Donald Trump Demands $5 Mill. from CNN or He Won’t Show Up For Debate


“The problem is they’ll say ‘Trump is chicken’… One thing I’m not is chicken, okay?” GOP frontrunner says

Donald Trump threatened CNN on Monday by promising to withdraw from the next Republican presidential debate on Dec. 15 unless the network pays him $5 million.

In front of a Georgia crowd, the real estate mogul said, “How about I tell CNN, who doesn’t treat me properly … I’m not gonna do the next debate, okay?”

He then got more serious:”I won’t do the debate unless they pay me $5 million, all of which goes to Wounded Warriors or goes to vets.”

After making the $5 million demand, Trump predicted CNN would paint him as a “chicken” who just doesn’t want to debate.

“The problem is they’ll say ‘Trump is chicken,’” he said. “One thing I’m not is chicken, okay?”

CNN didn’t immediately respond to TheWrap’s request for comment regarding Trump’s demand.



  1. I get Trumps point. They ratings will sky rocket mostly because of him. Huge ratings make the network millions. So why not throw some money to the vets?


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