Day 1 of the B.C.A.B. conference in Penticton by Gerry O’Day

Fred Jacobs


A full agenda on all aspects of the Radio and Television covered. The theme seems to be ” radio is relevant” with the guests speakers. Pictured above Fred Jacobs who hosted a lively presentation on radio in the automobile. We are truly competing with other media and “trumping” the competition. Be prepared for the apple invasion into new 2017 models beginning this fall.


B.CI.T. had some discourse on how better to use practicum students with sales skill in the new media.


There was also food and drink as well as talk and mingle… (click pic to enlarge)


There was a excellent presentation detailing social media – what really hits our audience and how stale it gets quickly. All media companies well represented along with 10 new inductees into the 25 and 50 years Hall of Fame categories.

We also learned today’s media doesn’t want donuts at the Lakeside Resort as Global B.C. News Director Jill Crop turns her back on the whole situation.


Gerry O’Day


Cheers and hugs from the Peach City-


Gerry O’Day reporting


Day Two of the BCAB Convention HERE


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  1. Thanks for the summary, Gerry! I wish there was a way that tonight’s Gala could be streamed or recorded in some way. My friend took a video of L&W’s phenomenal emcee performance in 2015, and I captured the audio on my (still missing) portable recorder from the last two years, but both sets of files were way too big to upload.

  2. I will see if this is being taped – Clay and Karen will MC this evening- So far, very few programming people here and a handful of on air folks- Bill Good – Erin Davis – Ronnie Stanton just arrived. I’m going for a bike ride now –

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