James Cybulski Fades to Black, Perry Solkowsky Resurfaces


By Greg Douglas, Saturday Sports Columnist, Vancouver Sun    March 12 2016  . Image result for SHORT HOPS: Another victim of sports radio and television cutbacks in the local market is James Cybulski (left), who got the word from Rogers Communications on Thursday that his gig as co-host with Caroline Cameron on Sportsnet Central has been terminated.

Cameron survives but will have to leave her Vancouver post and head back to Toronto.
Perry Solkowsky (below), sports anchor with CTV and with the station since 1997, was laid off by Bell Media in November, not to be seen again until last Saturday as a sideline reporter on the Whitecaps’ season-opening telecast.


  1. Sportsnet made a major mistake by agreeing to pay 5 billion dollars over 12 years for the Canadian NHL rights. TSN was never near that amount in the bidding process. Now without any Canadian teams in the playoffs, Sportsnet is scrambling to cut costs at the expense of its employees. Unfortunately, good broadcasters like James Cybulski are paying the price for poor executive decisions.


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