C-FAX ‘Reunion’ Brunch


Mel Cooper, the longtime (former) owner/operator of C-FAX 1070 Victoria, wanted you to know the following:

Photos can be seen HERE

36 former C-FAX Victoria staff members were on hand last week to celebrate the “great old radio days”. The Sunday brunch event was led by Wendy Sahaydak (Hunt) who was right hand to Mel Cooper in the 90’s. Wendy said “Mel was an amazing leader”. Mel said “The C-FAX success was all about enthusiastic team work. Super people, who enjoyed working together.”

Attendees included the community’s best known radio news reporter, Alan Perry. “I could write a book about Alan’s exploits in search of major news”, said Mel. The top billing sales person, Elaina Konoby, from the 80’s, Bill Hazell who joined C-FAX in the mid-70’s as a Sales rep and rose to GSM and shareholder. Rebecca Reeves is in her 33rd year as a C-FAX’er. Mel has often described her as “the best Receptionist in the city of Victoria.” He added “We were the hottest station in the west. Promotionally, creatively. Award-winning, community-involved.”

One of the best things said to me during the high-energy event”, said Mel, “was from former Accountant Joe Jubb who described his years at the station as the best job of his working life.”

“It’s all about people”, Mel added, “and the pride they had. We had fun doing good!”

Photos of the event can be seen HERE.

C-FAX, B107.3 and Seacoast Sound were sold to CHUM (now Bell Media) in 2007. Mel Cooper, nearing 83, is still actively involved in the Community as Chair of the TELUS Victoria Community Board and is Honorary Chair of C-FAX Santa’s Anonymous which he established 35 years ago.

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  1. I wish I had known. I started at CFAX, in 1968. I was on the board, with Ray Orchard, as man landed on the moon. Ah, Mel Cooper. The best, ever.
    I wish I had been there. I owe a big thank you to Barry Bowman, who got me in the door.
    One highlight after another.

  2. I was at CJVI 1979-1983 and we could see the old CFAX studios from the lunch room window. Barry Bowman, Mel, Sandy Brown, memories. When Joe Easingwood and Ed McKenzie crossed the street, things really changed in Victoria radio.. shortly after that I left for Kamloops then Regina and a long way back to the Coast..lol

    What ever happened to John Calladine? Henry Bessier? Haydn Thomas?Judy Kay Stembridge? Helen Moulton ( I think long passed) , Marion McIntosh? Hal Lowther?

  3. Alan Perry gets a mention but not, arguably, the best voice ever heard on CFAX Clive Kitchener? As for reporters how about Mike Sampson? Perry was so busy kissing politicians asses one could hardly recognize city council meeting as reported by him. Then there was the tendency to crib stories from other stations without accreditation. I guess considering the state of the station today, looking back at past glories is understandable.

  4. Last time I heard John Calladine quit the biz and moved to New Westminster. Henry Bessier left broadcasting and became a travel agent and we’ve never heard from him since. Haydn Thomas, after radio we found him working at Jim Pattison Lease in Victoria for a season, then he disappeared. Not sure about Judy Kay, Marion or Hal. Helen Moulton died of cancer about 18 years ago. I first met Helen in the early sixties when she had her own record shop on lower Yates Street, then worked with her at CKDA when she was music director before crossing the street to CJVI. What ever happened to B.J. Bennett, he worked both DA and VI doing mornings? How about Tom Hartell, great newsy. After VI he joined NL in Kamloops for a number of years then left the business. Back to CFAX, not too many remember when Fred Latremouille was doing mornings which were then taken up by Dave Geddes. This was prior to Cooper’s ownership, at this time in the mid-sixties the station was owned by Claire Copeland. Geddes by the way then crossed the street to CJVI doing PM drive before moving to Vancouver and taking up residence with CHQM. Jason Manning informed me Dave is now living in Nanaimo. Fond Memories…
    (Mike Easton)

  5. Re: Hadyn Thomas, last time that I saw Hadyn was in the 1990’s, he was working at CJVI (Program Director) and also, worked at CHEK TV, as well.

    A good buddy of mine, Bob Kendrick (who is originally from Victoria, now with FOX/ABC TV Columbus, Ohio,) knew Haydn, very well, as Bob also worked at both CJVI and later, CHEK.

    Back in the 1980’s and 1990’s, CFAX was known as a “high end,” quality, news department, with a full compliment of reporters and anchors that befitted a middle market like Victoria.

    Perhaps that was the greatest legacy of Mel Cooper; the news was done properly.

  6. Actually it’s Tom Haertel – he came from Arizona to work at CKPG, in 1970. He was one of the newsies that was herded fro the Radio Station back to CKPG-TV , by Brian Spencer’s irate Father – shotgun in hand, because CKPG was NOT carrying the Leafs game. He wanted that changed. Luckily Haertel, and other crew were unhurt – but Mr. Spencer was shot dead, in our snowy Parking lot. Very sad. Tom was a very nice man.

  7. B.J. Bennet last seen June 23rd 2017 while riding his Harley within the Comox valley. He was recently featured upon one of his many two wheel vintage machines during a live Shaw television performance. The crowd roared as B.J. churned up the dust upon the sun drenced concrete. The production crew captured the entire dazzling performance as the former old times favorite radio host unleashed his power packed iron steed within the sheer delight of the cheering audience at large.


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