Positive Trump Polls Hidden By US Corporate Media. Michael Rivero


Michael Rivero visits with Jim Goddard on WhatsReallyHappening.com


  1. That’s pretty clear because the liberal media is in the tank for Hillary (like they were for Obama) and want her to win, even though all signs are pointing toward her (and the Democrats as a whole) heading toward a big collapse in November because of nearly eight years of a corrupt Democrat regime under Obama.

  2. It is almost laughable to listen to CKNW and CBC Radio carrying the water for Mrs Clinton. CKNW is well neigh on being unlistenable these days as you can almost see the eyerolling by show hosts every time Donald Trump’s name is mentioned and they use every opportunity to dismiss and disparage Trump.

    This does not serve us well is practically an abuse of the public airwaves. There is a very real possibility of Donald Trump being the president of a country in which we do the majority of our business with and this sort of demonization does not help relations with the folks south of us.

    The folks at CKNW and elsewhere believe that they are entitled to act as they please. I have heard Simi Sara on a number of occasions disparage callers as to what they can say on “her show”. It may be her show, but her show is permitted to be on the public airwaves because of us. It is our airwaves and she is abusing her privilege to use our airwaves with such activity. Drex is another offender in this regard. It is the actions of these two and others like them that have sent me to pretty well listening to TSN 1040 all day long. It is much more real there.

  3. Right on Geordie in Richmond. CKNW & CBC are the Clinton Radio Networks in Canada. I put the blame squarely on Larry Gifford, a democrat who is the American PD transplant who has ‘Clintonized’ 980. Because of my love for talk radio and the truth, I’ve been taking advantage of the Internet with talk shows like Ryan Jespersen on 630 CHED in Edmonton, and even QR 77 from Calgary with Danielle Smith, who I believe has finally found her niche. I also enjoy Roundhouse Radio, especially now with This Week in Money on Saturday and Sunday mornings.


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