Exposing The Global Elite/Media with Bill Vander Zalm


In this exclusive Press For Truth interview Dan Dicks sits down with Bill Vander Zalm former Premier of British Columbia to discuss his views on politics, the global elite and their end game agenda.



  1. An enlightening interview! Hats off to both Dan Dicks of Press For Truth and to former BC Premier Bill Vander Zalm.

    Vander Zalm was impressive. He has long left government, but it’s obvious that government ideals haven’t left him. The man gives a rat’s ass about what’s right and what’s wrong and — more important — he talks about stuff that most of us ignore — globalization, secret meetings of the highly influential Bilderberg group, our own government spying on us, chem trails — all that juicy stuff we know deep down stinks to High Heaven but we’re afraid to talk about.

    I believe Vander Zalm is right. I believe we are moving towards globalization, which is another way of saying that our lives will eventually be completely ‘controlled.’ I also believe Vander Zalm is dead on when he says the mainstream media isn’t doing its job in reporting in detail on how an unelected group [Bilderberg] secretly influences public policy. That should be lead story, and everyone should be talking about it. Instead of how the Maple Leafs are doing.

    A lack of protest over the secret Bilderberg meetings not only shows how ill-informed people have become but how beaten and defeated they are as well.

    We’ve become dumb sheep, easy and willing suckers to be manipulated by the status quo.

    The best line from Vander Zalm was, “The worst government is the government furthest away.” If globalization and one-world government come to pass, his words will come back to haunt us.

  2. ‘Billy the Gardener’ is truly a prophet in the ‘green’ Globalist wilderness!

    He would make a superior premier (once again) to the one we have now, who is obviously in thrall to the eugenicist Globalists, what with her support of abortion on demand, smart meters, euthanasia, chemtrails, vaccines, etc.

    Her scandalous silence on these issues shows clearly that she is complicit in their implementation, and she should be ashamed of herself, because she has betrayed us to the secretive Luciferian Masonic lodges and the Bilderberger elitists.

    The Endgame is indeed control, as Mr. Vander Zalm says, leading to one world government, one world religion, and massive 90% depopulation… UN Agenda 21.

    It is an indiscriminate death cult, far worse than the Holocaust, unadulterated evil.

    One would think that the Jews would recognize this and be in the vanguard of resistance against it, as they always used to say ‘Never Again!’

    We are not well served by regional, provincial, federal or UN governments, nor by a Pope who confuses the Christian faithful with heretical scandalous eugenicist statements, such as his recent lauding of the Radical Party abortionist Emma Bonino, who killed 10,000 babies.

    He actually called this witch ‘one of Italy’s greatest.’

    Instead of spreading the Gospel of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, this Pope seems more interested in yapping about ‘protecting Mother Earth’ who he says ‘never forgives.’

    This is depressing and sickening the faithful, and that is why I recently signed a petition to encourage him to either change course, or better yet, to resign.

    The Radical baby killer:


  3. It would be much better if comments were limited to environment and politics rather than using the ‘religion crutch’ to make a point or dispel certain theories. And has it been so long that certain people forget that Mr. Vander Zalm was quite a right-winger even though he was elected as a Socred?

  4. Well Gregory Hartnell is still fighting the last election and getting ready for the next one. Vander Zalm is right on. And the media is way out to lunch. Used to be that Global as BCTV used to do some great journalism and would have brought up the Bilderberg connections. But not today.
    Sad state …

  5. Charles:

    I never voted for Mr. Vander Zalm when he was a Socred, but I did shake his hand once at a Unity Party convention.

    As for elections, I have no aspirations for seeking any political office. The people have spoken.

    Frankly, these days I’m thinking more of the next life rather what is left of this one. I’m 63.


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