‘Global Warming’ is a Crock of Sh*t


It’s all about Global Governance!!!

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‘Cloak of crapola’ spoils Paris climate fest by Les MacPherson of the National Post  HERE

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  1. Polls show Americans are not concerned at all about “climate change.” So what does the US government and its propaganda organs do? Force-feed to Americans the idea that climate change and global terrorism are somehow related. Scare the people into supporting ‪#‎COP21‬, a power grab by the global elites. More on this scam in today’s Liberty Report with Ron Paul at the link:
    COP21: Climate Action Or Pushing A Hoax?


  2. Dinosaurs of the world unite and watch global warming destroy you just like the asteroid did to your name-sakes 65 million years ago.

  3. FOLLOW THE MONEY, on global climate change.

    It’s all doom and gloom by these fear mongers. When it suits them they claim weather to be a part of climate and climate change. When it does not, they excuse weather from climate and climate change.


    The climate changes, it always has since this fly speck of a planet became real.

    CO2 in only .03% of the Earth’s atmosphere. It is noted that about 93% of all CO2 is natural, Earth producing and THERE IS NOTHING WE CAN DO ABOUT IT! Man’s contribution is only about 7%. Much of our part of CO2 is what helps give us the general quality of life we enjoy.

    To reduce in any real way a big part or all of the 7% we add, would likely require us going back to live as many did 150-200 years ago. Next, the ending near cold turkey as some doom and gloomers state (cough cough Bill Nye for one) the using of fossil fuels would probably see the Earth’s population starving and dead or dying within 3-4-5 months. The survivors may wish they too had died.


    CO2 IS NOT A POLLUTANT! The scammers are now speaking as if it is (just listen when they talk). Without CO2 there would be no life as we know it on this planet.

    The major warming gas is water vapour. Its concentration in our atmosphere as compared to CO2 it tens of thousands of times higher. BUT! real science figures that if we did not have so much water vapour in our atmosphere the global avg. temp. would be at least 14 degrees C. colder. Most of the planet would be covered in ice and again billions would be dead or dying.

    Mainstream media, NGO’s, POLITICIANS, BUREAUCRATS, GREED HANDS IN SCIENCE, GLOBAL CORPORATISTS! are on board with the B.S. of man induced climate change. STOP BELIEVING IN THEM VERBATIM!


    Real science NEVER STOPS QUESTIONING! Global warmists/ Climate changer science is not based on demonstrable theory , say like evolution is. It’s really more about SPIT BALLING to gain or brow beat a consensus. Consensus in of itself not science.

  4. Climate change isn’t a crock. Man’s role in causing it is the big question. Western governments could end up shovelling a lot of dough in aimless projects or “guilt” payments to emerging nation who’d simply deposit the money and keep on churning out millions of tonnes of coal exhaust and other unfiltered pollution. I’d rather see money go to converting coal-fired plants to natural gas, plus way better particulate screening from smokestacks.

    These conferences tend to end up with a lot of self-congratulatory photo-ops at the end. Between PM Justin and his easy-on-the-eyes Environment Minister, Canada should more than hold its own in the photo ops categroy.

    Got to comment on the irony of Maurice Strong, avatar/guru/financial wizard of the enviro movement up and dying just days before the Paris Conference. Don’t know if he’d have been there. Seems to me he was last described as a part-time resident of China, concocting globalist plans and checking his healthy bank accounts.

  5. To those (of us minions) who are all into the scam of man induced climate change. You all decry fossil fuels in our lives, ok I ask any and all of you the following.

    Stop looking at your screen here for a few moments. LOOK UP, LOOK AROUND YOU! Ask yourself if the lifestyle, the things, the food, the clothes, the services YOU all use and most often enjoy, would you have these things without the complete footprint of our fossil fuel industry?


    You must say NO! No, without the fossil fuel industry your life would be near 180 degrees different and worse than you and yours now use, live and enjoy.


    Do you want to go back to living very much as humanity did 150 odd years ago? Because without fossil fuels you very much will. That is if you are not one of the 3 + billion who would be dead if we stopped all use of fossil fuels.

    You see it’s EASY TO COMPLAIN! It’s easy to point fingers. It’s easy to think you will be ok if the world fell for this climate change nonsense. But in reality you would not willing accept such change affected towards you. Others can suffer, but not you right?

    No wind mills, no solar etc. will save our ways. THEY NEVER WILL!!! They can add a percentage to our energy needs but a small one at that and not equal in ability in all places on earth. By all means also invest in lesser polluting fossil fuels but again pollution and CO2 are not the same thing.

    But even at greener energy, hydro and nuclear, many of you complainers want to prevent these as well. But they have TODAY enormous ability to provide greener energy.

    This nonsense of man made global warming will run its greedy course, but at what costs before we find out that we were being scammed?

    Picture this in your mind.

    Picture a TALL and steeply raked mountain. On the very top a man made plateau with the castles and buildings that the elites, bankers, corporatists, politicians, heads of NGO’s live. Picture a sub plateau one level down all the bureaucrats and direct servants of these elites, live there and live in nice homes with all services and products available for them too.

    Picture hardened and protected power lines, telecommunication lines, gas lines, water lines all running up one side of this mountain. On the other side picture a massive sewer pipe sticking out and running sewage pouring out of it down to the bottom of the mountain.

    Picture a high wall at the base of this mountain and behind it armed guards being fed scraps from their handlers but at least they too have a homes, adequate food and services.

    Finally picture outside the wall and at the base of the mountain ALL THE REST OF US IN ABJECT SQUALOR and at each others throats fighting for breadcrumbs along with having the sewage from these elites above us spilling on and around us.


    DO YOU!?!

  6. Climate change deniers need to ask themselves this question. Why would the majority of scientists put their reputations at risk by putting false data out there? The goal of scientists is to be correct with their observations.

  7. @ Chris:

    Why would the majority of scientists who put forward their arguments about “global warming” (or “climate change”, as they now deceitfully put it) risk their reps by publishing false data? Simple – it’s the $$$$$. And with those who pay them to lie, it’s all about power and control (as it is with any liberal-leaning public figure, be it politician or celebrity).

  8. Chris,

    It is NOT a majority of scientists. The 97% number the fear mongers, IPCC and idiot politicians throw out is based on a survey where only a small fraction of scientists contributed and something like only 77 were climatologists. In reality survey’s show that only about .3% of scientists believe man made climate change is dire and must, repeat MUST be dealt with ASAP. The majority of these scientists surveyed did think man contributes to global climate change but not a majority of these feel we need to do much about it.

    As to risking their reputations? EASY! if you can control the message, shoot/ shout down or otherwise discredit messengers of opposite opinions, all too many politicians, bureaucrats and those in the public will FALL QUIETLY INTO LINE!

    True science ALWAYS QUESTIONS hypothesis and even the strength of consensus. Anthropological Climate Change, IS NOT A THEORY! It’s a hypothesis, as I said earlier, glorified spit balling and water cooler talk. It can’t be made demonstrable as such and thus must always be open for questioning and rethinking, if science is to rule!

    There is a reason why some of the fear mongers want the US govt. to invoke Rico laws on the so called deniers. BTW very few people deny CLIMATE CHANGE, but many will question man’s role and or how much we contribute to it.

    As always with scammers, FOLLOW THE MONEY!

  9. As the saying goes…Instigate a problem and then come to the rescue with an planned agenda from the powers that shouldn’t be. That’s how it’s been throughout history from wars, now NATO getting what they wanted by invading Syria, and climate change caused by Geoengineering daily for decades. Einstein has been proven wrong. Why Edison and no mention of the genius of Tesla. Turns out what we learned in school is being turned upside down as more folks start waking up. I just hope more people become awake sooner rather than later.

  10. Climate change may be happening, but it sure is not going to be solved by impoverishing the “first world” economies by taxing us into oblivion. China is continuing to build coal fired power plants regardless of how many we shut down here. Recent photos from China show that Beijing looks like London in the 1950s – and if the UK can clean up its act, surely we can do the same here without impoverishing the populace and shutting down our economy. And if windmills are the power source of the future, why are so many of these structures not producing? A trip to Palm Springs will see that at any time, most if not all of these windmills are not moving. Same in Oregon. Even when the winds are howling. It’s all a scam, built and funded by taxpayer grants to the same old elite who continue to get richer while I am told to stop taking hot baths. The main growth industry in Alberta seems to be the Food Banks. Is this our future?

  11. why bother,

    Yep, notice though how these fear mongers use the term ‘carbon pricing’ but not what it would be a ‘carbon tax’.

    They do not want the masses to notice that it’s a tax on carbon dioxide (BTW a natural necessity of life) as there would be more push back.

    The term ‘Carbon Price’ seems up front as a responsible thing to accept and pay. The monies though will just be plundered and squandered.

    These anthropological climate change doomers and gloomers are all VERY SLICK with words. But the Emperor has no clothes as they cannot demonstrate how CO2 is warming up the Earth. But if you get BILLIONS OF $$$$$ and a lapdog mainstream media you can better control the message and not need facts.

    Brow beat people into submission.

    Well thankfully a growing number of people and many of whom are scientists are pushing back.

    But the fear mongers will demonize them by saying they are bought by the Petrochemical industry, much of it BTW a lie. Some are acting on behalf of the oil industry, many are not. The global warmists are also being fed BILLION OF $$$$ in hand outs. MUCH MORE THAN THEIR OPPOSITION ARE!

  12. LOL, it just occurred to me. People use to say they wait for the governments to tax our air that we use. Well CO2 is very much a result of air that we in society use. So in a way they are wanting to tax a natural and again required element in life on this planet.

    The fear mongers hide right out in public, before our faces and with mouths moving decrying us humans as plights on nature. Many of us fall into line and I fear many would voluntarily go to the gas chambers if they believed it would save their vision of the planet. CALL THE FEAR MONGERS OUT AS B.S.ers.


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