Kid Exits, NOW Randi Chase Returns to KiSS Mornings





So, lets see now, Randi Chase leaves the ‘Kid Carson Show’, and now that Kid is Gonzo, Randi is Back… figure that one out!


Randi Chase


  1. I am not surprised. She left because of a personal conflict with kid. And I think it had a lot to do with his departure. Not just the stations sagging ratings. I know it looks like the station is set for a future but all my sources tell me Rogers is working towards a flip to something new. They aren’t going to rush the change now that kid is gone. But if the ratings continue to suck expect something to happen at 104.9 and whatever the abbotsford and chilliwack stations are

  2. 104.9 Kiss station flip? They have tried almost everything, what possibly could it be and when? So, this whole thing, this whole change could only last until Labour Day 2016. They hardly need a promotion department if that is the case. Why flog a dead horse. Could another country station take on JR!

  3. Rogers won’t do country (they already run Country 107.3 in Abbotsford), unless they flip Jack to 104.9 and the Abbotsford/Chilliwack freqs.

  4. I am sure he left because of Randy! My theory is that they had a fight in December and she left on a bratty tantrum then Kid felt bad and Randy didn’t accept his apology so Kid left because she wouldn’t come back if he was there and he left bad that she was mad at him… That is why I am mad at her! She is the resin he left! That’s my theory in my head with the little info that I gathered from listening to them! I hope they respect us enough to explain to us what really happened, Kid Carson show was my favourite part of my commute! Wish him well!


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