Shane Woodford to News Director at CHNL, replacing Jim Harrison



It’s now becoming  clear the legendary and longtime Radio NL news director Jim Harrison (pictured left) will be sticking around for awhile longer, continuing to do news stories, his long time talk show and guiding the transition process. More Details below with a comment from Shane Woodford. By the way, Jim Harrison has been in the News Directors position at Radio NL for more than 40 years!

What we do know is that Shane Woodford of CKNW (pictured below) is leaving at the end of May to assume the ND role at Kamloops’ CHNL AM 610.

In a chat with Shane, after congratulating him on his new position, he said the following;

Thanks! It is an exciting challenge in a great city, solid news market, and a fantastic station. Just to flesh out the article I leave NW, likely at the end of May, and start as the News Director in Kamloops in September. Jim will help me transition into the job until December then step away. He will also retain his talk show and daily editorial.

We at PSR wish the very best to both Jim and Shane.  Woodford has history at the highly regarded interior news beacon; he worked there for two years as anchor/reporter before joining CKNW in 2011.

Shane Woodford



Our thanks to Gord Lansdell at Northwest Broadcasters for the information.


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  1. Congrats to you Mr. Woodford. You do excellent work and I think this is a good move. It’s a solid station.

  2. Shane can still be heard on NW so I wonder when he’s leaving.
    It’ll be another big loss for NW. Good luck on your new venture!

  3. you know what concerns me more is the fact Woodford is ‘left wing’ in his politics, that he squeaks when he walks. God help NL these Liberal biases won’t be echoed on this great little radio station that has done so much for news radio in this province.

  4. Thank you Some guy in BC Radio, Sam, and Hal.

    I leave NW tomorrow actually (Friday) and that ends my five years there. I will start at NL at the end of August. The only reason for the delay between NW and NL is that I can only turn left so it is going to take me foooooorever to drive up there from here.

    Looking forward to the new challenge.

    Just saw the thread and thought I would squeak up.


  5. Geez Shane with you driving left and all the righties doing nothing but constantly looking in their rear view mirror, you gotta wonder how safe we are on the roads 🙂

  6. Shane, I will miss hearing you on CKNW?….
    Good luck on your new venture at Kamloops…
    Good move from the Lower Mainland…for you and the family…


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