly, ratings have been tumbling week over week and now another metric to measure the effect has appeared as TV networks have now been forced to begin giving money back to advertisers because not as many people are watching football to be exposed to their TV commercials.

The networks have been providing advertisers with what are termed “make-goods.” These are refunds given to advertisers because the cost of advertising is predicated on the number of viewers a TV commercial will reach during a pro football game. But with ratings falling, often by double digits, advertisers are demanding their “make-goods” because ads are hitting far fewer eyes than they paid for.

Some are already calling these make-goods the “Kaepernick effect” with advertising revenues taking a major hit as fans tune out in droves.


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  1. Typical Breitbart spin.

    Firstly, deciding to sit or kneel while the ridiculous Star-Spangled Banner anthem plays is not anti-American. It may be a protest of the United States of America and its slave-celebrating anthem, but nothing to do with the majority of “Americans” who don’t live in the U-S, but rather elsewhere in The Americas. Yes, the protests may actually make the US rethink that song and its race-baiting lyrics, but…


  2. Colin Kaperdick is not the reason for dropped ratings. He’s a primadonna and douche but he has his ignorant right to protest the US flag, (he is not protesting the anthem, but the flag). The flag of the nation that made him in the top 1/10th of 1% of Americans wealth. He along with all the other moron athletes has his/their rights to express an opinion, even if it’s ignorant. But any other American has the same rights to call him and them out as self-entitled, out of touch, ignorant fools.

    But ratings are falling not just the NFL but most if not all pro sports as crony business has hi-jacked the sports and most games are meh more and more boring with too much commercial breaks and stuff.

    Once the sports were sold out for just more easy $$$ the slippery slope was jumped on by the sports. There likely is not real fixing of this problem, only an inevitable crash and a rebuild from crash results.

  3. So a backup Quarterback is causing a decline in Ratings and ad revenue? Because he kneels during an anthem that isn’t shown on TV? Bzzzzt! Wrong.
    Lower ratings for the NFL are across the board, NFL football is down because of Trump and Hillary. Okay, just Trump. The numbers are down for shows on ESPN like PTI, and Around the Horn, Meanwhile CNN and Fox are UP…. 20-30 percent.

    Add to that a collection of dog games, Brady out, Manning retired, and ratings in the AFC are down. The NFC show the numbers flat, but that’s only with the Cowboys and Eagles being interesting with new QB’s. Want to see ratings rise? San Francisco should start Kaepernick.

  4. This is so ridiculous, its hard to be taken seriously. You may agree or disagree with Colin K but he has absolutely nothing to do with the slumping ratings. There are few teams that I want to see play live on tv, and I only choose to watch them during the evening, as well. The game seems to have slowed down so much in the last five years. Players want to retire early because of the worry about possible concussions.

  5. Denying Kaepernick & Co.’s disrespectful displays and anti-Americanism being among the major reasons for the NFL’s plummeting ratings and viewership (and probably also live game attendance) does not make it untrue. The NFL is bringing its own troubles down upon itself by embracing liberalism and allowing their players to act like prima donnas without repercussion.

  6. The NFL (and most other pro sports leagues) is a microcosm of cronyism in capitalism.

    The NFL for example is not about true competition between even its 32 teams as businesses. On the field as with most pro sports it’s all about ‘general parity’ or ‘general mediocrity’ in essence ‘general equality’. The NFL crony-capitalist team owners would love to see every team go 8-8 on the season. They would love to see two new teams in the Super Bowl each and every year. This is socialism in play.

    Crony-capitalists once attaining ungodly sums of wealth are fine with just putting it all on cruise control. AS LONG AS I DO NOT LOSE MY MONEY! I’m ok with minimal to even no growth and as long as I do not have to work harder to truly compete. We also hear of SOCIALIZE LOSSES, PRIVATIZE PROFITS! Cronyism in bed with governments. Thus we have a cabal of not just in the NFL but all pro sports and much in life today in general!

    The NFL is a representation of a corporate cabal and again a microcosm of the idea of Globalism and crony-capitalism. It is 100% opposite of free market capitalism.

    PROVERBIAL PABLUM is the product it all sells. Again using the NFL as a guide, all fans of all NFL teams want and are told/spun to believe their team can make the playoffs and maybe win a Super Bowl. In reality it’s not quite 100% perfect as even with this cabal the can’t control everything. But most NFL teams push the idea that they are close to being a contender or are a winner in waiting. Most will spin if they are just behind the top group in a general parity based league ONE player away or a new coach away from being winners . It’s all fools gold for the fans. But we soak it up from ideological brainwashing. We say, ” Here take my money.” as we watch in essence often boring dreck and socialism played on the field. ‘Everybody is equally miserable equally all of the time.”

    Pro sports are crony-capitalist machines using socialist values to spread wealth between all team owners. They generally share the pot of gold, but keep it away from others. They pay their pawns, the players generally as well as they can, just to quietly keep them down, under their collective thumbs with enough spin of these players minds into being happy. The NFL and other pro leagues are now by design and operations, general antithesis to FREE MARKET COMPETITION!

    We do not see the best rise very high anymore from at least above the mid tier or bottom tier of teams. There are no true dynasties in most any pro sports today. All we really get today as paying fans is the hype of ‘we are close to being winners’ and the proverbial pablum. Pouring a little bit of honey on the bowl of your pablum still makes it pablum.

    The NHL is a high offender by its rules, not just salary caps and a general socialistic business model among its 30 teams. The simple rule of Overtime Loss POINTS! This phony point system keeps teams on general par, all looking more or less competitive and gives false hope to most of the fans. But it is fools gold as it in one way deceives the better teams from truly ascending above the poorer teams. But mostly it deceives 30 NHL cities fans into being all happy in that their team is competitive looking but in reality the fans are fed proverbial honey covered pablum.

    This will in time be a big part of the demise of pro sports as they represent a form of crony-capitalism in bed with socialistic ideals. THIS IDEALISM WILL ALWAYS FAIL! Mark my words.

  7. Yes to vantvguy and wtf to lesh.

    If you want to argue that pro sports are more about making money then you wont get any argument back. To try to find some sort of conspiracy in the promotion of a bad team as a contender, I dont see it. Every pro team tells its fans that they can win it all, be patient and wait till next year. Then they fire the coach, the GM , the defensive coordinator, the water boy and promise change. Sooner or later the fans stop buying the hype and the tickets.

    As far as the NFL allowing a small group of players to use the Anthem as a venue to protest, the league should fine the team owner a million per game per player. Kapernick might be a starter in Winipeg

  8. 13,

    My point is pro sports do not really celebrate teams that create strength to possibly become solid contender to maybe dynasties. The leagues promote ‘parity’ well that is another word for mediocrity. By making it look as if most or all of the teams are at minimum contenders for at least a playoff spots. With the NHL phony standings. They put rules in place that allow poorer run teams to appear to be better than they are and that is an attempt to sell fools gold of false hope to the fans so that the keep spending their money buying this fools gold.

    The games in most or all pro leagues are over coached, too many rules most do not serve the games well, and the way the business side is run the idea of winning the games played are meh, irrelevant to the making sure the various income streams are socialistically distributed to the owners so they all make more money regardless if team A has the merit to deserves it over team B.

    The modern pro sports are microcosms to general global business cronyism and socialistic ideals for these leagues mini cabals in their individual team franchise circles.


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