Pat O’Day & Lan Roberts in Hawaii… TV Interview


In this Classic Flashback memory video, Seattle radio guys Pat O’Day and the late Lan Roberts being interviewed. O’Day bought KORL in Hawaii bringing with him former KJR morning man Lan Roberts where he once again ruled the airwaves in Honolulu.



  1. Lan Roberts, Mike Phillips, Pat O’Day and I think it was Rick Curtis, one of best line up of jocks to ever cue up a 45

  2. Hello Hugh,
    Thanks for your comment. A correction, it was Dick Curtis, not Rick. He was great on the air as a jock and newsman. He was later swooned away by KOL on Harbor Island not too far away from KJR, as the PD, then moving up to GM. In the interim Dick and Pat O’Day were business partners in the entertainment industry, booking band in the great Pacific Northwest as Pat O’Day and Dick Curtis Associates which later became Concerts West. We at PSR were blessed to have been able to run the Dick Curtis Stories. Here’s a link


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