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Jim Harrison


News comes to the surface in various ways, this one came through our Job Opportunities section with the latest Job Posting for a new News Director for NL Broadcasting in Kamloops. Whats not in the ad is to replace long time news director Jim Harrison who is planning on retiring.


When I contacted Jim yesterday afternoon about this surprising news, he replied;

“The reports of my imminent demise are somewhat premature. Expect it to take some time to hire a replacement and then to transition that individual. Once that does occur, I still intend to continue to do daily editorials and our talk show for the foreseeable future. In short, I’m not sure when D-day will actually arrive.”

Jim has been a fixture with the Kamloops radio station since the mid 70’s. One of his many achievements being a recipient of the Bruce Hutchison Lifetime Achievement Award in 2007.

When complimenting Jim about running one of the most impressive ‘tight ship’ radio news room in British Columbia, he humbly replied; “but owe whatever success we’ve had as a newsroom to a long cast of incredible owners, leadership and partners, and a long list of hard working co-workers past and present. That’s been the foundation for my nearly 43 years here at NL.”

Before landing in Kamloops, Jim worked for CJAT in Trail.

CJAT was my second stop in broadcasting in 1972. Joe Kobluk was the general manager, and I recall the station was sold to Lloyd Hoole while we were there. Worked with N.D. Barrett Lawrie, and fondly recall many others including the late Dave Glover, the late Tom Fawkes, and John Jackson. Began working in broadcasting the year before at CKDR Dryden, after several years working in the auto plants in Windsor.”

PSR Congratulates Jim for a job well done!

So, the search is on, and radio man Ted Farr has been commissioned to handle and conduct interviews for the News Directors chair. See the Job Opening HERE





  1. Back in the 70s, NL’s then-owner John Skelly had a good ear for up-and-comers like Jim and Wayne Cox. (The previous decade, at a station he ran in Peace River, John also gave Fred Latremouille his first on-air job.)

    While Wayne and Fred skedaddled to the big lights of Vancouver, Jim and his erstwhile colleague Angelo Iacobucci have shown that staying in a regional market can also be a viable proposition. Both Jim and Angelo have broken innumerable political and general-interest stories, rebroadcast nationally from their perch by the Thompson River.

    With the severe media cutbacks in Vancouver, newbies to the industry might well want to emulate vets like Jim.

  2. Big shoes to fill—very big.
    Jim has one of the sharpest noses for news I know.
    A long and impressive career.
    Maybe now he’ll have time for other stuff.
    Pack your fishing gear Jim, I’ll see you on the riverside.

  3. I was at NL from 1983-85 and doing both jock and Sports with the occasional news cast. Harry taught me a lot of stuff. Tom Hartell, Ken Hardie , “The Bear” and “Booch” was all there. We had the Lee Smith overnight show on a cranky patch worked automation .. One of my evening “fans” was a young (now Roundhouse ND and formerly CKNW) Marcello Bernardo.

  4. Clearly, Jim Harrison is the most respected name in the B.C. radio news business that anyone is aware of.

    Basically, it’s him and Warren Barker, side by side, in terms of longevity, pure skill, and firepower leadership.

    Everyone else (in my opinion) bows to those two !

    What a news reporting “machine” they have had at CHNL Kamloops for over 35 years !

    It’s nothing short of spectacular !

    His replacement will be under a lot of pressure to carry the torch of journalistic excellence, plus keep the high ratings, of course, that Harrison helped to build.

    I wish CHNL the best of luck in finding that replacement.

  5. I am not a radio insider, just a radio fan. I like radio and started to follow PSR to try and understand why NW has become a mere shadow of what it once was. Every now and then I see a story like this one. It answers my question. Stability and a certain loyalty. Works both ways . The radio station and Mr Harrison both were loyal to one another and everyone benefits. INCLUDING the audience.

  6. Jim Harrison is one of the best in the news media business in B.C. His nose for news is legendary, and NL is far and away the best local news station in the B.C. interior, and perhaps one of the best in Western Canada,. I enjoy listening to his talk show when in the area and also online, and am glad he will still be involved with NL. Many radio stations could take lessons from how that station has been managed over the years.

  7. I remember when Jim joined us at NL. He hit the ground running(fast). He had the most stories and he had them first. He has maintained a first class Newsroom all these years and made all of us who worked with him proud. An impressive career. An impressive guy.
    All the best Jim.

  8. I worked with Jim about 25 years ago. He is one of the best. It will be difficult to replace Jim, he has owned the news in Kamloops forever! Good luck and enjoy the future!


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