Odds & Ends-5 ‘Final Story’ by Dick Curtis

Even though KOL and KJR were playing virtually the same music, KOL-AM was perceived to be hipper because, after all, their FM station played songs others were afraid of. On the AM side we took advantage of our lack of commercials by playing long versions of songs while KJR, saddled with twenty-two commercials an hour could only squeeze in the shorter versions


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Pat O’Day and Dick Curtis present The Rolling Stones

Regrets!, he’s had a few… especially about leaving concert promotion. As a long time Seattle radio listener during the sixties, I first tuned into KOL 1300am when Lan Roberts first worked the station before the Worlds Fair in Seattle. When Lan moved over to KJR, I was soon to follow and was introduced to some of the greatest disc jockeys of all time, including Dick Curtis. Dick Memories opened up my memories, and for others who grew up during the sixties, I’m sure will not only retrigger some of those memories, and with great delight – Mike Easton
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Odds & Ends-3 By Dick Curtis

There was a delay for a time when it was discovered that bass player Lamar Williams had dropped acid (LSD) and couldn’t perform. I couldn’t believe it. A crowd of over sixty-thousand, the biggest they had ever played to, and a band member can’t keep it together for an hour or so. I went scurrying through the audience for a bass player. We found one….

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Odds & Ends-2 by Dick Curtis

We went on to produce many of those types of shows with national headliners appearing along with several local acts. The Beach Boys, Little Stevie Wonder, Jan & Dean, The Righteous Brothers, Roy Orbison, Bobby Vinton with H. B. Barnum conducting a 25 piece orchestra and on and on… Picture: Dick Curtis and the late Dennis Wilson of the Beach Boys

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Odds & Ends-1 by Dick Curtis

I’d lied to my partner Pat O’Day and told him Tom was making sixteen-thousand so we could pay him twenty-thousand as an inducement to leave a solvent business, give up a medical plan and join Pat O’Day & Associates. Say what you want, Hulett was a hell of a salesman. He and O’Day together made a combination that was hard to top when it came to sales. My gut instincts were right.

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Beginnings by Dick Curtis

I returned to the Concert business in 1972. I had left my job as general manager at Radio Station KOL in Seattle, a huge disagreement with ownership over direction of the station.

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Leon Russell & Jackson Browne Story by Dick Curtis

Carla Bonoff was the opening act for the “Running On Empty” tour. She too was a member of this ‘click’ of musicians. These were all very accomplished and the mellowest you could find in the business.

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Led Zeppelin Saga by Dick Curtis

Two years later Led Zeppelin was to make a triumphant return to the scene of their previous huge success at Tampa Stadium. This time it was to be “The Concert” of their North American Tour. I was now living in Los Angeles and had opened a Concerts West office in that city. Actually I was a part of the much larger Jerry Weintraub Management Three offices (Seattle radio icon/promotor Dick Curtis)


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The Eagles Story by Dick Curtis

Over the years I worked three national tours for the band but the “Hotel California” tour was by far my favorite…
Joe Walsh left the group he’d formed in Colorado called “Joe Walsh & Barnstorm” and became a part of Eagles in the mid-seventies. (Dick Curtis)


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Bob Dylan Tales-6 by Dick Curtis

The tour was routed so well that Bruce Springsteen followed nearly the same exact route only three weeks later
Dick Curtis the popular KJR Disc-Jockey talks about his time as Tour Manager of Bob Dylan

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