Putin calls Global Warming a Scam! by Dr. Tim Ball


 Vladimir Putin; Climate and Political Realist?

Russian President Vladimir Putin.
Photo: Presidential Press and Information Service


By Dr. Tim Ball

Watts Up With That?


Friday November 6th, 2015


The Daily Caller headline said, Russia’s Putin Says Global Warming Is ‘A Fraud.” What Putin is doing and saying is nothing new. He always knew that the IPCC climate was wrong he simply changed his political position as the situation dictated. Soviet and latterly Russian climatologists are far better than most in the west. I know Chinese climatologists are their equals because I worked with both.


I worked with several Soviet climatologists during the Cold War. It began when I wrote a chapter in a book titled Climate Since AD 1500. The editor had chapter authors review other chapters. One that I was assigned titled “Documentary evidence from the USSR” by E. P. Borisenkov reported on the value of the Russian Chronicles. I became very familiar with the work of Mikhail Budyko, who essentially changed the approach from synoptic climatology to energy budget climatology.   His work was influential to current climate science. Ironically, the editor was Phil Jones, who gave me my only mention in the leaked emails. In May 2008, he wrote,

“PPS Our web server has found this piece of garbage – so wrong it is unbelievable that Tim Ball wrote a decent paper in Climate Since AD 1500.”

Michael Mann commented,

p.s. As for Tim Ball, he is so completely discredited (with having lost that lawsuit involving him lying about his academic credentials) that nobody but those truly in denial would even bother reading his tripe. see e.g.


I do find it an amusing curiosity that he actually has a chapter in Bradley and Jones.

Probably best kept a secret!

The problem is I didn’t lose a lawsuit and the paper that published the false academic credentials, The Calgary Herald, published a correction and apology. Consider the source of Mann’s information. Besides, we now know who published the real garbage?


Different Approaches and Conflicts

During the Cold War, most Soviet science publications were not available until a significant change occurred when Jewish scientists who escaped from the Soviet Union set up translation services in Israel. In approximately 1990 a divergence in climate science emerged between Eastern block countries and the West. The Soviets believed climate was cyclical, the sum of a multitude of cycles. The challenge was to identify them and how they interacted. Cyclical climate events pervaded Russian thinking particularly since the publication of Nikolai Kondratieff’s 1926 article titled“Long Waves in Economic Life.” The concept of climate cycles has flourished in economics and stock market prognostications ever since. Michael Zahorchak’s book“Climate: The Key to Understanding Business Cycles” is a good example. The western view revolved around Chaos Theory that weather was unpredictable beyond a couple of days because of randomness; Lorenz and the butterfly. This created an ongoing contradiction for AGW proponents. If you can’t forecast accurately for a few days, how can you be so certain about 50 and 100-year forecasts?

The fascinating thing about the east-west scientific, intellectual and philosophical difference is that it was interpreted as political and ideological. It wasn’t, and Putin’s position is a manifestation of the difference. What is fascinating is his recognition that the IPCC and Kyoto was a political agenda to suppress development, except that he believes it is only applied to developing countries. In fact, it was designed to promote equal and limited development by weakening developed nations and minimally improving developing nations. All this comes after the developed nations paid for their sins and the money went to the developing nations who suffered. It takes a communist to recognize an attempt at one-world government. Putin is not opposed to this as long as Russia is in control.

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  1. you know I had many issues with the Harper govenment, but not their position on Global Warming. His government never bought into this globalist scam. It scares the crap out of me thinking what our new PM is going to get us sucked in. God help us.

  2. I am in the same boat as Kenneth. I quit my membership to the Liberal Party as their global warming plank was integral to the party philosophy.

    The irony is that all of the social rebalancing that Justin Trudeau and the Liberals may be able to start, the efforts cannot be finished as the costs of throwing perfectly good money at the Global Warming hoax will eventually come home to roost.

    Not so dissimilar to the Road Pricing Propaganda that we are being fed in the Lower Mainland. Even Bruce Allen is pushing this crap. The most efficient road pricing system is the gasoline tax. The system is entirely in place and the money goes practically directly to government coffers. A road price system requires plate readers or OBD plug-ins or transponders and the company that provide those are skimming a significant portion of cash for themselves and less money overall goes to the government.

    We had this nonsense when I lived in Oslo. The government said that studded tires harm the environment and the roads and thus if you wanted studded tires for the winter you had to buy a permit. The money from the permits would be used to repair studded tire damage. Well, a private agency was contracted to handle the permit and enforcement and guess what? The agency used up all the permit money coming in. Not a dime left over for the road repairs.

    Could have been avoided by simply charging a studded tire surcharge.

  3. BTW Kudos to Puget Sound Radio for presenting Dr Ball’s article.

    What used to be a case of balanced and fair journalism nowadays seems to be an act of courage.

  4. The west is brainwashed and too chicken to even ask tough questions.
    – how old is the earth?
    – so in a flicker in time we want take credit for causing the end of the world with our global warming???? Oh ya it climate change now! Never accounting for all the other effects on our climate! Oh like …. Let’s say the SUN !!
    Is anyone’s intelligence insulted?

  5. Vlad is more trustworthy than Barack. Not sure what Batman has to do with this, but the concluding graphic is right in showing chemtrails in the background. ‘Hidden in plane view!’

    Not even good ol’ Sheila Zelinski was able to get Dr. Tim Ball to take chemtrails seriously. She had him do a radio show with former B.C. Premier Bill Vander Zalm. Bill is right on.

    ‘Billy the Gardener’ turns out to be more realistic about geo-engineering than Dr. Tim, alas.



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