and the winner to the BCAB Convention is!


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Michael Easton

Dear Radio friends,

As I indicated earlier this week, because I’m unable to attend the British Columbia Association of Broadcasters aka BCAB Conference being held in Pentiction, British Columbia. We put it out there looking for the ideal radio loving individual who met the criteria and found exactly who we were looking for.

Gerry O’Day



We congratulate radio man, and our friend Gerry O’Day as the winner of a ‘free’ pass (valued at over $700.00) to this weeks BCAB taking place in Penticton. By the way Gerry just happens to live in Penticton and only a couple of blocks from the venue.

See Gerry’s comment in the comment section below


BCAB2016 - Banner Ad for Puget Sound Radio


  1. For those who have not attended the BCAB Conference and Gala in the past, it is an incredibly special coming-together of broadcasting professionals. As an industry outsider, it was a real treat to witness the breaking down of competition buriers, and to see broadcasters acknowledging the hard work of their peers in a public forum. had it not been for nonnegotiable work commitments, I was all ready to fly into Penticton just for the awards Gala!! If you can take the time away, I urge you to email Michael to get in on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

  2. I live two blocks away from the event- have my own ride ( walk ) and my own accommodation (my condo by the beach) Besides seeing Ronnie Stanton is almost worth $700.00

  3. Congrats, Mr. Lonely! It was 23 years ago this month, May 23 1993, when Gerry first cracked the mic at CISL, breaking in as the “new kid on the block” on an All Request Weekend. I can still remember listening that day; I’ve come to learn that Gerry and I both have an abnormally good memory in common. 😉


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