Long time Global Vancouver Newsman John Daly to Retire




  1. John L Daly was my first broadcast journalism professor at BCIT and I wish him, well, in retirement. sad to see you go. Want to thankJohn for his years of mentorship to many journalists, as he mentored virtually dozens of students !

  2. Looking back … anyone remember when the News Hour signed in its first on-air reporter. Dale Hicks I believe. And then when the News Hour had just one weekend reporter, Ed Cosgrove. He’d run stories from Maple Ridge to Horseshoe Bay.

  3. I met him last year at the RTDNA Award ceremony in Vancouver. He made a point of finding me to congratulate me and my radio station on our wins. We’re not a Vancouver station and it was flattering that he took interest in what we were doing.

    I know it was just a small interaction, but I was left with such a good impression of him as a person to go along with my respect for him as a reporter.

    I wish you all the best in retirement.

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