Former Fire Chief Demands Mars Water Bomber be Used


Do lives have to be lost before the World’s best fire fighting aircraft flies in action? Jim Goddard of the Goddard Report talks with Murray Davidson a former Fire Chief of Ladysmith, BC

Mars Water Bomber




  1. Climate change is underway. Whether it’s caused by fossil fuels, remains to be seen. In the interim, Western governments should funnel infrastructure dollars into production of water bombers and other firefighting aircraft. Here in Canada, it could be a way to keep Bombardier afloat as a going concern without giving grants and loans that may never be repaid.

  2. The Mars bomber could have had the 2015 Port Hardy fire out in a couple of hrs… Instead we had crews and helies for almost a week… Where was the dollars and sense?
    I understand the Mars is not ideal for some areas, but dammit she is perfect for others!
    I would like to know about the fire fighting aircraft used in BC, and the ties, if any between the companies and the Prov. Gov….


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