Fort Mac & BC Government Reject Mars Water Bomber???


Talk Digital Network’s Jim Goddard of the The Goddard Report talks with Wayne Coulson of Coulson Aviation in Port Alberni where the Mars Water Bomber sits idle in dry dock while We BURN.

Its time for our journalist reporters to get on this story, Big Time! What with the upcoming predicted drought here on Vancouver Island, its criminal the BC Government has informed Coulson their services with the Mars Water Bomber is not included in this years fire season in the province.

The Mars Bomber has proven itself time and again and Fort McMurray for some reason resist utilizing this Great Fire Fighter. Why?

Goddard does a great job in this interview with Coulson.


  1. Yeah, can’t really understand it either. The Martin Mars is there for the asking, to be used to help fight the Fort McMurray fires if needed – yet the Notley NDP, in its usual shortsightedness, has refused to lease it and put it to use. It really makes me wonder…

  2. As simple as it seems….dump water on fire, it’s not that simple. You need a body of water large enough for the aircraft to “land” and scoop up water and take off again–with the weight of a zillion litres of water on board. With no lakes large enough and close enough, or with the geographic space to pull off that stunt safely and repeatedly, helicopters are far more effective. They can scoop water from a river. Fixed wing aircraft are more useful dropping fire retardant–which they can load while stationary on the ground.


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