Kid Carson and KiSS have parted ways…




from the KiSS FM 104.9 website today

Kid Carson

To our valued KiSS Listeners; we wanted to inform you of some changes today regarding our morning show. Kid Carson, and KiSS RADiO have parted ways.

We truly value the contributions that Kid Carson has made to the station over the years and wish him nothing but the best in his future endeavors. We also want to thank you, all of our KiSS listeners, for your continued support and we look forward to more fun, we have something really special to tell you about regarding the future of KiSS Mornings.. stay tuned!

UPDATE! With Kid gone, Randi Chase Returns to KiSS Mornings

Carson has hosted mornings at 104.9 since September 2012 after leaving The Beat (now Virgin Radio) FM 94.5 in April of that year.  He had handled mornings at The Beat since 2004. 


  1. Not surprised. Here is a dismissal which makes sense on a number of levels. Kid was past his prime by the time he arrived at KiSS. He needs to reinvent himself in order to move forward. Besides, KiSS sounds like a small-market radio station. The Valley aint Vancouver, folks!

  2. Surprise, surprise, NOT! Looking at the numbers, it appears this marriage of the Kid and Kiss has been a failure right from the get-go, just like all the other formats Rogers has tried on 104.9 FM. Some have even suggested the 104.9 FM frequency to be a Curse! Needless to say, I hate to see anyone lose their job, but this move by Rogers makes sense. Good luck Kid, I’m sure you’ll land on your feet.

  3. Finally, 104.9 KISS-FM fired Kid Carson. I heard him on air this morning with the others. The writing was on the wall a long time ago. Rogers must have left with a huge buyout. He will land on his feet but may have to leave Vancouver to get on air again. Good luck Kid, the experiment at 104.9 just didn’t quite work out.

  4. I heard from a pal back east earlier this morning, telling me Rogers was looking for a new morning man, but didn’t say where the job was. Considering the Kid and company were on the air this morning, it makes one wonder when he was informed?

  5. Call me crazy, and slightly off-topic, perhaps, but I’ve often wondered why Rogers just didn’t flip Jack FM to the 104.9/Valley frequencies, leaving 96.9 open for a true-Vancouver station? Jack has been a solid performer after it’s meteoric rise in the early 2000s. The Vancouver market would retain a known brand, and the Valley gets more of a mass-appeal radio station. Plus, the 96.9 position might increase numbers by virtue of sampling, with 94.5 and 95.3 just a few frequencies over.

  6. You people are stupid to think that getting rid of Kid would be good for the station. He is the reason so many people switched from The Beat to Sonic in the first place. Kid Carson’s following made the station what it became which is or at least WAS more followed. Good luck Rogers. You’ll need it the most!

  7. The show was horrible with Andrew getting dumber and dumber. Kid was extremely insensitive and at times very rude depending on subject and people involved. I quit listening long ago. I’m happy to hear I won’t be hearing them again!

  8. This is a surprise to pretty much no one,except for maybe Cait. Fact is Rogers did what they have done so many times before, throw big bucks at someone hoping for a big return ratings wise. Didn’t happen. What next for that failed frequency? Don’t think they’ve tried Classical music yet. Maybe a big dose of Brahms or Mozart to get your day underway might be the ticket.

  9. Why not the 2015 Format of the Year: Classic Hip-Hop? It’s done well in several US markets, including Seattle. Aside from that, what’s left? Talk (too expensive), and Country (already being done by Rogers in Abbotsford).

  10. So many people are talking about what Kid made or that he was overpaid. How on earth do you know how much he was paid! A private company paying an employee, offering him or her a contract, so how much was he paid. I would love to hear the truth for a change.

  11. I really like Kid. I followed him from The Beat (the replacement crew on that show, now Virgin Radio, is really awful.) Kid has plenty of fans who are hoping to hear him on air again soon, whatever the music.

  12. @Mark, Kool in Calgary is a decent-sounding station, and the closest thing to true Classic Hip-Hop we have in Canada, save for Flow 93-5 (Toronto) Throwback weekends, which are pretty darn good IMHO! @Tess, the original iteration of the post-KC Beat morning show had it’s challenges, but to their credit, they’ve managed to iron out the kinks and build on a loyal fan-base. We all know the 12+ PPM numbers, but I’m curious as to the breakdown for morning drive. How did KiSS fare against Virgin and Z?

  13. I was in Seattle listening to Hot 103 classic R&B & Hip Hop. Awesome station and could not turn it off. Time Kiss dropped the sissy name and went to this cool classic urban station type music. Vancouver needs it BAD!

  14. I actually like the radical idea of the frequency flip by putting Jack on the 104.9 frequency family so then Jack is clear all the way to Chilliwack and is a station that might appeal to more listeners. I think the next station that should grace rogers in Vancouver preferably at 96.9 would be a Rock station such as Rock 106 in Lethbridge and I know that have that same branding in Medicine Hat and Fort McMurray and maybe a few others. One thing Rogers does decent is the rock based stations and if programmed well we could maybe see Danger move from News 1130 traffic to the Rock station and maybe Todd Hancock and Neil Morrison could get hired. It would be mini CFOX reunion to compete with them. I know there are a lot of people that listen to the Toddcast Podcast that would love to hear him on air again and the Neil Morrison and Danger podcast does pretty well. Having all 3 on one station would become my new number one station

  15. I agree that classic hip hop would really interesting avenue to go down….temporarily. I don’t know if it would have the legs to last…not to mention the CANCON issues and whether or not advertisers would buy in (literally).

  16. I had no problem with Kid Carson. The reason I stopped listening was Andrew “The Intern”. When Andrew started reading the news he stammered relentlessly. He did get better after many months but lately his arrogance has ruined the show. Sadly, Kid made things worse by pumping Andrew up even more when really he should have smacked him back down to reality. Wherever Kid Carson goes, it would be in his best interest to drop Andrew like a bad habit. Andrew is everything wrong with society today.

  17. Very sad to hear that kid has gone. I haven’t been able to listen regularly to the radio for the last few months but I too followed kid over to sonic. Not because of the show format and I too did not feel Andrew was suited to the radio, but he has always come across to me as a genuine, caring, intelligent person who entertained us and deserves to earn what he can. Why do people always begrudge that. If hockey and soccer players can earn what they do for kicking a ball or hitting a puck, why should he not take the opportunity to support himself and his family the best he can. I wish you all the best Kid and would love to see you reinvent yourself as the spokes person for an organization you believe in, on the screen as a presenter or as a motivational speaker which I think you would be great at and work hours more conducive to your family life.

  18. So glad he is gone! Very arrogant, annoying and not entertaining. Never heard of him prior to 104.9 and wished I had not heard him or his annoying zen moments or stories about his kid! Who did he think he was? Too bad Randy is coming back too, her laugh is so obnoxious. And now Andrew, so stupid and probably played up, but he can’t even read, so why be on air – stick to the board. Hopefully the new crew has a temp contract so there is a trial period and we will get a new crew soon. For now, i will continue to listen AFTER the morning show. Get it together Rogers

  19. This station is a trainwreck. Fire the DJs and change the format already.It is clearly not working. Virgin and Z 95.3 are so much better.I’m amazed the traffic station didn’t beat Kiss/Sonic in the ratings.

  20. I was very happy to hear Randi Chase this morning …until I found out that Kid was gone. :o( I have listened to Kid in the mornings for years…following him to KISS from the beat. Since his is the only time I listen to radio anymore (with Sirius XM there is no need to listen to FM anymore for music) …I will wait through the mornings in silence until he pops up again on a new station. Good luck Kid hope to hear you again soon!

  21. 100% agree with Del!!!!! Left Kiss long time ago as have my teenagers. Terrible morning show, and why is Andrew still an intern? It was always Kids opinion and if you didn’t share his views, he would cut you off and try and move on. He needs a talk show where he can share his opinions to those who care. Happy he’s gone. But will still lot listen to kiss…..horrible.

  22. Very sad to see Kid gone. I too followed him from the Beat to Kiss radio. I have already stopped listening to Kiss in the mornings. The show just doesn’t work without him. Randi and Andrew are just too annoying.

  23. I felt the morning was very weak at best- but I feel every show at the station basically sounds like one long beat mix. The morning show was just very expensive, so they pulled the plug. I feel that Andrew is not a strong morning personality and the programming department should have sent him to a small market station to hone his skills.
    Earlier I read a post from Tom Jeffries. I’m curious if this is the same Tom Jeffries who was a “boss-jock” for 14 CFUN in the 80’s? He didn’t have a deep voice, but he was a great radio announcer. Regardless of who’s show I might be listening to- they all sound “cookie cutter”
    I was listening one late Saturday night to Johnny Omega and he has never once said anything. Maybe this is what the station is after.
    Not so long ago CKNW had a morning man Brian “Frosty” Forst. He made similar money to that of Kid Carson. Kid wouldn’t even had been part- let alone in charge of that morning show. Andrew wouldn’t have even worked for the station (sorry Andrew. If your curious about Frosty Forst – archive him.
    I really think the KISS portion of the station needs some help. The only voice I here semi frequently, is that of a splitter voice- who I think I’ve heard before as a on air personality.

  24. Boss Jock? Only KHJ LA can carry that one. I was lucky to work at CFUN, surrounded by great talent and was coached by a modest genius, named Chuck McCoy. I also had Fred Latremouille helping me. Heck, we wound up marrying sisters!
    Your kind words meant a lot, Dave. I miss my crews, my ops. It went by in a flash.
    *Thanks for the head’s up, ‘Mighty’ Mike – we go back to, are you ready? 1968. 48 years went by awfully fast, Michael.

  25. Now – there would be a morning man KISS radio…
    If you want to discover what works in Vancouver- ask Mr Tom Jeffries…
    Don’t forget you were also the rink announcer for our Vancouver Canucks.
    I remember meeting you with my friend Russ McLeod in 1984.

  26. Dave, I was VERY blessed….I only did the Canucks, for a short time, until I foolishly moved to Nova Scotia… starting in 1990, KISS – FM was a great nine years. You were lucky to have met Russ McLoud. He is a class guy and was very proud of him, as he was a big part of CHUM’s last stand.
    I could go on for weeks.

  27. I can’t say I’m surprised. I was getting tired of listening to the regurgitated stuff on all the radio stations every morning. I hate the voices of most of the DJs on 94.5 and when Kid switched to 104.9, I tried listening but morning radio has become the National Enquirer of radio stations. Gone are the endless hours of music replaced with constant ranting and immature conversations. If a ‘music’ radio station wants people to listen, play music. Less talk, more songs. I know you have to pay the bills but commercials are tolerable. It’s the incessant talking for 15 minutes solid that’s turned me off. The only thing I ever listen to on the radio is the Throwback Thursday Traffic Jam on 104.9. Bye Kid. Good luck in your next endeavour.

  28. Kid Carson was smart,talented and interesting. He was mature but funny, and balanced. He made my day start off with a laugh out loud and get me in a good mood for the drive from house to work. He was very personable and never catty,like I think the 2 females and Andrew often are. I followed Kid from his last station to this one and will follow him to his next great opportunity which he deserves being the talent that he has proven himself to be. Best wishes to you Kid, I believe in you! Chrissy. Loyal listener and fan!

  29. I switch from the Beat to Sonic when it started. Not so much cause of Kit, but hey he brought awareness to the station. The music was better until recently, when it became so main stream.
    All the stations now at the same stuff……wish the old Beat crew was back from the day… was good then!

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