Where are You Chuck Chandler? Bob Layton’s Still looking for you!

Bob Layton



630 CHED News Director Bob Layton posted on our twitter, that he’s looking for long time radio personality Chuck Chandler. Chandler, was one of the original line-up of 630 CHED disc jockeys in the 60’s and 70’s. From what we understand, his last on air gig was with CKDA 1200 Victoria before they signed off in 1995.




Courtesy: VancouverBroadcasters.com / EdmontonBroadcasters.com






Chuck, who once contributed on our old Eblah forum,  back in April of 2014 was last time we heard from him. He was living in Victoria. Any one, and there must be someone who knows where the man has gone, please let Bob, and us know where he is. Why is Bob looking for Chuck? because Mr. Layton is writing a book about Edmonton Broadcasting, which should be a worthy ready.

Email Bob:  Bo********@co******.com


Chuck Chandler dies in Victoria










  1. When l heard of Chuck’s passing, l remember the last time l heard him on radio. It was
    his challenge to “break up” Ed Mason…. and as the “moment” carried on, l even broke up
    with Chuck’s antics. What a great, entertaining man. Will be missed


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