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Randi Chase and Kid Carson Show part company

Randi Chase


Randi Returns to KiSS Mornings after Kid leaves…


Our PSR friend Brian just noted on the latest Vancouver PPMs, he’s heard Randi Chase is no longer a part of Kiss Vancouver and the Kid Carson morning show. Not sure exact details yet but my information is she left on her own and wasn’t fired


Tweet from Randi: she says

“Thanks for all your support . Means a lot . I was not let go – so don’t hate on ppl! I love you for listening and being so good to me.”



And KiSS just posted this on their website 

Dear KiSS Listeners,

We’d like to share the news with you that Randi Chase has decided to leave the Kid Carson Show to pursue other opportunities. We greatly value the contributions Randi has made to KiSS over the years and, on behalf of the whole KiSS family, wish her all the best as she moves on to her next venture.


  1. Who is this Brian guy anyway? If she quit why so silent on all aspects of social media? Also, if she quit why Kid Carson show so quiet about it? He said he was told not to say anything. Doesnt make sense.

  2. It would take a special kind of person to deal with an overpaid ego like Kid Carson. Sometimes your sanity is worth more than 40k a year.

  3. Sandy, Brian is someone who works behind the scenes in radio, mostly in the Toronto area. We here at PSR admire and respect the way he has his hand on the Pulse of radio, not only in the GTA, but across the country. There’s very little he misses, in fact he was right on target and first with the sad news about Larry Henessey’s demise from LG104. Thanks Brian.

  4. Very sad.I would say KISS radio 104.9 is pretty much done.Low ratings and in over 4 years hasn’t really made an impact in Vancouver.FUN FM wasn’t much worse, so the attempt at higher ratings hasn’t worked. Get rid of Kid Carson and flip the format already.There are too many stations in Vancouver that sound the same. You know your station is in trouble when it is beat by an AM oldies station with no live DJ outside of AM drive.Maybe try FUN FM again but with the name CFUN instead of Fun and stomp on the very sad LG104.3

  5. Randi was no Nira!
    Hopefully she will be replaced by someone who suits Kid’s new MO.
    Love love love Kid.
    He just needs a good leading lady to work with

  6. Stopped listening to kid Carson over a year ago. Love Randi, but he always talked down to her especially when she would report on Hollywood gossip. People want to hear goofy and fun in the morning. And witty banter to start their mornings. Listening to how one views his on life got boring real quick. I think kid would be better on a talk show by himself where he could preach all his beliefs to viewers who share the same opinions. Unfortunately his preaching on a fun morning show didn’t work. Happy to see randi back, I will never go back to kiss, him and tansu don’t work, they aren’t fun to listen too, which is sad because I think you had something good.

  7. It’s March and I just noticed Kid was not on air anymore so I goggled it and found this article. Sad to say I used to like the Kid Cardon show but it’s true that he just started talking about his views on life and what books he read to better himself. All great and dandy but one has to remember you’re on a radio show , it all seems self centred and egotistic and really boring. It was like he was trying to find himself on air and forgot what his job was. Good luck to Kid I hope you do find yourself!


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