Coast to Coast’s George Noory prepared to be drafted for President


Well, We Know He’ll Answer That 3am Call! 


September 29th, 2015

George Noory


In an exclusive interview with WND.comGeorge Noory — host of Premiere Networks nationally syndicated Coast to Coast AM — told the news website he is willing to accept a draft to run for President of the United States in 2016.

While Noory says he has no plans to do anything other than continue to host his nightly talk show, at least through his current deal that ends in 2020, he acknowledges that he’s heard a substantial number of appeals from listeners across the country, asking him to run for the White House.

“There is a tremendous need in this country to bring government back to the people,” Noory told WND. “People are fed up. they have had enough.”

Acknowledging he’s never run for political office, Noory said he believes that this year he could make an impact running for president as a Democrat, saying that he sees the party as being in “disarray.” Read the full story, including some of the platform of ideas Noory said he’d run on, HERE.



  1. George likes to indulge himself by always mentioning the groundswell of listener support for a presidential bid. The guy’s enough of an amiable dolt on most issues that he’d probably pass for a moderate in the crowded and hyper-ventilating Republican field.

    Still, one drum he bangs–the need for government to force electrical utilities to upgrade transmission systems to survive an electrical magnetic pulse–is a great plank for somebody’s campaign platform in 2016. Otherwise, we’ll be in the dark and fighting off hordes of looters if a huge sunspot or well placed atmospheric nuclear explosion takes down the grid.


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