Michael Wolff on the Murdoch Father-Sons Feud Over Fox News Post-Roger Ailes

Illustration by: Thomas Kuhlenbeck



by Michael Wolff


Wednesday August 17, 2015

Rupert Murdoch is in charge, but his promotion of two network veterans despite a widening harassment probe (and over his sons’ doubts) belies big changes coming as James and Lachlan see the future of cable news in CNN (and Jeff Zucker in Ailes’ spot?)

Fascinated by its growing influence and low-cost structure, and noting the flakiness of its owner, Ted Turner, Rupert Murdoch made several attempts to buy CNN between 1993 and 1995. Rebuffed by Turner, who thought as little of Murdoch as Murdoch thought of him, CNN was sold to Time Warner in 1996. In something of a this-is-war huff, Murdoch vowed to start his own cable news network.

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  1. Makes no sense.
    If Fox is a ratings juggernaut for cable news, why mess with the formula? Why turn it into CNN – a media outlet with significantly less ratings?
    Why turn your empire over to your loser sons who don’t seem to understand anything about the news industry?
    Right wing media has a lot more to offer, since there is less of it on TV and republicans need to get their fix as well.
    Ridiculous premise … RIP Fox if this is where their heads are at.


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